Top 10 Best Family Photographers in the World

The happy moments that we live in this life even with our families are few and they are quickly forgotten, so what should we do? We have to resort to capturing photographs by best family photographer in order to immortalize those happy moments and enjoy them whenever we want. We may celebrate a specific occasion or travel to any place for refreshing our bodies and relaxing our minds with our children, so why do not we use a camera to photograph those occasions and special moments. Traveling and celebrating different occasions with the family are considered to be good chances for us to record the happy moments that we live.

You can capture the photographs that you like on your own and if you cannot do this yourself, then you can choose one of the professional family photographers to do this for you. There are several creative family photographers who have the ability to capture amazing photographs that record the happy moments which you live with your family but in a professional way. You can make use of the creative work that is presented by those professional photographers to start capturing your own photographs yourself. Here are the top 10 best family photographers in the world by being based on their experience and creativity rated by our TopTeny editors.

10 Kate T. Parker – Family Photographer in United States 

Kate T. Parker
Kate T. Parker (1)
Kate T. Parker (2)
Kate T. Parker (3)

Kate T. Parker is a commercial and fine art photographer whose work is based in Atlanta. She focuses in her photographs on capturing those special moments that children live whether they are alone or with their friends and families. Capturing photographs of children while playing with friends or parents allows Kate T. Parker to create amazing work and immortalize those special moments that are really funny and interesting not just for the children and their families but also for us.

9 Kansas Pitts – Family Photographer in United States

Kansas Pitts
Kansas Pitts (1)
Kansas Pitts (2)
Kansas Pitts (3)

Kansas Pitts is a creative family photographer who specializes in capturing family, baby and wedding photographs. She is passionate about photography and her goal is to capture those special memories of each family in order to immortalize them. She tries to constantly learn more about photography for creating amazing portraits and satisfying her customers.

Kansas Pitts makes use of the surrounding beauty of nature for creating stunning photographs and giving her customers the amazing results that they want.

8 Erin Tole – Family Photographer in United States

Erin Tole Family Photographer
Erin Tole (1)
Erin Tole Family Photographer
Erin Tole (3)

Erin Tole is a newborn photographer who specializes in newborn, baby, child, family and maternity photography. Her work is based in Portland and she believes that this is a good place for her to be a family photographer. She is interested in different types of photography but finds that newborn photography is more exciting and encourages her to do her best for finally creating amazing photographs. The newborn phase does not last for a long time and quickly disappears which makes Erin Tole care more about photographing this phase.

7 Summer Lyn – Family Photographer in United States

Summer Lyn
Summer Lyn (1)
Summer Lyn (2)
Summer Lyn Family Photographer

Summer Lyn is a newborn, baby, child, maternity and family photographer. Her passion for photography helps her to continue overcoming the different problems that she faces in her life. The photographs that she captures are real and she focuses on these photographs on capturing the real moments without the need to pose or ask others to smile for creating good photographs. She does not force others to do anything for capturing her photographs and leaves them to act normally to capture real photos and special moments that are really impressive and not artificial.

6 Anne Kerr – Family Photographer in United States

Anne Kerr
Anne Kerr (1)
Anne Kerr (2)
Anne Kerr (3)

Anne Kerr is an award-winning photographer who specializes in capturing photographs of families, babies, children, and seniors. She is the owner of Anja Photos and captures her photographs on location in order to make use of the natural light. On-location photography is considered to be the main secret behind the success of Anne Kerr as it provides her with the natural light in addition to the amazing beauty of nature that helps in creating stunning photographs and makes them more impressive, unlike those photographs that are captured in the studio.

5 Tamara  Lackey – Family Photographer in United States

Tamara Lackey
Tamara Lackey Family Photographer
Tamara Lackey (2)
Tamara Lackey (3)

Tamara Lackey is a portrait photographer, program host, author, instructor, and speaker. She specializes in capturing photographs of children, families, and celebrities as well. Her goal is to create beautiful photographs which are also funny. Her style of photography depends on showing genuine emotions instead of forcing them to appear in a certain way.

In addition to capturing photographs, Tamara Lackey helps other family photographers around the world through her professional workshops which makes her sought after by photographers, families, media, and businesses.

4 Rachel Vanoven – Family Photographer in United States

Rachel Vanoven Family Photographer
Rachel Vanoven (1)
Rachel Vanoven (2)
Rachel Vanoven (3)
Rachel Vanoven (4)

Rachel Vanoven is a newborn, family, child and maternity photographer. She started capturing newborn photographs in 2008. She focuses on capturing her family photographs on showing real emotions and joy that surrounds the families while being photographed. She is passionate about newborn and family photography and is also interested in teaching them to allow other photographers to make use of her experience. Rachel Vanoven does what she loves and this is why she creates amazing photographs that record those happy and special moments that families live.

3 Meg Bitton – Family Photographer in United States

Meg Bitton
Meg Bitton (1)
Meg Bitton Family Photographer
Meg Bitton (3)
Meg Bitton (4)

Meg Bitton is a creative fine art photographer who specializes in capturing family, child, maternity and baby photographs. She makes use of everything around her for capturing her amazing photographs instead of capturing them in a studio.

What increase the beauty of Meg Bitton’s photographs are not just the places that are carefully chosen, as there are also the dresses that make the mothers and their daughters look like real princesses. Following this style of photography makes the photographs just stunning and deserve to be kept forever.

2 Caralee Case – Family Photographer in  United States

Caralee Case Family Photographer
Caralee Case (1)
Caralee Case (2)
Caralee Case (3)
Caralee Case (4)

Caralee Case is a fine art photographer who specializes in newborn, baby, child and family photography. She started capturing photographs in 2009 after the birth of her first child. Her work has been featured on several websites and has appeared in many magazines because of her creativity in capturing her photographs.

With paying attention to details, using vibrant and rich colors in addition to capturing real emotions and the purity and innocence of new life, Caralee Case can create amazing photographs that reflect her passion for photography.

1 Erin Elizabeth – Best Family Photographer in Australia

Erin Elizabeth - The Best Family Photographer in USA
Erin Elizabeth (1)
Erin Elizabeth
Erin Elizabeth (2)
Erin Elizabeth (3)
Erin Elizabeth (4)
Erin Elizabeth (5)

Erin Elizabeth is internationally known as one of the best and most professional newborns, maternity and family photographers not just in Australia but in the whole world. She has been capturing photographs since 2008. She offers in studio photography especially for newborns and on location family photography as well to provide her customers with the best results and the fascinating photos that they want. With Erin Elizabeth, you can also learn more as a photographer since she holds photography workshops in Australia and outside it in addition to offering teaching videos for those who cannot travel and attend her workshops.

Adam Jones

Adam Jones, a professional photographer with over 20 years of experience in the industry. Adam's passion for photography began when he was just a teenager, and he has since honed his craft and developed a unique style that sets him apart from other photographers. He has worked with a wide range of clients, from major corporations to small businesses and individuals, and has been featured in publications such as National Geographic, Time, and The New York Times.Adam's photography style is characterized by his ability to capture the beauty and essence of his subjects, whether it's a stunning landscape or a candid portrait. He has a keen eye for detail and a talent for capturing the perfect moment. In addition to his work as a photographer, Adam is also a blogger and social media influencer, sharing his experiences and insights with a growing audience of followers.Adam's photography has taken him to some of the most beautiful and remote locations in the world, from the mountains of Nepal to the beaches of Bali. He is passionate about using his photography to inspire others and to raise awareness about important social and environmental issues. In his free time, Adam enjoys hiking, camping, and exploring new destinations off the beaten path.If you're looking for a photographer who can capture the beauty and essence of your subject, look no further than Adam Jones. With his years of experience, keen eye for detail, and passion for photography, he is sure to deliver stunning images that will exceed your expectations.


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