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Top 4 Tips for Finding Buyers for Luxury Homes

If you’re thinking about selling your luxury home in Chicago, it can be difficult to find potential buyers who can afford the steep price tag and see the value of what you’re offering.

If you want to ensure you get the most money possible for your home and that it gets sold quickly, here are a few tips to help you find buyers for luxury homes.

1 Get Your Home Ready Before You Put It on the Market

Nobody’s going to buy a home that needs work. So many potential buyers will assume you’re trying to cover up flaws in your property.

The best way to ensure your home doesn’t deter buyers is to get it in top shape before putting it on the market.

Make sure any existing repairs have been completed and that everything works properly. Hire a professional cleaner to ensure there isn’t anything left behind that could deter potential buyers. Repair minor problems such as dents or cracks, and provide all of your landscaping is well maintained and trimmed.

preparing house
Make sure any existing repairs have been completed and that everything works properly.

2 Understand What Makes Your Home Luxurious

You may have an idea of what makes your home luxurious, but understand that not everyone may see it that way.

So set aside a little time to sit down and think about what you love about your home, and then try to explain it to someone who doesn’t know anything about real estate or your life.

Make sure you pinpoint exactly why someone should want to buy from you, whether in size, location, or amenities. After all, any buyer will want a property they feel comfortable living in and one they feel proud of living in.

home buyers
Any buyer will want a property they feel comfortable living in and proud of living in.

3 Create a Shortlist of Potential Buyers

It’s not enough to just come up with a list of potential buyers—you need to narrow that list down. A great way to do that is by creating a shortlist of potential buyers based on their needs and wishes. Create an email template.

Once you have your shortlist, it’s time to create an email template you can use as part of your next move—an introductory letter outlining why they should consider buying from you. Personalize each one!

Man hands typing on a laptop keyboard on a desk
Create an email template.

4 Personalize Each Buyer’s Experience

If you’re selling a luxury home, there’s a good chance your target audience is affluent.

Don’t expect all of these buyers to value your time or be interested in becoming intimately involved in every aspect of their purchase. Instead, build buyer profiles based on how they prefer to learn about and interact with agents and properties.

The more personalized you can make your marketing materials, such as press releases, website content, and ads, the more likely you will connect with buyers who value quick and friendly communication while working out details like financing, closing dates, and inspection questions.

In addition to keeping everyone on your team organized, focusing on buyer types will ensure that all parties involved have similar expectations during each step of the process.

Senior couple signing financial contract
If you’re selling a luxury home, there’s a good chance your target audience is affluent.


When selling a luxury home, you may be tempted to take an ad out in Chicago magazine or run a full-page spread in The Wall Street Journal. While both of these tactics can be effective, you’ll need to know your target market to make them worth your while.

In a city like Chicago, homes priced over $1 million are typically purchased by high-net-worth individuals with multiple properties under their belt.

But many new buyers aren’t aware of how Chicago luxury homes are valued and marketed differently than more average homes. Click here to get valuable advice from trusted home buyers in Chicago.

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