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Top 25 Strangest Addictions Never Expected to Exist

The problem of addiction has been existing for centuries. However, one thing seems to be certain which is the fact that you will be discovering more addictions as the years are going by. TopTeny Magazine reveals some of the strangest additions that you never expected to exist.

1 Drinking urine

It doesn’t matter what people are saying about drinking their urine as such has been classified as one of the strangest addictions in the world. This is the story of 53-year-old Carrie who claimed she had been drinking her urine for about 4 years. She also talked about using such urine to brush her teeth instead of water.

2 Body Casting

It is common knowledge that casting is only required when your bone breaks to ensure such bones heal correctly as expected. However, Kevin decided to overstep his boundaries when he explained to the world how he has been using a cast on his own body. These supplies have cost him around $50,000.

3 Pony play

The addition of Nicole to pony play is something beyond the ordinary according to most people. she claimed it is the easiest way of picturing yourself as an animal. She even claimed such addiction has brought inexpressible joy in her life.

4 Eating mattresses

You must have heard of people eating one type of food or another as an addiction. However, the case of Jennifer seems to be weird and strange. She doesn’t eat food but mattresses. She was caught several times sneaking into the room of her mother to eat mattresses.

5 Hair Dryer

There are indeed various forms of strange addictions. However, these tend to vary in terms of their levels of danger. In other words, some don’t pose any threat to human life while others do. Lori is addicted to the second category of addictions – those that are considered dangerous. This is because she can sleep even while the hairdryer is still on.

6 Eating glass

Eating of glass may be considered as dangerous but that isn’t the case with Josh who claimed that it makes him feel really good. He has found a way to eat glass comfortably that even friends and loved ones can’t comprehend how he does it. If this guy ever comes around your home, make sure to hide all the champagne glasses, wine glasses, and other breakable bottles.

7 Bathing in bleach

Some experts have claimed that bleach isn’t good on the skin. Even if you allow it to touch your skin, it shouldn’t be on regular basis. Such isn’t the case with Gloria who claimed that she enjoys bathing in bleach. According to her, such an act brings about bleach feel.

8 Eating of cigarette ashes

According to medical scientists, cigarette ash has the potentials of causing partial paralysis, stomach pain, skin discoloration, and other abnormal conditions. Based on all these, you will be wondering what Bianca does with ash from cigarettes. She explained her love for them due to how they “dissolve easily” in her tongue.

9 Eating rocks

Do you think rock is as hard as most scientists have claimed over the years? Before concluding such a question, Teresa has been addicted to eating rocks for over 2 years. It is something she enjoys doing regularly.

10 Eating toilet paper

Kesha has shown people around the world one thing. This is the fact that toilet papers aren’t only meant for cleaning the anus. In other words, they can also be eaten especially when you’re hungry. She always eats them in movie theatres since everywhere is dark and people can’t know what is going on.

11 Having sex with a car

Hearing this at first, you will want to believe that it is all about driving a car to exotic locations. Nathaniel has, however, done something different by claiming he had sex with his car several times by having to rub against it. This puts him in the mood.

12 Eating dirt

The deliberate consumption of soil, clay, or dirt is caused by Geophagia. According to experts, it is a psychiatric condition that can result from poverty. In other words, people are suffering from it must have been exposed to an extreme state of poverty in the past.

13 Body piercings

Endorphins are released whenever your body seems to have experienced new piercing. This is how your skin responds to such pains. There are piercing enthusiasts who claimed that such action makes them feel very calm and relaxed. Body piercing is one of the strangest addictions that is very popular in various parts of the world.

14 Social media

The internet is indeed advancing at an unimaginable pace. This has been made possible by the advent of various social media platforms. For instance, there are different content that people can explore through these platforms. Almost 10% of the population in the US and Europe seem to be struggling with the problem of social media addiction at the moment.

15 Eating carrot

While medical scientists are claiming carrots contain vitamin A which is a primary source of improved vision, some people see beyond such. For instance, some believe that it contains beta carotene which is a “perfect replacement for nicotine”.

16 Playing video games

In 2018, the WHO (World Health Organization) recognized gaming disorder officially. Playing video games may not be seen as addictive especially when you aren’t engaging in it over and over. However, it will become addictive with time.

17 Hoarding disorder

According to the American Psychiatric Association, this is an addictive behavior whereby people begin to save items that don’t have any value. While others may see such items as worthless, they are considering them to be of very high value.

18 Eating ice

This is a condition known as pagophagia. People who are suffering from this form of addiction don’t stay too far from their freezers as they are always fond of scraping the ice which usually builds up.

19 Drinking blood

Even though this addiction may sound scary to some people, some do it comfortably almost daily. There was a Canadian woman who once explained how she had been drinking the blood of pigs since her teen days.

20 Skin picking

Most people are familiar with others picking their hair. However, they haven’t heard of the addition of skin picking. This can sometimes be as a result of a condition experts refer to as dermatillomania.

21 Eating ash

This is different from the addiction explained above about someone who is eating cigarette ashes. A 26-year-old woman shocked the entire world after claiming she ate the ashes of her dead husband. This is probably the highest level of obsession that can someone can go through.

22 Tattoos

Drawing tattoos on the skin used to be a practice that was linked to gang members. However, things have changed fast and some people can’t do without tattoos today.

23 Eating soap

There have been lots of warnings about soaps finding their way into the human system due to the chemicals they have been produced with. Despite such dangers, some people eat them as food. A woman based in Florida once admitted to eating around 5 bars of soap within one week.

24 Snorting baby powder

A 28-year-old woman admitted once that she has been addicted to this act for over 16 years. She claimed to have snorted more than 500 kg of powder.

25 Plastic surgery

There is no doubting the fact that plastic surgery has become an addiction among different people. For instance, the US recorded over 15 million procedures last year.

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