Top 10 Best Real Estate Photographers in the World

Those people who want to purchase an apartment or house especially on the internet look for many things such as the price and other features that are related to the interior and exterior design, but the first thing that attracts their attention and encourages them to discover more about the apartment or house that they see is the real estate photo that is displayed to show the beauty of the property that you want to sell. If you are one of those who want to quickly sell their house or apartment without the need to wait for a long time to find a buyer, you have to look for a professional real estate photographer who has the ability to make your house or apartment look catchy through photos. Capturing good and high-quality photographs can change the look of your property and make it just amazing not only for buyers but also for you.

You can capture the real estate photos on your own but the professional real estate photographers have the ability to find the best lighting and the right angles to capture the best real estate photos unlike you. So, if you want to sell your property or like to discover more about the world of real estate photography, take a look at the following top 10 best real estate photographers in the world with being based on creativity and experience.

10 Scott Basile – United States 

Scott Basile (1)
Scott Basile (2)

Scott Basile is a residential and commercial real estate photographer who believes in the importance of real estate photography to attract buyers. He specializes in capturing photographs of luxury real estate, commercial projects and even simple homes in suburbs. Capturing professional real estate photographs for Scott is based on experience, perfect equipment and professional editing to finally get amazing real estate photographs. Scott Basile’s work has been published in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Dream Homes Magazine, San Diego Magazine and more.

9 Brandon Beechler – United States

Brandon Beechler (1)
Brandon Beechler (2)

Brandon Beechler is a freelance photographer who specializes in interior and architecture photography and is also the owner of BMB Dezines. Brandon started his career as a real estate professional which has helped him to appreciate the importance of real estate photography in marketing a home. Brandon Beechler’s work is based in Orange County, California and his goal is to capture professional photos for the distinguished business owners through adding creativity and using modern techniques.

8 Harry Lim – United States 

Harry Lim (1)
Harry Lim (2)

Harry Lim is a professional photographer who specializes in real estate, interior and vacation home photography. His work is based in Orlando, Florida to primarily cover the Central Florida area and he is the owner of Harry Lim Photography. He aims to professionally photograph every room to accurately present the space, color and light instead of those dull and blurry photos that are usually used for marketing homes.

7 Iran Watson – United States 

Iran Watson (1)
Iran Watson (2)

Iran Watson is a professional Atlanta Real Estate Photographer whose work is based in Marietta, Georgia, United States. Iran is also an accredited member of Real State Photographers of America and International REPAI and was named the Photographer of the Year in 2012 by Iran offers different services such as ultra wide-angle images, pole aerial photography, night and twilight photography, photo-realistic to surreal, lifestyle and interior design, landscape photography and more.

6 Jason Hulet – United States 

Jason Hulet (1)
Jason Hulet (2)

Jason Hulet is one of the best and most experienced real estate photographers in the United States since he started shooting real estate photographs in 2003. His work is based in Traverse City, Michigan, United States and he specializes in real estate photography and cinematography. In order to create his fascinating videos he uses cinematic movements that require specialized camera equipment to be successfully accomplished. Jason’ s work has been published in Traverse The Magazine, Baylife North Magazine, MI Blue and Manistee Co. Visitor’s Guide 2014.

5 Jonathan Kissock – Australia

jonathan kissock (1)
jonathan kissock (2)

Jonathan Kissock is an architectural and commercial photographer who specializes in photographing luxury real estate, accommodation, resorts and hotels. Jonathan’s work is based in Adelaide, Australia and he has over 16 years’ experience in photographing those luxurious homes that can be found in Adelaide. The number of homes that Jonathan photographed during the past 16 years is estimated to be approximately 14,000 homes.

4 Aubrey Antis – United States

Aubrey Antis (1)
Aubrey Antis (2)

Aubrey Antis is a creative real estate photographer whose work is based in California, United States. Her goal is to help those frustrated real estate agents who do not know how to quickly sell their properties for enough money. Aubrey Antis tries to choose the right angles and lighting to successfully create stunning images that can make any property stand out instead of the other images that are usually captured by the agents or any other person who is not professional and experienced enough to capture the right and catchy photos.

3 Bree Hunter – United States

Bree Hunter (1)
Bree Hunter (2)

Bree Hunter is a real estate and architectural photographer whose work is based in the United States and covers different areas including San Diego County, Orange County, LA County, Riverside County and San Bernardino County. Bree provides the real estate agents with the professional photographs that they need for advertising their listings. With offering catchy exterior and interior photographs in addition to focusing on details, you can easily sell your property quickly as you want.

2 Richard Caplan – United States

Richard Caplan (1)
Richard Caplan (2)
Richard Caplan (3)
Richard Caplan (4)

Richard Caplan is a professional interior and architectural photographer whose work is based in New York City, New York, United States. The real estate photographs that are captured by Richard Caplan are more than amazing which helps you to quickly sell your property for enough money without the need to spend a long time waiting for a buyer. Richard does not only specialize in photographing luxury real estate and interiors as he also captures portrait and family photographs.

1 Michael Kelley – United States

Michael Kelley (1)
Michael Kelley (2)
Michael Kelley (3)
Michael Kelley (4)

Michael Kelley is one of the best and most professional real estate photographers in the whole world and not just in the United States. He specializes in interiors, architecture, commercial spaces, aerial and aviation photography. Michael Kelley’s work is based in Los Angeles, United States and he is available to travel to different areas around the world for capturing his stunning photographs. Through depending on using artificial and natural light in addition to paying attention to details, Mike can create his stunning photos. Capturing photographs is not the only thing that Mike does as he also runs photography workshops around the world to allow other photographers to make use of his unique skills.


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