Top 10 Best Jewelry Photographers in the World in 2022

When selling jewelry, an excellent photograph or picture can be used to create the best impression. Many e-commerce and web stores usually depend on the photography skills of professionals to convince customers. To present your jewelry products in the best possible images and pictures, you need the services of a product photographer.

Who is a product photographer?

The best jewelry photographers are known as product photographers. They are experts in the art of product photography. This is the process of capturing all the best product features like jewelry. A product photographer will do all they can to capture the luxurious details of a piece of jewelry. The details commonly captured include the shape, the reflection, the shadow, the texture, the color, and so on. Many manufacturers, retail shops, e-commerce companies, and jewelry makers depend on product photographers for their success. These photographers help to capture quality and premium images for the jewelry. This image is then used for marketing and promotional purposes. In addition, many product photographers have excellent post-processing equipment and procedures to help enhance the product images.

The top ten best jewelry photographers in the world in 2022

Good product photographers also know how to bring out all the good qualities of jewelry. If you are looking for the ten best jewelry photographers, then look no further than these guys:

1 Frank Castillo

Frank Castillo goes by the moniker Frankcastillophoto on Instagram. With 35,300 followers, Frank is one of the best Jewelry photographers in the world. He is experienced jewelry and watches photographer. He helps brands create the best and most captivating videos and images of their jewelry products. This can easily lead to increased sales. Frank has a healthy portfolio of previous clients that he had helped expose their products to the mainstream public. Frank is an expert in capturing all jewelry products’ essence and aesthetics. He is an exceptional talent in capturing the best angles for wristwatches, necklaces, rings, and other jewelry pieces.

Frank Castillo.
Frank is an expert in capturing all jewelry products’ essence and aesthetics.

2 JewelryPhotography

Jewelry Photography is based in Istanbul, Turkey, with almost 30,000 followers on Instagram; this is a photography studio specializing in creating professional images of jewelry pieces. Founded in 2009, the company is a studio run by professional photographers. The studio specializes in creating promotional and marketing images/videos of various pieces of jewelry like necklaces, bracelets, rings, and so on. As a professional jewelry Photography company, you can get all sorts of angles and concepts for your jewelry pieces. The studio has completed shooting projects for many jewelry brands in Turkey and Europe.

3 Chocianaite

Chocianaite is a jewelry content production agency run by a jewelry photographer with the vision to help jewelry brands worldwide expand their businesses. The jewelry content production company is present in three European cities – Vilnius (Lithuania), Barcelona (Spain), and Bristol (United Kingdom). With 7,045 Instagram followers, this jewelry content production studio is one of the best agencies in Europe. It is run by dedicated jewelry photographers that have a mission to revolutionize any jewelry brand with innovative and passionate photography.

4 FotoKuenstler

Fotokuenstlerei is among the top ten jewelry photographers in the world for 2022. As a professional jewelry photographer, the agency aims to bring out the best in jewelry brands. A passionate jewelry photographer runs the studio, Anna K. It seeks to provide its services by delivering engineering approaches to creative solutions. The jewelry Photography studio provides exclusive and mesmerizing visual concepts for various jewelry brands. In addition, the jewelry photographer provides premium jewelry content by infusing art and innovative photography.

The jewelry Photography studio provides exclusive and mesmerizing visual concepts for various jewelry brands.

5 Aviv photography

A passionate and dedicated Jewelry photographer runs Aviv photography. He has created premium and exclusive photographic content for many jewelry brands as a professional photographer. He specializes in capturing the essence of any jewelry brand. His images can be used online for eCommerce shops or offline for catalogs. He is a professional at capturing a jewelry product’s physical attributes in high-resolution images. As a product photographer, he has a rich portfolio of past works for many famous jewelry brands. He has succeeded in exposure Ng numerous jewelry brands and has helped change their fortunes by way of increased sales and revenues. With the talents of Aviv, you can never go wrong with a product photographer for your jewelry business.

6 Nidal Naser

Nidal Naser easily lists the top ten jewelry photographers for 2022. Naser is a professional photographer specializing in bringing out the essence of any jewelry brand or product. The Dubai-based photographer has helped launch scores of jewelry brands to stardom using just his camera lens. With more than 10,000 high-resolution jewelry photos delivered, Naser is the man to create exclusive promotional images for your jewelry business. He is known to create spectacular visuals of luxurious jewelry brands. These fantastic visuals are then used to increase sales and revenue. Nidal Naser is known to infuse art, exclusive photography, and finesse to create great jewelry visuals for various brands. Naser has 4,327 dedicated followers on Instagram.

Nidal Naser
Naser is a professional photographer specializing in bringing out the essence of any jewelry brand or product.

7 Mark Visbal

With 1003 Instagram followers, Mark Visbal is one of the top ten photographers for jewelry brands. He specializes in professional jewelry Photography as well as photo retouching. Visbal uses a blend of colorful, creative content to display his jewelry products. He has partnered with various professional jewelry brands to tell their brand stories and journeys with a camera lens. Visbal specializes in creating colorful pieces of jewelry interspersed with bright and sparkling features. With numerous jewelry Photography credits to his name, Visbal is still going strong with various jewelry brands soliciting his photography skills.

8 Dmitriy Tumanin

Tumanin is a Dubai-based jewelry photographer with 10,100 Instagram followers. He is a prolific Jewelry photographer with many other skills. Tumanin runs his professional studio in Dubai. He is a jewelry and product photographer involved in lifestyle and fashion events. Tumanin also helps other upcoming photographers with essential tips of the trade. His main hustle is to capture professional visuals for various jewelry brands. So many brands in the Emirates know his exclusive and premium jewelry visuals. Tumanin uses his different photography skills to reveal any jewelry product’s essence. His visuals have been used for adverts, billboards, videos, catalogs, online stores, and many more. He was a prominent attendee at the 2020 Dubai expo.

9 Jocelyn Negron

Jocelyn Negron majored in Fine Arts while at the University of Georgia. She then moved to the Big Apple ( New York City) to realize her ambition of creating exclusive visuals for different jewelry brands. It was in New York that she honed her jewelry Photography skills. She has created stunning visuals for various jewelry products, from diamonds, 24 karat gold, and beads, to brass. Negron isn’t just a jewelry photographer; she runs her online jewelry store. She uses her photography skills to create stunning and premium visual content for her jewelry business. She also moved to Chicago to chase her jewelry Photography dreams. She currently has a home studio in Atlanta, Georgia, where she caters to high-end jewelry brands and collectors. Negron may be based in Atlanta, but her famous jewelry Photography services are available worldwide.

10 Ori Livney

Ori Livney is a specialized jewelry Photography studio run by a professional photographer. With 1,796 followers on Instagram, this studio is pretty famous. This is one of the best jewelry photographers specializing in making high-grade videos and photos of various jewelry pieces. Ori Livney specializes in bringing the essence out of all jewelry pieces by taking quality and professional photos of each Jewelry. As one of the most popular product photographers around, Ori Livney creates photos and videos of pieces of jewelry for advertisements and promotions. Ori Livney is your best option if you wish to bring out the shine and sparkle from your jewelry. Ori Livney has been able to change the fortunes of many jewelry brands. No doubt, this is down to the ability of the photography studio to capture unforgettable moments through its camera lens. As one of the best ten jewelry photographers, Ori Livney can transform the fortunes of jewelry brands.

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