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Top 20 Most Famous Food Stylists that Will Surprise You

If you are passionate about making food attractive online but don’t know how to go about such a process, it is obvious you need to learn from a professional food stylist. This will help you gain knowledge about some of the trendiest foods from various parts of the world. There is no need to worry about where to find a professional food stylist, as this post will be helping you out today. Topteny US online magazine aims to reveal 20 of the best food stylists around the world. Just read the details below and choose your favorite.

1 Rishon Hanners

Rishon Hanners is the owner of a popular YouTube channel known as Well Done. She is an experienced UK food stylist who has managed to work with lots of top brands in the world. Are you wondering why foods usually look good on commercials than they are in real life? There is no need to rack your brains as Rishon Hanners is in a very good position to tell. She has over 50k subscribers on her YouTube channel.

Samples of Rishon Hanners food styling

2 Melina Hammer

Melina Hammer is a food stylist based in the city of New York. She doesn’t only have a vast level of experience when it comes to how foods can taste delicious. In addition to such, her photography skills make her understand how food can look really good in major publications. She has worked with Whole Foods, the New York Times, and other reputable brands. She is someone you can learn a lot from, given her vast level of experience. Her Instagram followers of over 55K definitely prove this.

Samples of Melina Hammer food styling

3 Alfred Prasad

The highly experienced and famous food stylist has got to make it to the list as one of the best around. Although Alfred Prasad is based in Britain, he was born in India. This is probably where his undisputed knowledge about how to prepare British-Indian foods that are fresh and delicate must have come from. He was given a Michelin star at the age of 29, which makes him the youngest to receive such an award. He has over 11k followers on Facebook.

Samples of Alfred Prasad food styling

4 Diana Nagornaya

Diana Nagornaya isn’t just a food stylist but also into food photography. She is someone who understands how to make Russian recipes look very attractive on camera. In case you want to get inspired by some impressive pink marshmallows, this is the right person to learn from. There is no doubt that you will find her Instagram account interesting which is why she has over 30k followers.

Samples of Diana Nagornaya food styling

5 Di Bibby

 Di Bibby is a South African food stylist who definitely deserves to make this list. When it comes to putting recipes together, she has proven to be very creative over the years. A proof of this is the premium content on her cookbook entitled “Bibby’s kitchen”. She has an in-depth understanding of making easy bread recipes. She is definitely worth checking out.

Samples of Di Bibby food styling

6 Alok Verma

Alok Verma is based in India. He is not just a food stylist but also someone who loves traveling. He is regarded as India’s best food stylist on Instagram due to his great IFBA exploits in 2016 and 2017. Alok is truly gifted when it comes to professional food styling. This is probably why he seems to be getting lots of positive reviews from people all over the world.

Samples of Alok Verma food styling


7 Meeta K. Wolff

In case you are in search of the complete food stylist, this German lady ticks all the boxes; she isn’t just a food stylist but also a traveler and photographer. It means you will have access to various delicacies from different countries around the world. She has a blog known as, which is dedicated to providing details about her adventures, delectable recipes, and food photos. She has almost 7K followers on Instagram.

Samples of Meeta K. Wolff food styling

8 Delores Custer

Delores Custer isn’t just a food stylist but also a culinary educator. A proof of this fact is her book on Amazon entitled “The Art of Preparing Food for the Camera,” which has managed to earn lots of positive reviews from customers/readers in recent times. Deborah has an in-depth understanding of flawless fried chicken, cake frostings (cloudlike), and more. She is also skilled when it comes to those artificial food recipes.

Samples of Delores Custer food styling

9 Sam Linsell

With over ten years of experience in food styling, you can rest assured that Sam Linsell has got all that it takes to be on this list. She is based in Cape Town. Her biggest adventures have always been baking and cooking. She has written some books to help others understand what is expected of professional food stylists. One of her books is “Sweet,” which was published in the year 2015.

Samples of Sam Linsell food styling

10 Julie Lee

Julie has visited about 20 countries and even plans to visit more. These are India, England, Los Angeles, France, Lyon, England, and more. This means she understands various types of dishes. You will definitely love food after visiting her blog and Instagram page.

Samples of Julie Lee food styling

11 Carrie Purcell

Carrie Purcell is another highly experienced food stylist you should follow. She is from the United States and has worked with some reputable magazines such as Fine Cooking, The Oprah Magazine (also known as O), and Fitness. She has also partnered with Williams-Sonoma in the past.

Samples of Carrie Purcell food styling

12 Kate Wesson

Kate Wesson is a freelancer and food stylist based in the UK. She has got an unusual passion when it comes to making foods look really good on camera.  She is also a traveler who visits various locations around the world to check out different dishes. You can visit her blog, where lots of these are revealed. She has worked with various reputable brands like BBC, Ice Cream, Waitrose, Brown Brothers, Dualit, and more.

Samples of Kate Wesson food styling

13 Rebekah Peppler

Rebekah Peppler is an experienced food stylist based in the city of Paris. In case you want to learn more about French cocktail, her book entitled APÉRITIF will reveal all the top secrets. She is also known as a writer and eater. Although she is fluent when it comes to speaking French, you will be learning a lot, given her expertise.

Samples of Rebekah Peppler food styling

14 Zoe Armbruster

Zoe Armbruster has been able to follow her passion, which is discovering some of the best foods from various cultures. She is a Belgian American who has managed to stand out from other food stylists around the world. Her focus is majorly on California cuisine. She has written some books that you can check out. These are Batch Cooking Healthy, Recettes au Robot Cuiseur, Healthy & Beautiful, Les Bouillons, and more.

Samples of Zoe Armbruster food styling

15 Laura Field

Laura Field is a professional food stylist in London. She is also a trained food photographer. She has a way of keeping her target audience in suspense on her Instagram page with some impressive recipes on display. She is very creative, given her various food styling approaches in recent times.

16 Adina Chitu

Adina Chitu is a professional food stylist living in the city of Bucharest, Romania. There is no doubt that she has managed to build a solid reputation for herself on the internet. One area she has shown great expertise is in the preparation of green pea soup. If you want to learn it like a pro, Adina will definitely show you how it can be done without stress.

Samples of Adina Chitu food styling

17 Fitfoodiekae

Fit Foodie Kae is into different things like food styling, marathon, and more. It is quite amazing to see that she has stood out in all of these fields. Her food styling skills can hardly be disputed with some impressive pictures. It is all about making her fans fall in love with different recipes.

Samples of Fitfoodiekae food styling

18 Madhuri Aggarwal

Madhuri Aggarwal is an Indian food stylist who has created an indelible impression on her target audience over the years. Her passion for being a professional food stylist can be traced to her days as a kid. She is also an artist and designer. In case you want to learn more about strawberry salad and how to make them look irresistible on photos, Madhuri ticks all the boxes as the go-to professional.

Samples of Madhuri Aggarwal food styling

19 Alyssa Noui

The client list of Alyssa Noui is quite impressive. These include Daily Harvest, Bai, 7UP, Tillamook, LA Times, Food and Wine. You can tell she knows what professional food styling is all about. She isn’t just a food stylist but also a culinary producer and recipe developer.

Samples of Alyssa Noui food styling

20 Jacques La Merde

 Jacques La Merde is really great at what she does. She is a French food stylist who has managed to live an indelible impression on her fans over the years when it comes to creating those tasty recipes. Baked hot pockets remain one of the most notable and outstanding creations of this professional. The truth is that you don’t need to be good when it comes to making food porn that is drool-worthy. She has around 142k followers on Instagram.

Samples of Jacques La Merde food styling

Mia Johnson

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