Top 20 Most Creative Drone Photography Ideas

Drone photography seems to be getting more popular amongst various people around the world due to the amazing effects they can create when adopted in photos. The altitude views which photographs such as these do depict are very high which is perhaps why they are recently being used in events, films and various commercial photos. There are those who may be interested in drone photography but don’t have the idea on how to produce some awesome and stunning photos.

In case you are one of such persons, it is important you know that this form of photography doesn’t require any rocket science as anybody can do it. You only need the right ideas that can help stir your creativity. Do you want to know the best part? It is the fact that you will get all of such ideas right here. This post shows you the most creative drone photography ideas that have ever existed until this day. All you have to do is replicating these ideas in your environment. You will be amazed at how easy they can be implemented.

1 The use of boats in creating shapes

Boats can be used in creating some interesting shapes. This idea of drone photography, most people aren’t familiar with at the moment. It is what most movie producers use in creating some stunning effects in the water while shooting their movies. While the boats are creating the shapes which could be any shape such as circle, rectangular or even love, you will be taking snapshots from the top.

2 Using buildings to create patterns

It is one aspect where drone photography can get technical once it is your first time. However, if you can get a grasp of how to go about the whole process, you will begin to wonder why you haven’t tried it out all these years. You can make use of various buildings in a city to create special patterns like letters or even numbers.

3 Garden drone photography idea

Drone photography can become interesting when nature is being captured. There is no better way to do this than using a garden. Imagine getting an aerial view of every plant and flower in a garden. The colors can be exciting thereby giving the photos more elegance.

4 Flipping the perspective

With a drone being made use of, there are new perspectives that will be opened up. On the ground level, these perspectives would have been possible in any way. This idea involves putting an object on the floor and then taking a shot of it from above. The look that will be created isn’t just graphical but also of two dimensions.  There is no other way to create unique drone photos which almost look 2-dimensional like effective use of perspective. Don’t underrate the power of overhead camera views.

5 Shadows and lighting should be considered

Lots of photographers usually ignore this aspect since they will be taking their snapshots from above. However, they are essential and shouldn’t be ignored for the perfect drone photos to be produced. As a professional drone photographer, ensure that the sun’s position has been considered during the daytime. The moon’s position should also be looked at. These will enable you to produce top snapshots from above. Shadows should also be considered greatly. Drone photos shouldn’t be taken in the sun’s direction. The reason for this is that the sun can be cast on the camera lens thereby reducing the quality of such a picture to a great extent.

6 Capturing unique patterns

In case you can’t find a set of buildings that you can make use of in creating a pattern that is unique as explained above, it is still possible to be on the lookout for those locations which have features or shapes that are eye-catching. It doesn’t matter whether they are natural or artificial as they can also produce some amazing effects when snapped.

7 Painting a perfect picture

This idea is great, especially if you are planning to delve into drone photography for couples. The perfect picture can take the shape of love in an environment like a beach, garden or even forest. All that you will have to do is allowing the couple to be inside of it while you take aerial snapshots. It is one of the simplest drone photography ideas that anyone can easily implement today to create an unforgettable moment for couples.

8 The use of autumn leaves

Perhaps this is another scarce idea in drone photography that lots of people don’t make use of at the moment. You can make use of autumn leaves in creating a dress or even house. Once the photo is taken from above, it will create an amazing effect. You will hardly believe that leaves have been used. In a nutshell, this idea involves using autumn leaves to create different kinds of stuff in the surrounding.

9 Corporate parking 

This involves trying to snap cars which are orderly parked in a given location. This idea is mostly used in movies even though it is hard to know. As a photographer, you may get confused while trying to adopt this technique since your photo may look neat and attractive, but the right messages may not be clear.  The best way to correct this problem is ensuring you aren’t that far from the cars. That is to say; they should be obvious in the picture. This will enable your photos to communicate effectively with its target audience.

10 Scrapyard idea

Do you want to create some messages of violence for your target audience but don’t just know how? The adoption of this idea in drone photography can help achieve such without stress. It is simply the opposite of the idea above about cars which are arranged. The only difference is that this time around, there will be different items scattered all over the place while you take an aerial shot. Also, you will need to ensure that your camera isn’t too far or close to such items. Just strike a balance and create some chaotic scenes in the minds of people today.

11 Choosing the right venues

This idea is fundamental if you want to grow in your drone photography business. Ensure that your chosen venue is perfect for taking aerial shots. For instance, when it comes to drone wedding photos, there are venues you should always use for the most amazing effects to be created. These could be the countryside, Islands, churchyards, and parks.

12 The Chasing idea

This idea involves having to choose someone or an object while taking aerial shots. Although it can sometimes be hard to implement, you will eventually discover that it is fun. This idea is majorly made use of during activities such as mount climbing, biking, and hiking. It is also possible using a device which enables you to chase automatically or manually.

13 Bird’s Eye

This shot is perfect for both drone video and photo production. All you have to do is make your drone camera maintain a particular distance while in the air. You can then fly towards any direction while the camera is tilted downwards.

14 Infinite Road idea

It is Calin Stan’s idea who decided to show the level that construction has been taken to in Romania. It was taken during one of his nocturnal flights. You may not be able to visit Transylvania, but it is possible to look for some special roads around your environment and take aerial shots.

15 Taking snapshots during festivals

It is also another drone photography idea that you can try out today. It involves trying to take photos of people from above. You can capture the most captivating moments to make it look special.

16 Roller coaster idea 

You can capture roller coasters. There are lots of parks and centers that you can visit today which gives you access to such amazing scenes. These types of aerial photos are impressive.

17 Using Sculpture

Capturing aerial photos where sculptures are being used is a perfect way to display images that are interactive in lots of ways. Your camera has to be tilted downwards towards a particular angle for the perfect aerial shot.


18 Using props

It is another great idea that you can try out today for your drone photography. If you want to create an amazing effect, it is possible for people to be used as props.

19 Treetops

If you are passionate about taking photo shots which display nature in clear and explanatory ways, this is one idea you can explore today. Just visit any of the forests around and take photos from above where the top of trees is clear.

20 Bridges and highways  

Depending on the time you take shots on these environments, the effects are always different. For instance, taking aerial photos during the night can create some really amazing effects due to the various colors of light that will be present.

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