The 40 TOP Photography Types That Everyone Must Know

There is no doubt that the field of photography has evolved over the years. This has led to the emergence of various types of photography that people can choose as careers and make a living from.  Are you trying to delve into the field of photography? Do you know that it involves various types which you can choose from? This can be very confusing, most especially once you are getting started. The major aim of this post will be to reveal different types of photography. Ensure to read every detail in order to make a decision about the type of photography which you are comfortable with.

1 Fashion photography

This is a very popular type of photography where you are expected to have knowledge about trendy fashion styles. As a photographer, it is important you know how to make fashion styles stand out in your photos. This will make potential and existing clients opt for your services over others. It is all about turning simple fashion into something that they will find to be extraordinary and impressive.

2 Food Photography

Food Photography is a quite vast field and beyond what you know already. However, such doesn’t mean you can’t be successful at it as a photographer. It is all about taking photos of foods in an attractive way. You need to know how to make your photos speak to any target audience. This is one of what makes restaurants different in terms of success.

3 Maternity Photography

Maternity Photography entails taking photos of pregnant women. This type of photography is really technical and requires you to have some experience under your belt when it comes to taking impressive photos of pregnant ladies. In order to make maternity photos standout, always consider the position of the subject of your frame; the pregnancy must be obvious in each position or angle that you choose to take the photos from.

4 Wedding photography

There are lots of wedding photographers but few of them understand the basics when it comes to taking stunning wedding photos. One of the variables or factors to be considered for this to happen is the environment. Always try to ensure that your clients are in the right surroundings. It could be a beach, rainforest, wedding hall or others. Also, you need a very good camera to make your photos stand out.

5 Newborn Photography

Newborn Photography is probably one of the most technical and demanding among the various types of photography you will be exposed to in this list. It is because you are dealing with newborns and communication is really difficult. In order to be successful in this field, you will have to be patient. For instance, the position of the baby may need to be adjusted over and over again before you can take that perfect shot. It is all about coming down to the level of the baby with a view to getting the perfect shot.

6 Landscape Photography

This is all about taking photos of landscapes in various locations. It is a way of trying to express or explain nature through photos. Every landscape photographer enjoys traveling to various locations with interesting views to exploring them. This gives them the chance of getting snapshots of landscapes. Your photos need to be interactive to make the most impression on your target audience.

7 Real Estate Photography

Real estate photography involves taking photos of houses and other property. If you are into this form of photography, it is important to understand how to make potential clients interested in buying the property you photograph. Pictures should always look stunning before clients in a bid to helping them reach a decision on whether a property should be bought or not. A tip you need to always remember is that every property should be snapped from different angles. Don’t leave any stone unturned in order to make them feel impressed. Also, a modern camera or smartphone can make a difference.

8 Family photography

This form of photography isn’t technical but you may find problems shooting stunning family photos without adequate knowledge.  For instance, you need to know how people can be perfectly arranged in photos. Also, how to position them for the perfect shot. You don’t want to take a photo whereby some people aren’t as visible as they ought to. As a family photographer, it is important you understand what can make your clients hire your services over and over again. It is all about producing stunning family photos that they will find impressive. Some of the tips that can help improve your family photos are choosing the right aperture, using center point focus, ensuring you are at their level, especially children, and finally make use of auto ISO.

9 Product Photography

As a product photographer, you need to understand that your primary aim is to make a product sell. This means there are certain rules which must be followed. For instance, your photos should be crystal clear and of big sizes. Also, photos should be accompanied by some descriptions to help drive your points home about the product. Lastly, photos of the product should be snapped from various angles. This can help in addressing every curiosity of potential customers.

10 Wildlife Photography

Wildlife photography is almost similar to the landscape photography explained above. It also involves taking photos of nature. The only difference is the fact that wildlife has to do with animal photos. This form of photography can be fun when you understand how it can be done professionally. However, it can also be very risky given that there are times you may be required to produce photos of wild and aggressive animals. Caution is always the watchword.

11 Pet Photography

Have you always loved the idea of taking photos of pets around your home? This is what pet photography is all about. It is one of the coolest photography types that anyone can start today even with zero experience. There are a few things to learn about, though. These could be how to position pet animals, the right environment to take photos, the mood of these animals, and more.

12 Sunrise Photography

As a sunrise photographer, note that there are specific times when you can take great and stunning photos. This is usually when the sun is rising. It means you need to take note of the weather at all times. This photography can also be used in describing nature.

13 Interior Photography

Interior decoration is becoming very popular amongst homeowners. Companies in this field are constantly searching for professional photographers who can produce stunning photos of interior decoration. As a photographer, always take note of the light, the arrangement of items like furniture, color combinations, etc. Interior photography requires you to always think outside the box in order to create photos that will leave a lasting impression on your target audience.

14 Astrophotography

As a photographer who wants to delve into this field, know that your Astrophotos need to paint a picture in the mind of your audience about night periods. There are a few tips you must know to succeed in this field. These are using daytime white balance and a tripod to ensure that your photos are balanced, watching out for the histogram, and ensuring that your ISO setting is around 800.

15 Architectural Photography

This is the act of taking photos of aesthetical buildings. It has one major aim which is always trying to show how far technology has been able to advance over the years. It doesn’t just involve buildings as other similar structures can also be included. As an architectural photographer, you must understand that techniques aren’t only required to become successful. Also, you need to make use of a very sophisticated camera.

16 Action sports photography 

This form of photography requires a high level of focus in order to catch those intriguing moments that can create suspense in the minds of your target audience. Some of the tips to shoot great photos in this field are maintaining a great position, use any camera you are comfortable with, the sun should always be behind you during the shoot, and avoid flash since it requires a high level of skills.

17 Portrait photography

This form of photography aims to capture an individual or group of people through poses, backdrops, and lighting. It may sound simple, but there are lots of techniques involved to make it successful. For stunning portrait photography, use the right lens, increase your ISO, shutter speed settings should be considered, and know the right time for using exposure compensation. Also, a wide-angle will be much better; therefore, stick to it.

18 Press photography 

This form of photography requires a high level of professionalism since it involves taking photographs for recording news, lifestyle stories, and current events. It is always aiming to get the best images captured. It can also be called editorial photography. As a press photographer, there is one golden rule that you should consider; always be in the right places at the ideal times. Such will enable you to capture live events with ease.

19 Panoramic Photography

This form of photography involves the use of specialized tools or equipment in capturing images that have views that are horizontally elongated. In order to shoot a photograph of this nature, a tripod should be used. Also, ensure that a test shot is taken first, especially in a mode like an aperture priority. The right white balance mode should also be chosen.

20 Equine Photography

This is all about getting images of horses captured in various forms. It is one of the most fascinating photography types that you can get into today. In order to be successful in this field, you must know how to take stunning horse photos. This includes checking the frame, choosing a very good camera angle, making the horse pose, etc.

21 Child Photography

Child Photography isn’t as simple as you maybe consider it to be because the photo needs to be really engaging. This is why you need to know a few tips in order to shoot stunning photos. For instance, if you plan to shoot a photo that involves two adults and a child, ensure that the adults are looking at the child. This will help create emotion in such a photo. Kids should remain active and different types of poses should be tried out.

22 Commercial & Advertising Photography

As a commercial photographer, it is very important that you know what can make a company’s products sell via photos. Some tips you can apply are using advanced camera equipment, choosing the right angles, regular editing and others. Just remember that the primary aim is to create a picture of such a product in the minds of your target audience.

23 Underwater photography 

This is all about taking stunning photos while you are inside the water. It may sound difficult but you can be successful in it with some effective strategies. For instance, ensure that your camera is water-proof. You will need to invest in your camera to ensure it is protected while in water. Before taking your final shot, ensure that the water is very calm. This will make your photos to be very clear.

24 Street photography

There are times when this can also be known as candid photography. One of its benefits is that it will enable you to explore public places. As someone who is aspiring to be a street photographer, don’t forget that you will be coming across different people. Therefore, if you are a social person, there is no doubt that you can be successful.

25 Automobile photography

There is no doubt that seeing those cars in advertisements would make you want to fall into the temptation of buying them. Automobile photography has played an important role in making such happen. Some tips to get you started in this field are to always take shots at the ideal times, look out for reflections, choose the right background based on the car’s color and theme, night shots can be engaging, and allowing the car to align with nature.

26 Wild & Human World Photography

The field of wildlife and human world photography is very demanding given that your pictures need to interact with your target audience. Anything short of this means your photos won’t make sense. Some tips to keep you going are choosing the best times to take photos, be creative and think outside the box, always remember safety, and always aim to capture things that haven’t been seen. All of these tips will give you an edge over those that are also in this field.

27 Candid photography

Most people have got this misconception about candid photography. They believe that it involves taking a hiding spot around the bush before getting that final shot. This is all wrong as you can still get very close to your audience before taking shots of them. You can even get them engaged which will have some positive effects on the photos. To be successful in this field, photos should be shot in burst mode, taken from hips, avoid the use of flash, always bring up a discussion to ensure that your audience or subjects are engaged, get close to your audience for maximum impact, and more.

28 School photography

This form of photography requires that you possess some special skills to take engaging photos. Some of the strategies for success are being organized by coming up with a very good plan, each kid should be photographed differently, your camera setting should be consistent, ensure the students are in a good mood and everything should be ready before students arrive.

29 Travel Photography

As a travel photographer, understand that you are expected to send messages of places, times, and cultures to various people through photos. Your job is to make them want to visit these regions or locations even without giving such an idea a second thought. Successful travel photographers are dynamic and mobile. This means they can adjust to various cultures and also move to different locations. Ensure that your camera has been set for those big moments that can only be captured once.

30 Abstract photography

This can also be called conceptual or non-objective photography. It can be quite technical, thereby requiring a high level of skills and experience for perfect execution. As a beginner, you can achieve some level of success. Some tips to make you stand out as an abstract photographer are: the elements in your photo should be harmonized, choose the right viewing angles, the motion should be captured, trying out various shooting styles, and using elements you are comfortable with.

31 Nature Photography

With natural photography, your aim will be to be shooting fauna and flora. This implies taking pictures of animals, flowers, and plants in their immediate surroundings. Being a nature photographer isn’t an easy task, given that there are various objects and movements involved. Some of the tips to succeed in this field are that photos should be natural, the right gear should be used, use a great camera, different perspectives and angles should be used, and more. Lights should be used skillfully.

32 Drone Photography

Drone Photography is one field that is becoming increasingly popular due to technological advancements. Given the drones designed in recent times, no doubt that creating stunning photos is now a walk in the park. If you want to shoot an epic drone photo, ensure that you are using the right settings, understand the weather condition very well, and make sure your histogram is closely watched.

33 Modern Black and White Photography

Do you want to take those vintage photos but don’t know how or where to start from? If that is the case, you need to understand more about black and white photos. In order to get started in this field, look at the various options in your camera and shoot in RAW, emphasize on the contrast, experiment using filters, and enhance your photos with editing software.

34 Infrared Photography

Infrared Photography is easier than most people are thinking. However, it is important that you know how it can be done. There is a simple way to take infrared photos. It is getting your camera placed on a tripod, and having your image composed. The infrared filter should be placed on the camera. Now you can make use of the autofocus. This is how you can get started with infrared photography.

35 Paparazzi photography

Paparazzi photography may sound strange to you but there are lots of people making money from it. You only need to understand how to produce photos that are engaging and interactive for your target audience. It is all about taking photos of the rich, elegant, and elite. A different approach is always required to become successful in this form of photography. The first thing to do in order to become successful in Paparazzi photography is to always capture interesting visuals. This is vital as you want such a photo to get as many views as possible. Try to take photos of celebrities doing unique and extraordinary stuff. Also, try to show class as a photographer. Don’t forget that you will be interacting with some of the most important people in society. Your social skills have got to be very good.

36 Documentary photography 

This form of photography goes beyond having a sophisticated camera and clicking a few buttons. This is the primary reason why you will find few photographers doing it at the moment as they feel it can be very demanding in terms of skill level. It could be easy once you know the steps to take in order to create an impressive documentary photo. These could be interacting with your subject with a view to establishing a relationship with them and creating that perfect story. Another reason why documentary photography is challenging is that stories are told through emotions and face impressions; you need to capture these in your frames.

37 Surreal Photography

This form of photography simply implies how the world is being represented in a way that is abstract. It is aimed at distorting how objects are seen. It is a form of photography that seems to go beyond taking normal pictures. Some of the techniques for success in this field are Cliché Verre, Multiple Exposures, photomontage, long shutter speeds, magic hours capture, and solarisation.

38 Event Photography

One of the benefits of being an event photographer is that you will be exposed to lots of people and places. It could be during sporting events, cultural events, weddings, and others. As an event photographer, you need a good camera. Also, avoid the flashes for now since they may lead to distraction. You will need lightning equipment once the place is dark, though. Although you will be required to take those formal shots, always look out for candid moments. These are when stunning and beautiful photos can be created.

39 Cityscape Photography

This is another great form of photography you can start today as a career. There are lots of tips that you may have to be aware of in order to become successful in it. These could be the right time for taking photos, how to set your camera for the perfect shots, looking out for vintage points, searching for patterns, and including pedestrians in such photos. These can help you have a good start in this field today.

40 Macro photography

This involves taking photos of tiny objects. In this form of photography, the object’s size is always greater as compared to its real life-size. It requires a high level of skills and experience. A typical example of macro photography is the photos of insects. To succeed in this field, make use of a great macro lens, choose an appropriate subject, get your background customized, better lighting should be created, longer focal length should be used for living objects, and more.


Based on the above, it is evident that photography is diverse, given the different fields that it involves. All that you need to do is choose any of the previous areas and start developing your photography skills. With time, you will become an expert.

40 Photography Types Infographic
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