Top 10 Most Popular American Handbag Brands

An elegant bag represents a lady and adds value to her personality. Women can never resist the best quality and creatively designed bag. The handbag industry is growing popularly around the world, and the handbag designers are in demand. The American handbag brands are known globally for the last designs and attraction in the collection and can be verified by this professional handbags authentication service.

Every season, the brands have something unique and attractive for the consumers. It is typically hard to evaluate the best of handbag brands. But, some of the most popular among them are listed here for you to check out.

 1 Coach

When it comes to an American handbag brand with luxury, then Coach comes in the list. The timeless designs with genuine leather and remarkable craftsmanship make it the best. It is not just about the quality but the creation and fashion sense of the bags. Every design seems to be so fitted and ideally design to fulfill its purpose. All the collections sustain the legacy of the latest designs and best presentation.

Coach handbag design examples

 2 Michael Kors

Michael Kors is one of such handbag brands that are globally known for their ultimate quality and largest collection. The brand is home to an extensive and attractive bags collection. You can get every kind of bag in the gallery as per your need. Moreover, the brand is responsible for introducing multiple handbag trends in fashion. The brand distributes its products widely in the global market.

 Michael Kors handbag design examples

 3 Marc Jacobs

When you are looking for multiple designs, sizes and funky colors in bags then Marc Jacobs is the ultimate choice you have. The brand never misses a chance to surprise you with attractive designs. It brings the best of the casual collection with an elegance that you will love every day. The brand targets the women aged between 16 years to 40 years and does have something in line for students, working lady and a house maker too. You can have everything from casual to parties and formal bags too.

Marc Jacobs handbag design examples

 4 Kate Spade

The brand hit the fashion industry in 1993, launching its fist sleek and sophisticated bag that attracted most of the fashion lovers. Moving forward the brand grew its fashion statement and presents something for all age groups. The most important brand focuses on making luxury affordable for all income level consumers. The company debuted its sub-brand, Kate Spade, Saturday to let the young ladies have all the fun but at a much lesser cost. This brings a number of consumers and appreciation home for the brand.

Kate Spade handbag design examples

 5 Dooney and Bourke

When you are looking for refreshing designer handbags, then Dooney and Bourke are the ultimate options you have. The brand is out of some specific logo motives, patterns or checks that are followed by some leading handbag brands. For a change, you can have some fresh colors and characters on the bag. And this will let you have another level of creativity. The brand focuses on fresh products with new ideas along with making it affordable and best in quality.

Dooney and Bourke handbag design examples

 6 Vera Bradley

Vera Bradley is one of such American handbag brands that move forward with some creative ideas. You can get handbags from the brand stores with different fabrics, color combinations, patterns, and designs. To have artistic and refreshing attire, this is the best sport for you. Here you can explore more of yourself and try out something new that is not usually common out there. Different fabric, multiple prints and new styles are common in the collection that helps you to have a different style statement too.

Vera Bradley handbag design examples

 7 Tory Burch

If we talk about an experiment loving brand that is not afraid to try out the odd combinations but get the best out of them, then Tory Burch is the one. In the whole collection, you can find out some many designer handbags. Each one of them is designed differently and has its identification. The fabrication, design, combinations, and patterns are unique but tasteful. Along with quality brand offers affordability and fresh stock of fashion that lets you revise the style statement. This is amazing to have printed plants, leather cutouts, and multiple combinations.

Tory Burch handbag design examples

 8 Rebecca Minkoff

If you have a rock star inside and want to have a picky side that comes in a little tuff, then Rebecca Minkoff has the best options for you. In the brand collection, you will find some articles with studs, spikes, quilted leather and more. These seem to be a little tough but have soft and genuine material with prior quality. The well-formed structure and classic color palettes make it a perfect combination to deal with. The brand focuses on the American style of fashion and taste of youth.

Rebecca Minkoff handbag design examples

 9 Fossil

Good capacity along with subtle designs and creative combinations is the style statement of the brand. Fossil never leaves a chance to surprise you with the ultimate internal capacity of the bag. You are always welcomed to manage the stuff easily in the pockets and manage the bag easily. This seems to be easy for the girls who move around with different things at a time. In addition to that elegant designs with strong formation and structure make it the best choice for you. You can get the bags in as many colors as you want.

Fossil handbag design examples

 10 Cole Haan

The brand belies in making your everyday smooth and attractive. It offers you the quality products with plain and everyday designs that let you have a refreshing every day. You can get everything in the collection from a handbag to clutch, purse and more. Cole Haan brand is focused on liner patterns that help you to get suited with your daily attire.

Cole Haan handbag design examples

Final verdict!

America is a house of fashion, and American handbag brands have their unique statement of style. The uniqueness of these brands makes them different from the others available. These brands have their attraction and market globally to accommodate people with fresh and creative ideas.

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