TOP 10 Best Candid Photographers in The World

Candid photography is an art. It takes exceptional skills to take shots under normal conditions, where no pose is taken. The unique moments captured by candid photographers are there for special moments, like weddings, which are one of the most recurrent jobs they get. We have selected the top 10 candid photographers so that you can enjoy some genuine moments along somebody’s story.

10 Devasyah


Devasyah’s goal is just to tell a unique story. Their photos and techniques are a mixture that leads to taking some astonishing shots in the most intimate moments. They focus on portraits of friends and family, with a documentary style to tell the story of weddings and other significant events. They specialize in capturing real emotions and the relationships among all participants. Not only have they captured a photo record, but also a film to enjoy later on in life with family and friends. The way they see weddings is to be part of the moment as if they were close friends. This allows them to get into the most intimate moments.

9 Candid Kliks



Candid Kliks has a story to tell when it comes to rituals. They are experts on being part of the couple’s life. Candid Kiliksis managed by Suvendu, who is an award-winning photographer. He has been in 2013 awarded with the Editor’s Choice of NatGeo Traveler. The Fox Traveler award and the Moscow Photography Award are also there to back him off. A professional team accompanies him to get the best moments of the couple’s story.

8 Shubhamastu


In 2002, Shubhamastu started their journey of photos shooting in Nawabs, Hyderabad. They focus on fashion, films and most of all special occasions and events like weddings. For 14 years and counting, they have been able to capture happiness on people with a unique style to present memories. Eternity is their ambition, and they manage to create eternal moments on every shot. They can go anywhere around the world to take part of celebrations with their unique style.

7 Jaihind


A candid shot is what you can expect from Jaihind. They are located in Tamil Nadu. Creativity is their most precious asset. They have great proof of it with the candid shots they can create from casual encounters. Videographers and photographers are all enthusiastic about their mission, delivering authentic emotions to families with the most modern techniques to capture real life.

6 Nishant Suri


Nishant Suri is a candid photographer based in Delhi in India. He enjoys creating a documentary-style wedding photo shoot. One of his most recurrent ideas is to take the couples for a pre-shoot on a romantic location. He doesn’t ask for poses but engages them in real-life situations to let him work on candid shots that allow him to tell a story. This technique has proven successful due to the authentic emotions and real moments he can capture. Couples appreciate the opportunity to live together with one more story that can be captured for further views.

5 Candid Affair


Candid Affair is a group of theprofessional and creative team founded by Aditya in 2013. They have some professional gear to handle any assignment. One of their specialties is to create a documentary on weddings and other special occasions, capturing the best moments from the outside with real feelings from the inside. The whole wedding process is recorded to create a complete story of the historical moment for couples. They push the limits forward on creativity with design services for the entire event. As anaddition, there are complete packages to print, edit and even rent audiovisual equipment to the event.

4 Sushil Dhiman


Sushil Dhiman is a talented photographer who has found his way into the candid photography. The moment he started dreaming, his photos shown and after six years he has been able to setupa stable company to offer photography services, which he likes to do himself. Creativity is his most valuable asset, and he is gifted to pick an angle to get magic and candid moments in any event. From Chandigarh he goes anywhere photo shoots may take him.

3 Sunny Dhiman



Sunny Dhiman is a candid photographer whose work is perfectly pictured on this sample. He was there to capture the wedding, and as time goes by, he is still there to get pictures from maternity years later. The art of observation is applied to all his shots. It is about showing his point of view to reflect the best part of people. Based in Chandigarh, India, Sunny Dhiman looks for perfection. His degree in Graphic Arts gives him technical skills most photographers don’t have. He has started taking international assignments, and his shots are about to cover the whole world.

2 Candid Wedding Photography Mutharasu st



Dhaya Photography claims to be the Best Wedding Photography in Chennai. They are passionate and experienced, capturing candid moments on hundreds of events. Their talent comes along with the best equipment to give a unique experience in photography. Some of their best shots are selfies. They love to portrait the moments when self-photo shots are taking place.

1 Dilipan photography


Wedding Candid Photographer has been on the market since 2011. They like to schedule couples on remote and historical locations for previous shots before the wedding. Candid moments are taken there to strengthen their relationships.

Adam Jones

Adam Jones, a professional photographer with over 20 years of experience in the industry. Adam's passion for photography began when he was just a teenager, and he has since honed his craft and developed a unique style that sets him apart from other photographers. He has worked with a wide range of clients, from major corporations to small businesses and individuals, and has been featured in publications such as National Geographic, Time, and The New York Times.Adam's photography style is characterized by his ability to capture the beauty and essence of his subjects, whether it's a stunning landscape or a candid portrait. He has a keen eye for detail and a talent for capturing the perfect moment. In addition to his work as a photographer, Adam is also a blogger and social media influencer, sharing his experiences and insights with a growing audience of followers.Adam's photography has taken him to some of the most beautiful and remote locations in the world, from the mountains of Nepal to the beaches of Bali. He is passionate about using his photography to inspire others and to raise awareness about important social and environmental issues. In his free time, Adam enjoys hiking, camping, and exploring new destinations off the beaten path.If you're looking for a photographer who can capture the beauty and essence of your subject, look no further than Adam Jones. With his years of experience, keen eye for detail, and passion for photography, he is sure to deliver stunning images that will exceed your expectations.
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