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Revamp Your Past and Relive Your Best Memories with a Photo Book

Nothing best brings to memory your past events like photos. They vividly bring to life your childhood memories, your anniversaries, and birthday parties like they just happened the other day. Whether you want to give them out as gifts or preserve your cherished memories, photobooks are the digital way to relish your treasured events. However, before going to Mixbook to create your customized theme, there are several points to consider.

Avoid mixing storylines to prevent your audience from getting mixed up. Therefore, from your vast image gallery, select the photos you want to use that will best tell your story. There are a few highlights to observe when you want to design a photo book.

1 Organize the photos you need

Organizing your photos is the first step you should consider when you are thinking of creating a photobook. Placing your favorite pictures in one folder will make it easy for you to upload and save you time on selection and editing. The first photo you use on the photobook should effortlessly grab your viewers’ attention and lead them through the entire storyline. Highlight the images you would love to emphasize. Customizing your best photos gives them the spotlight they deserve.

2 Choose a suitable theme

A photo book emphasizes the narrative you want to share with your audiences. Therefore, before you decide which photos you want to put up, you should have a theme. Whether you are creating an artistic portfolio, a documentary, or your child’s best memories, you should make sure you depict your images in a flowing sequence. If it is a childhood memory, chronological order will best summarize your story. Since your theme is your storyline, have a theme that will not be too complex for your audience.

3 Have a variety of layouts

You do not have to make your photobook boring with the same photo layout. Thanks to the endless options in the arrangement, your various choices will attract and hold your viewers’ attention as well as enhance the images’ visual interest. While a single image per page will give your image enough attention, it will force you to include more than a single photo on your spread in an event like graduation or baby shower.

4 Pick quality photos

When picking out photos from your collection, choose photos with a high resolution. Low-quality photo images will give you blurry vision. Therefore, highlight all the photos you intend to use on your photobook, narrowing down on quality.

5 Include a story-telling text

Though photos are enough to tell a story, an accompanying text triggers memory through words. The inclusion of dates, event descriptions, or even a quote will help you remember the event years to come.

Do not struggle to make your memories perfect. Have a mix of formal and less formal events to bring out some exciting memories that seemed playful. Having a thematic storyline should guide you through the process to avoid mixing up your audiences. While some themes will require you to arrange your photos chronologically, others, like a travel album, might only need an accompanying text to explain them.

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