Top 10 Most Creative Wildlife Photographers in 2022

Falling in love with nature is not easy since it possesses you and leaves you entirely stunned. You find yourself unable to do anything but to just hold a camera, capture photos of what you see around you or may ask the help of a professional wildlife photographer. The surrounding nature is really full of many wonders that are really impressive and dazzling. You can find breathtaking landscapes, different types of plants, birds and the wildlife that is rich in all what you may need to capture the most fascinating photos.

If you are interested in nature, infrared photography, and wildlife photography or love nature and enjoy discovering more about the natural beauty in our world, then you will definitely enjoy what you are going to see and read here. All what is presented here can inspire you and help you to learn more if you are new to the world of nature and wildlife photography. Let’s take a look at the following top 10 best and most professional wildlife photographers starting from the least famous to the most creative and famous ones.

10 Renata Ewald – South Africa 

Renata Ewald Wildlife Photographer
One of best Wildlife Photographers in the world

Renata Ewald

Through looking at Renata Ewald’s pictures, you can quickly discover her passion for the wildlife photography and the surrounding nature. Being in South Africa helps her to show the beauty of the wildlife and the animals that are living there. She has over nine years’ experience in wildlife photography and her goal is to show the whole world the stunning beauty of the wildlife that she sees through her own eyes.

9 Anjan Lal – India

Anjan Lal2
Anjan Lal 1

Anjan Lal is an Indian wildlife photographer who tries to capture photos of the best and most precious moments that can take place in the wildlife. Anjan is also a nature photographer who photographs birds, flowers and landscapes as well. He travels to different places around the world such as India, Kenya and Tanzania to capture his nature and wildlife photos and to allow us to enjoy the beauty of the surrounding nature.

8 Gosia Makosa – Poland

gosia makosa1
gosia makosa

Are you interested in equine art and photography? If your answer is yes, then you have to take a look at the creative and astonishing works that are presented by Gosia Makosa. Her work is based in Chobienice (Poland) where she lives. She is not only a great artist and photographer, but she is also a professional certified horse-riding instructor. Gosia aims to show the power and elegance of horses in her works which reflects her passion for these impressive and breathtaking creatures. So, is there anything else that Gosia still needs to learn about horses to inspire you and leave you stunned?

7 Andy Rouse – United Kingdom

Andy Rouse
Andy Rouse 1

Andy Rouse is a professional wildlife photographer who has developed his photographic style to cover all the animals and the exciting details in the wildlife. His wildlife photographs come to show the amazing beauty of the natural world around us. He received more than nine awards during the past seven years which reflects his creativity and unique ability to capture magnificent wildlife photos. With 15 books published by this photographer, you can definitely enjoy his pictures to get inspired.

6 Richard Peters – United Kingdom

Richard Peters 1
Richard Peters 2

Richard Peters’ passion for the wildlife encourages him to spend most of his time in some of the beautiful places to capture the most stunning wildlife photos. Exerting a huge effort to achieve the best results has allowed him to be internationally awarded in several competitions including the Wildlife Photographer of the Year. Richard Peters also writes about wildlife photography for magazines, different websites and his own blog as well. He received several awards such as 2014 Windland Smith Rice Natures Best – winner of African Wildlife category, 2013 Oasis International Award of Wildlife & Nature Photography – second place in category and more awards making him one of the best wildlife photographers all over the world.

5 Morkel Erasmus – South Africa 

Morkel Erasmus 1
Morkel Erasmus 2

Morkel Erasmus is a nature and Wildlife photographer and this means that he captures photos of anything that can be found in this nature including birds, landscapes and of course the wildlife. He loves his continent, its people, places and all the creatures that live there. He translates his love to all of this into pictures that are captured at anytime. He spends his time observing the creatures that live on this continent and photographs their daily activities starting from the fall of the light and even at night in order not to miss anything of their daily lives.

4 David Lloyd – New Zealand

David Lloyd 1
David Lloyd 2

David Lloyd is from New Zealand and he lives in London. There are several places that he prefers to capture his wildlife photos such as Richmond Park which is near his home in London, Uganda, Botswana, Rwanda and Kenya. His picture “A Flick of the Tail” was chosen before for the cover of the Wildlife Photographer of the Year. You can find Lloyd’s pictures internationally published and you can also purchase his prints to decorate the walls of your home and make the rooms more inviting.

3 Marina Cano – Spain

Inspirational Photo by Marina Cano
True Love by Marina Cano

Marina Cano is one of the best wildlife photographers that you can ever meet. Her photos reflect her passion for nature and wildlife. She lives in Cantabria which is located in the North of Spain, but her work goes outside this place to find her travelling to different countries around the world trying to capture the best wildlife photographs. You can find her in Europe, England, South Africa, Kenya, Cabarceno, Cape Town, Spain and more countries around the world. She published her first book “Cabarceno” in 2009 and the second one which is “Drama & Intimacy” was published in December 2012.

2 Isak Pretorius – South Africa

Isak Pretorius1
Isak Pretorius2

Isak Pretorius is a specialist wildlife photographic safari guide. He believes in the beauty of his country and the whole continent and this is why he tries to show this by capturing top quality and stunning wildlife photographs allowing us to enjoy the best and most special moments in nature. He won several awards and his photos are celebrated not just in his country but also in international publications. He aims to raise awareness of the natural wonders that can be found in his continent.

1 Sudhir Shivaram – India

sudhir shivaram1
sudhir shivaram2
sudhir shivaram4
sudhir shivaram3

Sudhir Shivaram is an Indian Wildlife photographer. He is widely renowned for being one of the best and most professional wildlife photographers not just in India but in the whole world. He spends most of his time in the jungle trying to capture the best wildlife photographs which are technically sophisticated. He makes use of his photos to encourage protecting wildlife and nature and to increase awareness of them. He received many awards such as Sanctuary Asia Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2012 and he is also a brand ambassador for Canon. Sudhir Shivaram helps those beginners and even advanced Wildlife photographers to discover more about the nature and wildlife photography through holding photography workshops and wildlife photo tours.


  1. Sad to see Dhritiman Mukherjee is not covered as a top wildlife photographers along with Sudhir Shivaram. Doubtful criteria and misleading information

  2. A great wildlife photographer who got left out is Steve Winters, the National Geographic wildlife photographer, who is very famous for his work on tigers and snow leopards. He has won both the National Geographic wildlife photographer of the year award and the BBC wildlife photographer of the year award

  3. Sudhir Sivaram is the best nature photographer???? in the world???? I hope this is a joke. Thomas Vijayan & Dhritiman Mukherjee are far better than him. I am not even counting all those photographers of Nat Geo.

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