Top 10 Countries with Most Job Opportunities for Foreigners

With the economies of countries crashing in some parts of the world, people are beginning to look for the perfect places where they can work and exhibit their skills thereby earning some significant cash in the process. They are moving from one country to another trying to find that place where their potentials will be monetized. While this is a great move, don’t forget that there are countries which don’t have enough job opportunities for citizens let alone foreigners. Seeking a job in these countries is like trying to build a castle in the air because you will either not find a one or paid below what you are worth, and this can be very frustrating.

First, you need to scan your CV, then no need to give up though as this post will be helping you discover some of those easy residency countries (You can always bet that they’ve got excellent pay):

Countries with the most job opportunities for foreigners:

 1 Spain

Spain is one of the countries that have jobs for foreigners over the years. It is a perfect place where you can showcase your talent as there are lots of jobs in various categories. It doesn’t matter whether it is Catalan or Castilian as you will always find something do that matches your skill. Some of the great places to start your job hunting adventure are Sevilla, Barcelona, and Madrid. You could decide to work in a tourist center or even teach the English language.

 2 Italy

Getting a job in Italy is easy as there lots of job openings flying around the place. It is also a great place to visit given its rich variety of foods. The only thing you will have to get familiar with is how Italians behave. These could be in the form of hand gestures and even their emotions. Some of the cities where you can find perfect jobs are Rome, Florence, and Milan. You could be employed in jobs like a camp counselor, teaching and others.

 3 United States

With an economy that seems to be improving over the past five years, USA has got to make a list amongst these countries which accept immigrants. There are lots of jobs that you will find in the United States of America. These could be programming, cleaner, medical expert, business adviser, and many others. It is always difficult getting a position to teach English since their requirements are high. Some of the places to search for are New York, California, Florida, and Georgia. These places will give you a perfect head start.

 4 England 

England is another country with a powerful economy which means there is always space for foreigners to get employed. It is one of the leading countries that offer high paying jobs to non – citizens. Some of the jobs you will find here are research experts, nursing, finance experts, medical doctor, automobile repair, civil engineering, and many others. London which is its capital is a good starting base. In case you don’t want to start your search in this place, head over to Cambridge, Birmingham, or Manchester. These cities have lots of job openings.

 5 France

France isn’t only popular for its culture as it also has lots of job opportunities which foreigners such as you can take advantage of them. The working hours in this country is very flexible which makes it be one of the favorites for most foreigners. For instance, the average number of hours that her citizens are expected to work is about 35 hours every week. Also, it is illegal to be sending official emails once the time is past 6 pm. You can search for jobs in great cities like Monaco, Marseille, Paris, and Bordeaux.

 6 Denmark

Denmark is regarded as a place where you will find happiness. You can easily become part of its workforce as there are no restrictions. A 4 – year visa can be secured for employees such as you by employers that are certified. This will happen within a matter of weeks with the aid of an effective track system. There are lots of jobs you can find in this country ranging from mechanical engineering, electrical position, medical doctor, dentist, to gynecologist. Even if you plan to further your education while doing any of these jobs, it is still possible since they are very flexible.

 7 Malaysia

Due to this country’s multicultural and multiracial diversity, it has been regarded as one of the best and most promising places for internet start-ups. The immigration process for those foreigners seeking for one job or another is very simple and straightforward. You only need about two weeks to get an employment visa. Once you’ve done that, begin your search from Kuala Lumpur which is the country’s capital. Malaysia also has got lots of high paying jobs and the working time is also very flexible.

 8 Columbia

This country is beginning to become attractive to foreigners from various parts of the world.  The government of Columbia is aiming to support those who want to start up their businesses with about $12,000,000. With the right regulations, investment and also other variables spot-on; this country will become one of the leading South American countries to create jobs both for its citizens and foreigners. There is absolutely no doubt that the future looks bright for everyone in Columbia at the moment which is why you need to consider applying for a job in it.

 9 Japan

One of the things that make Japan an interesting prospect for job seekers is the fact that it doesn’t take long for the work permit to be obtained. Thanks to its straightforward immigration process. As soon as it gets completed, all that you have to do is filling the form required for the residential visa. It is going to take about 21 days before it will get issued.

 10 Portugal

This country has created a platform in which start-ups will survive on in the nearest future thereby making it one of the most potential destinations for foreign job seekers both in 2018 and 2019. The government has been able to make about €200 million available to both foreign countries and startups. Also, to attract entrepreneurs from outside of EU, it has introduced the start – up the visa.

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