Top 10 Best Newborn Photographers in the World

Those newborn babies make their parents forget everything around them, even the problems that they face in their life. When any mother sees her baby in front of her eyes, she feels that her life is going to be turned upside down and she is about to live the happiest moments in her life with her new baby especially if this baby is the first one for her. Your baby is not going to stay like this forever and s/he will grow up gradually to find yourself forgetting those happy moments when the baby is still tiny. For this reason, you have to immortalize those special moments with your newborn baby to be able to enjoy them whenever you want. You can photograph your newborn baby or hire a newborn photographer to record the happy moments that you live with him/her on your own.

Then again, babies love doing everything BUT sit still. So unless you’re a wizard with perfectly timed photos, then I would suggest asking a newborn photographer to do this for you. There are several newborns poses that you can try for photographing your babies such as taco pose, butt in the air pose, side lying pose, chin on the wrists pose, supine curl pose, frog pose and more. If you want to discover more about photographing, especially newborn photography Los Angeles where there are many famous photographers, take a look at the following top 10 best newborn photographers starting from the least famous to the most creative and famous ones.

10 Chandra Tim – Canada

Chandra Lee 1
Chandra Lee Newborn Photographer

Chandra Tim is an international award winning newborn photographer. She is the owner of Chandra Lee Photography and she works with those newborn babies who are 10 days old and younger. Her goal is to provide families with amazing images of their newborn babies. She won several awards such as “The Worldwide Photography Gala Awards, Gold Awardee, March 2011”, “The Globe & Mail “Photographer Captures Niche with Newborns”, December 2010″ and more awards for her creative work.

9 Medine Özarslan – Denmark

Little Angels by Medine2
Little Angels by Medine a famous Newborn Photographer

Medine Özarslan is a creative photographer whose work is based in Denmark and specializes in photographing newborn babies and pregnant women. She is the owner of Little Angels by Medine and captures photos of those newborns whose ages range from 5 to 10 days old. Photographing those small creatures and making their parents happy are her goals and it is her dream job to be with babies for capturing those happy moments that quickly disappear.

8 Shannon Leigh – Georgia

Shannon Leigh Studios1
Shannon Leigh Studios2

Shannon Leigh is an infant and child photographer who is nationally recognized for her amazing photos and is the owner of Shannon Leigh Studios. Her work is based in Georgia to cover the metro-Atlanta and central Georgia region. Shannon has over four years’ experience in newborn photography type and six years’ experience in infant and child photography. She uses sunlight-simulated lighting for capturing her photos making them more stunning.

7 Jessica Mitchell – United States 

Jessica Mitchell Newborn Photographer
Jessica Mitchell Photography

Jessica Mitchell is a newborn and children’s portrait photographer who has over 12 years’ experience in photography. She started her life as a photographer at a department store photography booth and now she has her own studio. Her work is based in Alabama and her passion for the innocence of young children and babies has led her to specialize in photographing those newborn babies and children. She aims to capture those small details and special moments to allow parents to remember them as if they have recently happened.

6 Jamie Anderson – United States

Jamie Anderson
Jamie Anderson1
Jamie Anderson2

Jamie Anderson was one of the best and most professional newborn photographers not just in the United States but in the whole world. Her passion for photography and adoring the beauty that is created by God were responsible for her success in the field of newborn photography. She brought new and non-traditional ideas to the world of newborn photography making her deserve to be ranked here on this list among the best and most creative newborn photographers in the world.

Unfortunately, the world of photography lost one of the most talented Newborn photographers you can ever find. She suffered a fatal brain aneurysm on June 13, 2015, which was responsible for her death. Jamie Anderson’s death shocked many people especially those who love her and her stunning photos.  We are really sorry for her death. 🙁

5 Nicole Smith – United States

Nicole Smith1
Nicole Smith2

Nicole Smith is an award-winning newborn photographer whose work is based in Scottsbluff, Nebraska and it also covers the surrounding areas including Bayard, Gering, Sidney, Mitchell, Ft. Collins, Alliance, CO, Cheyenne, and the Denver Metro region. Nicole loves her job and this is why she does her best to satisfy her customers. She focuses on capturing the best and most special moments naturally in order to leave you happy.

4 Robin Long – United States

Robin Long 1
Robin Long 2

Robin Long is an international award-winning photographer who specializes in photographing mothers and their newborn babies. Robin captures her photos in the natural light studio that she owns and is located in the Pacific Northwest of Salem, Oregon. She serves her customers in Oregon and the surrounding areas including Lake Oswego, Portland, Wilsonville and other areas around Oregon in addition to Los Angeles as well. Robin is also available for destination sessions to allow her customers everywhere to get what they want. Robin is also an author and she started her work as a photographer in 2005. She is widely known for her natural and pure style in photographing mothers and newborn babies as shown on our site.

3 Kelly Brown – Australia

Kelly Brown1
Kelly Brown2

Kelly Brown is one of the best newborn photographers in Australia. She is the owner of Little Pieces Photography that is located in Brisbane, Australia. She tries to develop her business through creating innovative ways that result in presenting awesome pictures. She tries to help those Newborn photographers who are new to the world of newborn photography through holding different workshops. She started the journey of photographing newborns in 2005 and received several prestigious awards such as AIPP Australian Family Photographer of the Year 2014, AIPP QLD Family Photographer of the Year 2012, 2013 and 2014, AIPP QLD Professional Photographer of the Year 2013 and 2014 and more.

2 Carrie Sandoval & Brittany Woodall – United States

Baby as Art
Baby as Art 2

Carrie Sandoval and Brittany Woodall are the owners of Baby as Art and they started their partnership in 2008 to enter the world of newborn photography together. They have quickly become famous and photographed many celebrities and their newborn babies such as Jeff Gordon and Ziggy Marley. Their work was featured in different magazines and shows such as People, Who and Entertainment Tonight. They are described as a dynamic pair for their unique and new ideas in addition to paying attention to detail.

The simplicity is the main secret behind their success since they use antique wooden bowls, tree bark and other non-traditional objects that cannot be expected to be used for photographing newborns.

1 Newborn Photography by Jade – Australia

Newborn Photography by Jade1
Newborn Photography by Jade2
Newborn Photography by Jade3

Jade Gao is one of the best and most professional newborn photographers not just in Australia but in the whole world. Her passion for photography and adoring newborn babies are highly responsible for making Jade love her work, enjoy it and capture the most awesome photos. She enjoys her job and believes that it is really interesting. Newborn photography represents everything in life for Jade and this is why she does her best to present to her clients the most breathtaking photographs. The light and colors which are used in Jade’s photographs make her one of the best award winning newborn photographers.

“It is highly essential for you to consider the safety of your baby while trying any pose”


  1. Who made this list? I can think of a ton more newborn photographers who SHOULD have been on this list, Rachel Vanoven, Dewdrops by Amy McDaniel, Pebbles and Polka Dots, Erin Tole….

    1. I was thinking the same thing!

      Guaranteed it’s one of the seven mediocre photographers on this list.

      Jade, Kelly Brown and Nicole Smith are the only talent in this bunch.

      Robin Long is over promoted and under performing… One is clearly a tribute to a mediocre photographer who has passed and the rest are bleh.

      There is SO much more talent out there!

      1. A couple or rough responses here!! is there really any need? Do we forget that Art/Photography is subjective and each eye see’s it for their taste?! You could ask 10 people and come up with 10 different lists! and the comment about one of the photographers being ‘a tribute and her being a mediocre photographer’ really??!!! Her work was unique in every way, certainly not mediocre to me!
        LOT’S of great photographers out there, mentioned any not mentioned.

    2. I agree with you – the first 3 I understand, but the last of them…I could think of many photographers who are more qualified to be on the list.

    3. I couldn’t agree more. As talented as everyone of these photographers are they are missing some of the best. In all honesty, Rachel and Erin should be number 1!

  2. This list is just ridiculous. I agree with the statement above, that list including Caralee Case or Jennifer Nace as well. Seems little to no actual research was done when making this list.

  3. Julia Kelleher of Jewel Images in Oregon should most definitely be on this list, IMO.

  4. A tribute to a mediocre photographer? Wow, it is very clear what a shitty person you are

  5. Dewdrops by Amy McDaniel sure, but Rachel Vanoven, Pebbles and Polka Dots, Erin Tole, Luisa Dunn and Julia Kelleher are just your average photogs as well…. just like most newborn photogs. You all look the same, same props, same poses, same lighting nothing new. Just steal somebody else’s ideas and regurgitate them over and over again.
    These ladies are just as deserving as any other other of your suggestions….

  6. Stephanie,what a piece of classless garbage you are…. Picking on the dead? Really????
    Why don’t the rest of you trolls actually leave your real names and web links so we can discuss your work in a public forum??

  7. my 10? in no order kelly brown, luisa dunn, sandra hill, nicole smith, shannon leigh, erin toyle, sugar hill, Jacinta Dal Ben, Dewdrops by Amy McDaniel, Rachel Vanoven, a piece of lisa and me! oh wait thats 12 lol

  8. Ohhh my goooood listen to yourselves. This is just a list. And yes the other photographers are not on the list. So what??? Get a life

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