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Top 10 Simplest Ways to Become Famous

To be famous is like a dream and there are many people who seek to achieve this dream believing that they will be able to make a lot of money, become wealthy, attract more attention and will be better than others who are unknown or not famous. Start looking inside yourself for what can make you valuable and unique not only to you yourself, but also other people whom you know and even those whom you do not know. This is how you can become a public figure. In fact, to be of value is much better than being famous; however we still want to be famous to feel that we are important and distinguished from other ordinary people. Anyway, to be famous is not impossible and your dream can easily come true through making use of the top 10 simplest ways that are presented here to help you to become famous.

10 Look for a talent

The most important step of all is to answer the question of what is the thing you are good at. If you do not know or you think you have nothing that you would call a talent, you should keep searching until you find something you love. You should then dedicate the most of your time to learn this thing that you love. To love something does not necessarily mean that you know it!

9 Learn again and again

This is the one step that you will have to stick to along the way. In order to be great and make everyone covet for your talent, you should work hard and smart to be on top of your profession. This will never happen without you always put this goal before your eyes and continue to learn. Learn what? The nitty-gritty of everything in your field to be unique.

8 Step on the shoulders of giants

Look for the greatest names in your field whether it is art, technology, science or whatever. Wherever they might dwell, cross the geographical barriers to learn from them, read their books, watch their talks or attend their lectures and simply ask for advice.

7 Consider yourself as a brand

It is not about the logo of your business here, though this is something that is equally important. It is about you yourself, you are the salesman of your own product, idea or project. You are even like a product that needs to be marketed by an intelligent salesman. The way you behave, dress and talk will absolutely affect others and the impression that they will create.

6 Look for what people love

Try to understand people’s tastes, desires and what they like and prefer, but do not try to just follow them. It will drive you mad in the end. Just take an educated look to decide the needs that are necessary for most of them in order to be able to satisfy these needs and meet the requirements that always change.

5 Help others

Seek to offer help in your field to the ones who are starting off or volunteer and share your knowledge and effort with others. You can also dedicate more time to the cases you care most about. You will get yourself known as a helpful and charitable person.

4 Distinguish yourself

Look for the features in your business or project that will make it different from the majority of other ideas. If you cannot find them, make them. People will not get excited about your idea or tend to buy your product unless there is something unique in them.

3 Avoid Conformity

This piece of advice might seem like repeating the previous one, but no. This one is for you as a person, for your character and mind. Being successful and famous entails that you do not think and act like the majority. You create the new standards of behavior and methods of thinking. Tell yourself every morning that famous people are leaders and that you are here to create what people think of not to respond to their thoughts.

2 Look for Publicity

Once you are ready and your idea got in shape, this is the time to get known and become famous. Try to contact a journal or a TV show that might care about your talent. Many people might think that making this is impossible, but if you dedicate much time to the previous steps you will absolutely succeed here.

1 Maintain it

In order to continue being famous, you have to share your success with others and assure being of value to them. Being good to people will also make them speak well about you even if you are not present with them. In the end, words of mouth are much better and more effective than advertising.

Other simple ways to become famous

Create relationships with famous characters, make an informational or humorous video on YouTube, win or break a world record, invent anything, make something strange or non-traditional and what is much better than all of this to be considered as the best way of all is to

Let fame come naturally as a reward for the huge efforts that you exert


Your true desire to be of value

Top 10 Simplest Ways to Become Famous (11)

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