Top 10 Best Free Online Photography Classes

The world of photography is growing annually. There are lots of tools/features coming into existence to make life easier for photographers when it comes to meeting the needs of clients. This means you need to be continually upgrading your skills to survive the stiff competition from professional photographers. There is only one way to achieve such, which is signing up with an online photography class.

There is no need to bother about where such courses can be found because Topteny photography online magazine reveals some of the best free online photography classes. It means you won’t be spending a dime while improving your photography skills starting from today.

1 The Complete Guide

Do you want to learn about the basics of photography from a trusted source? This is a comprehensive tutorial made available by life hackers. The first thing you will be learning in this class is how digital cameras function. You will learn everything about their settings – automation and advanced. Furthermore, you will be learning some powerful tips on how to edit photos to make them look more stunning. If you want to understand how to make use of a camera like the pros, this is one of the best courses that can help out.

2 Introduction to Photography

The world of photography is twisted that as a novice, you can quickly become confused. You need a course like Introduction to Photography, which has been made available by MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). There are instructors available to show you how to make effective use of digital and analog cameras. You will also learn about film imaging. This will be focused on areas such as darkroom, film development, and film exposure techniques. There are video courses available, too to enhance your learning process.

3 Road to Better Photography

Most people know that Udemy is one of the best platforms when it comes to paid courses. However, they are yet to understand that free courses with high-quality content can also be found here. One such course is “Road to Better Photography.” Operating your camera while in auto mode can be very challenging. You need to understand the basics to produce photos that will keep clients coming back for more orders. This free online photography course will be helping you solve such a puzzle. Three essential elements come into play when creativity is talked about in photography. These are ISO, shutter speed, and Aperture. This course teaches you how to effectively make use of these three features without breaking a sweat.

4 Photography Masterclass

This is another course that can be found in Udemy. This course promises to hold newbies by the hand and help them become professional photographers. It is filled with quality content such as videos, articles, and other tools to help you get started. With this course, you will understand how to light subjects using natural and flash lighting. Different approaches are required for various scenarios. Photography Masterclass helps you develop the needed skills for such situations. For instance, you will understand photos in landscapes, wildlife photography, aerial, product, and more. Too many explanations aren’t required for a course that has been explored by 179,751 students.

5 Introduction to Digital photography

The courses you will find here are going to help you start looking beyond your digital camera’s automatic settings. As proof that this is one of the best photography courses online, about 172,339 people have enrolled. There are lots of strategies and techniques you need to understand to become successful in digital photography. This course shows you how to use such methods. It will reveal all the features of your digital camera, including how to explore them for better results. Once you have completed the course, a certificate will be awarded.

6 Seeing Through Photographs

The free photography classes here are worth exploring. This is because they have earned lots of positive reviews from students all over the world. Understanding the basics of photography is a steep process. This is why you require the help of an expert to grab the concepts. The best part about this course is that it addresses the needs of both newbie and expert photographers. For instance, if you already understand the necessary components of digital photography, all you have to do is explore its advanced section. Lectures are attended at your own convenient time. You will be awarded a certificate after completion.

7 Fundamentals of Photography

John Greengo has become famous in the world of professional photography. He is not only an award winner but also a great teacher who has managed to impart invaluable knowledge to students over the years. John’s teachings are based on an assumption. This is the fact that photography doesn’t have to be complicated. In other words, your photos can be impressive by having to apply little but powerful techniques. Fundamentals of photography is a free online course that shows you how to achieve such a feat without breaking a sweat. Your photos suck at the moment because you don’t understand the basics of photography. All of these can change through the teachings of John Greengo. You will be learning about photographic characteristics, types of cameras, a shutter system, basics of shutter speed, and how to crop images.

8 Photography Masterclass Online

There is no doubt that Annie Leibovitz is in a world of her own at the moment when it comes to the field of professional photography. She is a rolling stone’s first female photographer, which explains a lot about her vast level of understanding on how to make photos stand out. Photography Masterclass online is one of those courses you don’t stumble upon too often. Even if you do, premium prices will be attached. You have the chance to learn from an expert today free of charge. In this course, she talks extensively about portrait photography, creating concepts, working with light, technical aspects of photography, and more.

9 Kelbyone

Scott Kelby is a popular name amongst photographers. He is the brain behind the popular Kelbyone, which is a platform that teaches photography tips weekly. At the moment, weekly webinars are being hosted for free. If you are interested in learning about cameras in the most practical ways, this is one of the best classes to sign up for. Some of the aspects the free course covers are genres of photography, photo touching, photo backup techniques, and more. Sign up for these free webinars today.

10 Leica

Leica isn’t just a company that is into the manufacturing of digital cameras. In addition to such, it has over 70 classes that you can learn free of charge. Every Sunday, live webinars are also broadcast. If you plan to take photography as a profession, these are courses you have to explore. The contents being shared can take you from newbie to a pro. Imagine being able to learn from some of the best photographers like Jennifer McClure, Juan Cristóbal Cobo, and others. This is indeed a rare privilege.

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