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Top 10 Best Food Photographers in the World

The food is not only cooked and prepared to be eaten since it is also created in different stunning ways to be photographed. There are several creative ideas that are used for preparing food and making it look very delicious to you once you see it and even before tasting or smelling the food that you see. Here comes the role of photographers to capture amazing photos of food to look delicious and this is why there are photographers types who specialize in food photography. The food is photographed for different reasons as the photographs are used for advertisements, packaging, cookbooks, magazines, and menus. The food photographer does not work alone as there are others who take part in photographing food such as the prop stylist, food stylist, and art director.

All of those work together to create and capture the amazing photos [You also can be a professional photographer from these courses] that we see which encourages us to eat this food once it is served. Here are the top 10 best food photographers in the world with being based on fame and creativity to inspire you and make you enjoy the mouth-watering dishes that are photographed here.

10 Teri Lyn Fisher & Jenny Park – United States

Spoon Fork Bacon (1)
Spoon Fork Bacon (2)

Teri Lyn Fisher & Jenny Park decided to work together and start their website that is specially created for posting original recipes and photos for more illustration. Teri Lyn Fisher is the photographer and Jenny Park is the food stylist. They are the owners of Spoon Fork Bacon and their work is based in Los Angeles, United States. They won several awards for having a good cooking blog that offers all that you may need starting from the appetizers that can be easily prepared to creative and delicious ideas for dinner. Learn how to be famous photographer here

9 Nadine Greeff – South Africa 

Nadine Greeff (1)
Nadine Greeff (2)

Nadine Greeff is a freelance photographer who specializes in photographing food and focuses more on capturing photos of raw ingredients and food stories. Spontaneity and simplicity in styling food and depending on natural light are the main factors that are responsible for the amazing results that we see. Nadine’s work is based in Cape Town, South Africa and her photos are featured in different magazines and on several blogs worldwide.

8 Lou Manna – United States

Lou Manna (1)
Lou Manna (2)

Lou Manna is an award winning food photographer who has more than 30 years’ experience in the field of food photography. He started his life as a photographer at The New York Times. His photographs appeared in several marketing campaigns, industry publications and more than 40 cookbooks. Using creative lighting techniques by Lou Manna for capturing his photos are responsible for the mouth-watering images that you see here. Lou Manna is also an author and educator and he reveals many secrets in his book Digital Food Photography.

7 Francesco Tonelli – Italy 

Francesco Tonelli (1)
Francesco Tonelli (2)

Francesco Tonelli is a creative food photographer and is also a professional chef and food stylist who raised in Milan, Italy. His passion for both food and photography are the main reasons behind the success of his work that is based in Union City, New Jersey, United States where he has a large studio that is fully equipped. Burge King, Lipton, PepsiCo, Mandarin Oriental, The New York Times and more are among his major commercial and editorial clients which reflects his great success in the whole world and not just the United States or Italy.

6 David Griffen – United Kingdom

David Griffen (1)
David Griffen (2)

David Griffen specializes in photographing restaurant cuisine and products. Working with award winning and successful food producers, chefs and manufacturers is highly responsible for helping David Griffen to gain more experience and capture stunning photos. David captures his photos for cookbooks, food magazines, national press, apps, packaging, social media and advertising campaigns. David creates videos as well for famous restaurants and food producers.

5 Mowie Kay – United Kingdom

Mowie Kay (1)
Mowie Kay (2)

Mowie Kay is a food and travel photographer. He specializes in editorial and commercial food photography. Marks & Spencer, Caffe Nero, Electrolux, Ryland Peters & Small, Frances Lincoln Publishing, Octopus Publishing, Anness Publishing, Harrods, Morrisons, Ocado, Tesco, Jus Rol, The Simple Things, The Wall Street Journal and The Bread Factory are among the major commercial and editorial clients with whom Mowie Kay works.

4 Eva Toneva – Bulgaria

Eva Toneva (1)
Eva Toneva (2)

Eva Toneva is a food stylist and photographer whose work is based in Sofia, Bulgaria where she has her own studio. She is interested in the Mediterranean and Balkans foods. Styling and photographing food for Eva is like puzzle as every piece should be at its place in order to finally get a full and perfect picture. Her passion for cooking and paying attention to details help her to create and capture fabulous photos.

3 Clare Barboza – United States 

Clare Barboza (1)
Clare Barboza (2)

Clare Barboza is a documentary food photographer who focuses on telling the story of the food that we eat through her images. The journey of the food starting from the farm to the table and everything behind the scenes is photographed so Clare does not only work with restaurants and chefs, but she also works with farmers. Clare’s passion for telling stories does not prevent her from capturing amazing photos of food. She plays with color and texture to get good results.

2 Carl Warner – United Kingdom

Carl Warner (1)
Carl Warner (2)
Carl Warner (3)
Carl Warner (4)

It is difficult to find a word that can describe the stunning beauty that you see here. Carl Warner is one of the most creative and famous artists that you can ever find in the whole world. His art is really unique since it is chiefly based on using food to create what is called food landscapes. He uses the food that we eat such as fruits, vegetables, chocolate and cheese in a creative and unprecedented way to dazzle us.

Carl Warner is not just a creative and professional artist and photographer, he is also an author who published two books. His first book “Food Landscapes” was published in 2010 and the second one “A World of Food” was released in 2012.

1 Alan De Herrera – United States

Alan De Herrera (1)
Alan De Herrera (2)
Alan De Herrera (3)
Alan De Herrera (4)

Alan De Herrera is one of the best and most creative commercial food photographers in the whole world and not just in the United States. Once you see his stunning photos, you will believe that he is really a professional photographer. Alan started his work as a food photographer in 2006. He believes that food photography is challenging and has several requirements. He captures photos of foods and drinks for cookbooks, magazines, newspapers, culinary businesses and restaurants all over the world. Subway, Coca-Cola, Jack Daniel’s Meats, Celebrity Chef Guy Fieri, Bush’s Beans, Famous Dave’s BBQ, Amoretti, Sana International, Costco products, Trintiy Wines, Buca di Beppo, Double Tree Hotel, King’s Hawaiian Bread, Direct Pack and Golden West Food Group are all among Alan’s major clients.


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