Top 10 Expert Tips for Taking Care of Your Engagement Ring

An engagement ring is considered one of the most precious piece of jewelry for a person. Having said this, it becomes your responsibility you take care of the ring that has been presented to you. This will make sure that the ring will maintain the same shine and sparkle and last for a very long time. There are quite a few practices which can be made a part of your daily routine which will enable you to take care of your engagement ring in the best possible way.

So, if you are among those who are wondering about how to take the best care of his engagement ring then you have come to the right place. Over here, I am going to showcase 10 expert tips for taking the optimum care of an engagement ring.

1 Get the Ring Cleaned By a Professional

It is recommended that you get your engagement ring cleaned by a professional at least once a year. This becomes even more important if the ring has got damaged for any reason or if the ring is an antique. Especially all those rings which have a detailed design and include a lot of crannies and nooks. Such ring designs usually get dirty and cleaning them is a tedious job due to the hard to reach places. Therefore, you should ask a professional to deep clean the ring for you.

Get the Ring Cleaned By a Professional Top 10 Expert Tips for Taking Care of Your Engagement Ring - 2 caring for engagement ring

2 Avoid Wearing The Ring During Some Activities

There is a possibility that you would indulge in a certain activity which would be damaging for your engagement ring. The best way to avoid such a situation is to take off the ring and then perform the activity. A few of the metals like gold which are used in an engagement ring get easily scratched or even dented by a sudden accidental blow. There are a few sturdy gemstones like diamond and moissanite but still the prongs and settings can get damaged which will make the stone to fall out. People who spend their time at the beach or by the pool should make it a habit to keep the ring at home and then jump into the water. This is because salt water and chlorine damage the precious metals.

Avoid Wearing The RIng During Some Activities Top 10 Expert Tips for Taking Care of Your Engagement Ring - 3 caring for engagement ring

3 The Storage Place of the Ring Also Matters

A lot of you would want to know the reason behind why the storage place of a ring matters. Most of the people often store all their jewelry together at one single place. The engagement rings which include the sturdier stones like diamond and moissanite may damage the other jewelry items which are present along. Instead, you must store the ring in a fabric-lined drawer or compartmentalized case. If the ring has been manufactured by using sterling silver that it would be better to store it in an anti-tarnish bag. A few of the gemstones like pearls and opals should not be kept in an airtight case as there is a possibility that they might crack.

Storage Place of the Ring Also Matters Top 10 Expert Tips for Taking Care of Your Engagement Ring - 4 caring for engagement ring

4 Before Self Cleaning the Ring Know About the Metal and Gem

Before implementing any of the self-cleaning techniques by yourself it is always advisable to know about the type of metal from which the ring is made of. This is necessary as the cleaning solution which you might be using might consist of hard chemicals. A few of the cleaning solution might even corrode the setting. Most of the fine jewelry can be cleaned by soaking it in a bowl of warm water that consists of dishwashing soap. You can scrub the jewelry with a soft toothbrush if you need the need to.

Metal and Gem Top 10 Expert Tips for Taking Care of Your Engagement Ring - 5 caring for engagement ring

5 Insure the Engagement Ring

Losing your engagement ring would be a nightmarish situation for you. So, to avoid yourself from being in such a situation it would be better to ensure the ring. Just like you insure all the other precious things in your life an engagement ring also demands attention from your end. It also becomes crucial that you do a little research before choosing the insurance company. A few of the companies would offer you the actual replacement of the ring with its actual quality and condition.

Insure the Engagement Ring Top 10 Expert Tips for Taking Care of Your Engagement Ring - 6 caring for engagement ring

6 Avoid Resizing the Ring

Resizing a ring dents its original shape which would hamper its original visual appearance which made you buy it. Therefore, it is advisable that you avoid resizing the ring. Especially women whose hands swell while they are pregnant. Once the baby is born they should not get the ring resized immediately rather they should wait for a few months before their fingers return back to the normal.

Avoid Resizing the Ring Top 10 Expert Tips for Taking Care of Your Engagement Ring - 7 caring for engagement ring

7 Opt For Sturdier and Durable Metals

Metals like Platinum and White Gold are quite durable and do not tarnish when compared with the other metals which are used for an engagement ring. However, if not taken care, these metals also tend to scratch over time. A few of the metals like Gold which are softer than Platinum are easier to repair. Overall getting a ring polished is normally not an expensive affair. A specialist jeweler will easily remove all the scratches without facing any hassles.

Sturdier and Durable Metals Top 10 Expert Tips for Taking Care of Your Engagement Ring - 8 caring for engagement ring

8 Chip or Loosen Your Ring’s Setting

Even though your engagement ring includes the hardest stone say a diamond still it is not completely free of getting scratched or chipping. While indulging in any of the physical activity you need to take special care of the ring. The best way to go about this would be to chip the ring or loosen the ring’s setting.

Chip or Loosen Your Ring’s Setting Top 10 Expert Tips for Taking Care of Your Engagement Ring - 9 caring for engagement ring

9 Dip It in Vodka

You might be surprised to know that soaking a dirty ring in a glass of vodka would enable you to keep it in top-notch condition. Once you have soaked the ring for sufficient time rinse it with warm water. Rub the ring with a dry lint-free cloth. Doing this will enable you to get the lost shine back on the ring. You should avoid making use of paper as tissues might leave dust and fibres on the ring.

Dip It in Vodka Top 10 Expert Tips for Taking Care of Your Engagement Ring - 10 caring for engagement ring

10 Take Special Care While Removing the Ring

While removing the ring you should hold the band of the ring. This will avoid the built up of natural oils and dirt in the setting and will keep the pressure of the stone. It is advisable to remove the ring while you are applying sunscreen or lotion or indulging in activities like cooking or heavy exercising.

Take Special Care While Removing the Ring Top 10 Expert Tips for Taking Care of Your Engagement Ring - 11 caring for engagement ring
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In The End

I hope that after reading all the 10 expert tips which are showcased in this post you will be able to take the best possible care of your ring. All these tips will enable you to maintain the best possible condition for your engagement ring for a very long time.

So, did you find the tips highlighted in this article beneficial? If yes, then please provide a positive feedback about the article in the comments section below.

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