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Top 10 Creative Newborn Photography Tips

No doubt that the job of a photographer is one of the hardest amongst others in the digital world; there are times when it seems like your clients are expecting the impossible to happen. It is even worse when you have to snap a newborn since the child isn’t aware of what is happening around him or her. Such is the reason why you need to continue developing your skills to meet the newborn photography needs of your clients on a constant basis.

The more you get close to perfection, the more your clients will trust you since they understand that you can deliver results even beyond their expectations. The major aim of this post is to show you ten of the most creative newborn photography tips that you need to know as a photographer who wants to take his business to the next levels. They will make you stand out from the crowd, thereby ensuring that you can retain your clients by rendering 100%-satisfactory services. Apply them, and you will get amazing results whenever you are snapping newborn babies.

1 Be Confident In Your Ability

The last thing you want to do as a photographer is giving any parent the impression that you aren’t sure of your ability. Show some confidence in the process of taking newborn photos. You may not have the needed knowledge of how to snap a baby. This problem can be resolved through watching videos and reading books that will enable you to know how newborns are handled during the photo sessions. Firsthand experience is great, but these can help you out one way or the other.

Source: Nicole Detone Photography

2 Communicate Sessions in Details With Parents

The difference between you and the parents is that even if both of you have got the similar goal, they don’t understand how it can be achieved while you do. They need to understand how you will be approaching the various sessions. It even adds more credibility when such approaches or steps are available on your website. Send your clients the details, explaining your preferred age range of newborns, the spots where the sessions will be taking place, the temperature of the places, etc. This gives the parents more confidence that they are dealing with the right photographer.

3 Cleaning Your Lens

Don’t forget that you are dealing with a newborn. They hardly remain in one position for long, meaning there may not be a second chance to take a snapshot once you miss the first one. It can be frustrating when you have managed to adjust the child over and over only to discover eventually that the photo isn’t as clear as it ought to. This is why you need to be 100% prepared by ensuring that the lens of your camera is properly cleaned. It will save you the stress of starting all over again. Another thing that you want to ensure here is that you have adjusted the camera settings the right way.

4 Heat is Vital

It is important that you make the spot or room where the child will be posing in as inviting as possible. Make sure the place is heated enough to make the newborn comfortable. This will prevent the baby from moving constantly, thereby needing adjustments. You can make use of a heating pad for this purpose.

Source: Heartlove Photography

5 Including Siblings

If this is done very well, it can be the difference between succeeding in having the perfect snap shot and not meeting the needs of clients. One way that this can help you take a great newborn snapshot is that you will have better ideas on how the posing will be like. There are also occasions when siblings help you adjust the child while you do the snapping.

6 Doing It Outside

If the weather happens to be favorable, the shooting of the photos can be done outside. The major advantage of this is that it makes the picture lively as more colors will be added to it. The last thing you want to do is shooting a newborn photo in a place that isn’t beautiful.

Source: Tammy Nicole Photography

7 Finding the Best Poses

Don’t forget that you are dealing with a newborn which means that lots of adjustments regarding its positioning will be made, because once you choose the wrong angle, the child may get lost inside the picture. There is no hard and fast rule about what is the best position for a newborn as you will need to choose what works best for you. Always remember that it is all about taking the best shot.

Source: Jen Shannon

8 Focusing on The Baby

Most photographers always make the mistake of focusing on photography prop and making the baby come last. The newborn photography props shouldn’t be used in dominating the picture, but rather to enhance it. Before you start bothering about props, it is vital that you ensure that the newborn is quite comfortable, most especially in positioning.

Alisha Bacon Photography
Source: Little Wagon Photography

9 Include Parents

This is perfect even though the parents may not want it. It can help to add more depth to the newborn photo. Photos of this nature create a positive impression about the family in the mind of whoever looks at them. You need to convince the parents to be part of it. They can also help you adjust the child to maintain a good position that will lead to perfect photos.   

Source: Sally Salerno Photography
Source: Little Wagon Photography

10 Blankets & Bean Bags Are Important

As you keep on snapping lots of newborn photos, you will be able to know what works. You need those thick textured blankets to ensure that the baby is very comfortable in whatever way you position it. This may look like something that will cost you some money, but it will save you plenty of time and make your photos quite impressive.

Source: Pinkstar Photography
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