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Top 10 Most Famous Structures in The World

Architecture is such a field that you do not know in which section to categorize, it is not pure science but needs much art to be done. You can prepare yourself for an Architecture major through studying math and engineering drawing and expect to study a lot of History when you begin your degree. Do you see? It one of the best fields in which science and art go hand in hand. Doing Architecture you will study the great names in your field who were mostly artists. You will try to imitate their work and if you are lucky enough, you will make a field trip to see their art work. Most of the great architects all over the history of mankind were called the most creative.

They have left us what we try to imitate and even compel in many cities around the world. The following list is the fruit of some genius minds. It goes around many cities in different countries. If you are well versed in Architecture you can guess which country is repeated in our list. Is it ancient or contemporary? Another country is considered a developing managed to be one of the top ten, which is it. If you can’t guess you still can read!

10 The Colosseum, Rome

The Colosseum is one of the early stadiums in the history of man which was built in Rome and was able to have up to 50 thousand spectator. The stadium used to held the shows for the Roman powerful gladiators.

9 Lloyds Building, London

Lloyds Building in London is the landmark of Lime Street. The post modern look of the building makes it win a prize as one of the best buildings in London. The year 1986 witnessed the last stages in the construction of this building that amazed every Londoner.

8 The Empire State Building, New York

The Empire State Building took about a year to be completed when construction started in 1930. It is a skyscraper that got the moniker of being one of the seven wonders of the world.

7 The St Basil’s Cathedral, Moscow

Saint Basil’s Cathedral was built by architect Postnik Yakovlev who was known for his love of every shape that resembled onions and that’s why he made the Cathedral’s domes look like this

6 The Shard, London

Again, it seems that the English are making it toward the top. Though lacking the genius of historical monuments, their modern architecture is always a model to the world to follow. The Shard is a skyscraper that was built in 2012 under the supervision of designer Renzo Piano.

5 Pisa Leaning Tower, Italy

The Leaning Tower of Pisa is a world famous tower that is expected to tumble in the following 100 years. The reason for the leaning in first place was the soft ground that could not bear the heaviness of the tower.

4 The American White House, Washington

The Aquia sandstone are the constituting blocks of the American White House. The idea and design of this mansion was James Hoban’s, an Irish architect who built the house for every American president passed and to come.

3 The Petronas Towers, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

In Malaysia, the Petronas Towers is a two copies of one design made by César Pelli. It was built around 1998 and became since one of the highly visited spots in Malaysia.

2 St Paul’s Cathedral, London

You have become by now familiar with the fact that London is our modern and contemporary Rome. St Paul’s Cathedral is the number one site for tourists to visit in the city of London. It was designed and planned by Sir Christopher Wren.

1 The One World Trade Center, New York

In New York, the One World Trade Center that was built in the year 2013 and designed by David Childs. It is a huge building with a storey of more than one hundred partition. As its name indicates, the One World Trade is built instead of the one exploded in 9/11.

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