Best 20 Professional Product Photography Techniques and Ideas

Businesses are searching for possible ways to showcase their products to customers to ensure that sales are closed in the way or manner that they ought to. People are making use of product photography more than ever before. If you’ve got a business, no doubt that you are considering how to integrate photography as part of your marketing process to convince prospective customers. The truth is that there is a right and wrong way to go about this form of photography. If you want to get the best from your investment in it, ensure to read the details of this post.

It aims to show some of the top product photography techniques and ideas . These may sound simple, but they can contribute a lot when it comes to marketing your products to the targeted audience.

1 The right background

The background that you choose to carry out the photography equipment is essential. The reason is that with the right background, the editing process will be simple, which gives you lots of flexibility and options. Even with a tight budget, you can still get a good background that will ensure the image of your product is well-represented. The best way to limit the cost is by using a shooting table and light tent for an excellent background.

2 Use of proper lighting

If you get it wrong with the chosen lighting option, your product or background isn’t going to reflect perfectly in the image. For instance, if you decide to choose a white background, such is going to appear in the final picture as grey when there is no light. Two options are available when it comes to lighting on product photography. These are natural lighting and studio lighting. Some factors determine which option to explore, including the photo’s purpose, the advertising platform, and the type of product.

3 Basic editing skills

It is important to be skilled in editing photos since this can change how the picture will look like eventually. It doesn’t mean that you need to become a pro in the field of editing, but having some basic skills can help you go all the way because the final photo may have some flaws that you would want to cover. Understanding how to edit will help you out.

4 Leaning from top brands

It doesn’t really matter what you want to do at the moment when it comes to this type of photography products as there could be other top brands that must have adopted it or done something close. It will not be a bad idea to learn from them. This makes the process of producing professional product photos very easy.

5 Staging the product

Staging involves including other items that come with the product or can be used alongside it. For instance, you are trying to create a photo to display your smartphones. It will be much better to include memory cards or chargers. This will help your target audience to know how such accessories can be made use of together with the main product. Professional product photography is all about being self-explanatory, and staging the product will help you achieve that.

6 Use of tripod

Lots of marketers don’t make use of tripods at the moment in the process of taking photos of their respective products. This means such photos will not be perfect. Tripods are essential, most especially when you’re shooting different products at the same time. On them, cameras will become very steady.

7 Images should be sharp

If you really want those images of your products to appear professional before your prospective customers, it is essential that they aren’t blurred in any way. This can decrease your sales eventually since they aren’t good enough to impress customers to take that final step towards buying. The bottom line is that your images should be very sharp with all the needed colors to make them look professional and impressive.

8 Exploring various angles

Have you seen those websites where images are displayed from different angles? The major aim is to ensure that such photos are self-explanatory about the physical appearance of the products displayed. You can take advantage of such a technique today. Don’t make use of one angle all through as prospective customers may get bored. It has been discovered that customers can buy products due to their physical appearances.

9 Focus on the photo

Lots of businesses make the mistake of trying to include too many texts in the photos that are supposed to be displaying their products. This can only confuse your potential customers, and they will end up not placing an order. Try to ensure that you are only showing them images. In other words, avoid using too many texts since pictures speak louder than words.

10 Using a quality camera

This doesn’t mean that you have to buy the most expensive camera on the market. You can always get a high-quality camera that will meet your product photography needs. All you have to do is look for one that is affordable and still delivers top quality photos. Without a reliable camera, you can achieve very little in product photography, even with all the needed skills. You will know the best cameras through their features.

11 Anti-shake option should be used

Although tripods can help cameras to be stable, it will be much better to use the anti-shake option. The quality of your shot can be affected negatively when a button is clicked on. You can make use of the timer to activate the anti-shake feature of your camera. This is a great tip given that it can even replace a tripod, most especially when you aren’t buoyant enough. There are even phone apps which have anti-shake option.

12 Supporting products

This is vital, especially when your products can’t stand alone. At this point, you will need other items to support them. This will ensure that they are displayed perfectly for your target audience to view them. Avoid the temptation of making products stay flat on your backgrounds since it is not the right way to market them.

13 Showing varieties

This product photography tip aims to display items that you have available for sale in the best possible way. This means that you need to show different types of products that are in the same category. For instance, you are selling a particular type of women shoe. The best thing to do is to display the various colors available through the photos. This will help customers make their choices.

14 Accurate photos

Most sellers believe that trying to make their products appear much bigger than it is will increase their sales. This can lead to people returning your products after purchasing them, which will affect your business negatively. The best thing to do is to ensure that you aren’t displaying misleading photographs. Your photos should represent the products you are selling accurately.

15 Showing product components

Sometimes you take that perfect photo of the product, but there may be that missing element. This could be failing to show its components by using the zooming feature of your camera. This is very important as impressive photos of products are meant to create curiosity in potential customers. They want to know more. For instance, if you’re selling a backpack, show them the various parts of it like the compartments, zipper pockets and materials it has been produced with.

16 Choosing the right models 

The right model can help to promote your product very well and ensure you make sales. This is why you should choose models carefully. You need a model that is perfect for whatever product displayed. Avoid the idea of one model for all products as this can do your business more harm than good in the long run.

17 Creating a diagram 

There are products which have features that are difficult to explain via the use of standard photos. In such a case, it will be better to create diagrams which will help your target audience understand more about its features. If you’re selling mattresses and want to explain their layers, this is a good technique to stand out from the crowd.

18 Combining background colors  

You must make use of combined colors for your background. They have to align with the product you are trying to showcase, though. In case you are confused about which colors to combine, it will be better to stick with black and white background. This is perfect for most products.

19 Using reflection 

Your product will appear more impressive when reflections are included. The lighting has to be quite good, though. Also, you will need to choose the perfect angles. When these are combined, your product’s reflection will appear very real.

20 Being creative 

Thinking outside the box can make your photos stand out from the crowd, which is always great. There are times when you will need to use your initiative and come up with something new. Don’t be scared to test out new stuff that you feel will make the most impression on your potential customers.

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