10 Best Treatments for Female Hair Loss

One of the major problems women usually experience with age is hair loss. While some are bold enough to seek a solution from experts as hair transplants, others are dying in silence. If you come across one of these categories, it is normal that over time, the problem will get worse. Are you searching for how to overcome the problem of hair loss? Do you know that lots of methods being suggested by experts either don’t work or aren’t effective as they ought to? You’ve come to the right place today where your problem of hair loss will be addressed through the following tips. Just ensure to read every detail from start to finish.

1 Minoxidil topical solution

Rogaine is what this medication can also be called. It is very effective when it comes to fighting problems of hair loss both in women and men. This is a liquid solution that you can use to rub your scalp daily. For it to work as expected, you will need to make use of it consistently on your hair. Initially, it can cause hair loss, but over time, your hair growth will begin again.

2 Shampoos

Most women believe that shampoos are only used to get rid of hair dirt and make it clean. The truth is that shampoos do more than that as they are known to create an atmosphere which can enhance your hair growth. You can choose to use anti-dandruff shampoos which contain ingredients like ZPT (zinc pyrithione). This has been discovered to be very helpful when it comes to removing dead cells which can prevent hair growth.

3 Nutritious diet

This method is essential if you want to combat the problem of hair loss naturally. It is vital to start having nutritious foods to ensure that your hair starts growing again. For instance, you can start consuming fish protein, nuts, sweet potatoes, eggs, berries, seeds, and more. Supplements like niacin, biotin, zinc, and vitamin C can also help to a great extent. Also, try foods that contain a high amount of iron as they can help improve hair growth and increase your vitamin D intake.

4 Your lifestyle

Do you know that your lifestyle can also bring about hair loss in the long run? Most women aren’t aware of this fact and as such, continue to lose hair due to some unhealthy habits. For instance, it is discovered that smoking can make you lose hair with time. This happens when hair follicles, as well as hormones, are damaged by the toxins in the smoke. Smoking will not only cause, but it may also lead to premature graying, which makes you look older than your age.

5 Aromatherapy

This is very effective when it comes to hair growth stimulation, according to medical experts. There are lots of herbs which you can use in carrying out the aromatherapy such as tulsi, rosemary, thyme, lavender, and cedarwood. You only need to get a few drops mixed with walnut oil or coconut oil before applying on your scalp for best results.

6 Massaging your scalp

It has been discovered that one of the major causes of hair loss in women is the lack of proper blood flow around the scalp. When this begins to happen, it will only be a matter of time before you start losing some hair. You can massage your hair every day for about 4 minutes. There are devices which can help you do this effectively, and they can be bought online. Just ensure that you are consistent in such practice.

7 Pumpkin seed oil 

It is another great method of combating problems related to hair loss in women. The best part is that despite being very affordable, it can help your hair grow once again. The best way to take this is to include it in your meals. This will make it have the desired result after some period.

8 Surgical hair replacement

Although it is a very effective method of treating hair loss problem in women, it can be costly. This means it may put a hole in your pocket if you aren’t buoyant enough. In this method of treatment, hair follicles will be removed from the back of your head where there seems to be full hair. Then they replanted in any area of the head where there is thinning or loss of hair. The hair that has been implanted will start growing after about three months.

9 Proper resting

Do you know that too much stress can play a key role in hair loss? People are beginning to see stress as part of their every life. However, hair loss is one of the health issues that stress can cause when not handled properly. This doesn’t require you to take any medication as proper rest will do the magic. The average time that you are required to rest is 8 – 10 hours every day.

10 Air-dry your hair

It is a simple and effective way to treat hair loss in women that most people are yet to apply. It can be very effective, given that the results are amazing. If you are always color treating your hair, such can cause hair thinning and breakage with time due to the use of hairdryers regularly. Therefore, ensure that you have limited their usage. The best way is to dry your hair naturally.


Based on the tips shared above, there is no doubt that the problem of hair loss in women isn’t difficult to handle as most experts are making it sound. You only need to apply them as explained, and your hair will start growing again.

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