Top 10 Most Stylish Women’s Jewelry Trends

There is no woman who does not like wearing jewels on different occasions whether they are formal or casual and for this reason all women care about looking for what is new in the field of jewelry and its trends to be always fashionable and elegant. The new pieces of jewelry which are presented for women in this year have unusual features that we did not use to see. We used to purchase simple pieces which are designed to be light and thin and this makes these pieces of jewelry suitable for being worn on different occasions whether they are formal or casual. But what about the new trends of jewelry? They take a new direction that is completely different from what we already know. There are new colors which appear this year, new materials, sizes, lengths and weights. Take a look at the following jewelry trends for women in 2014 and try to choose the best for you and what suits your personality to be comfortable while wearing it.


New stones

Would you like to wear casual and non-traditional pieces of jewelry which are heavy and large in their size? It is your chance now to do that confidently and forget about wearing other light and small pieces of jewelry that you used to wear before. The new accessories are made through using unusual and rare stones that are taken from different parts around the world such as tourmaline, opals, topaz, spinels and garnets. Such new stones are used for being inexpensive and for their new colors that differ from other traditional colors of expensive precious stones such as rubies, emeralds and sapphires. The hard stones also come back again to find pieces of jewelry with lapis lazuli, onyx and turquoise.


New colors and sizes

The color of the year is radiant orchid whether it is in clothes, make-up or jewelry. Radiant orchid can be found in purple tourmalines and amethyst and you can also find other colors such as carafe brown, emerald, turbulence gray, mykanos blue, vivacious pink, linden green, deep lichen green, samba, a  kai purple and koi orange. Such a wide collection of colors allows you to choose what suits the clothes of this year. What about the earrings and necklaces? The necklaces that are available for this year are those with long sautoir style and they are also very big. The hottest trends for earrings are those hoop and chandelier ones.


Multiple & extravagant

In this year, you can wear several bracelets and necklaces at the same time. The jewels of this year are also extravagant as they are encrusted with many precious or semi-precious stones for more luxury. Most of the new designs are derived from the surrounding nature as you can find many jewelry pieces that take the shape of insects, birds and reptiles such as these pieces which feature bees, ladybugs or butterflies. Now, you can choose what suits you and reflects your own personality and your style.


Sara Nagi

Sara Nagi is an Egyptian writer and activist. After earning a degree in English literature from Cairo University, she began working as a journalist and publishing articles on social issues.Nagi rose to prominence with her debut short story collection "Hawaween" in 2008, which explored feminist themes and was groundbreaking for Arabic literature at the time. She has since published several other acclaimed short story collections and novels that have been translated into multiple languages.In addition to her literary work, Nagi co-founded Basma, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting women survivors of violence and single mothers. She has been vocal on women's rights issues in Egypt through columns, public speaking engagements and advocacy campaigns.Her contributions to both Arabic fiction and social activism have earned Nagi several international awards, including the Naguib Mahfouz Medal for Literature from the American University in Cairo. Forbes Middle East recognized her as one of the 100 most powerful Arab women in 2018.Nagi continues to push boundaries with her writing while raising awareness about gender equality through her work with Basma and other organizations.
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