Top 10 Most Recorded Countries With The Most Plastic Surgeries

Plastic surgery has become famous now and demanded by many people, in particular women, who seek always to get the ultimate good-looking shape. Many countries have become leaders in this field. They developed new technologies to make plastic easier and quicker. We provide you with a list of the top ten countries which deemed as leading professionals in the plastic surgeries.

10 Greece:

Greece is very famous for cosmetic surgeries due to its cheaper systems. The superior technology with less cost made it ultimate. The most general surgery performed in Greece is Breast Augmentation demanded frequently by the Grecians.


9 South Korea:

South Korea is the main center for plastic surgery globally. A research conducted in 2009 revealed that one of five women in Seoul experienced plastic surgery; that means 20% of women of Seoul have made use of cosmetic surgery. Most frequent surgeries in South Korea concerns double eyelid surgery, medically called Blepharoplasty. A survey revealed that there were over 44,000 double eyelid surgeries performed. There is another frequent and performed surgeries are nose surgeries and liposuction.


8 Italy:

Italy is the hub of plastic surgeries that conceals the symbols of aging. Botox injections are the surgical methods that place Italy in a high position. Injectable fillers are used to fill the wrinkles and chin uplift. Many Italians desire them to throw out any premature aging problems. About 815,000 surgeries are conducted annually in Italy. There is liposuction which is very accepted form of plastic surgery in Italy.


7 Brazil:

Brazil is a South American country that is famous for its surgical jobs in Brazil contributing in the Brazilian’s economy. Indeed, Brazil holds possible cosmetic surgery. This step by the government has increased the medical tourism there. The most frequent plastic surgeries conducted in Brazil are breast operations and liposuction. The procedures are so frequent in Brazil that they have turned out to be a class symbol for the locals.

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6 The United States:

USA is to appear on the pinnacle ranks in the future. This is due to the plastic surgery area in USA is rising speedily. People discussed the field of the plastic surgery. The most demanded surgeries in the USA are both those of the liposuction and breast growth. The surgeries are increasing speedily annually and will develop into a good supplier of the USA’s economy.


5 Thailand:

Plastic surgeons in Thailand are well-organized and dependable. The country is here in the list due to the inexpensive price of plastic surgery in the country. The Asian country enjoys special consideration of the western horde due to the completely precise services at wholly rational prices. Furthermore, secrecy of the client is respected more than any other place.


4 Taiwan:

Taiwan is famous for the cosmetic surgery that is mostly conducted on the face. The people there desire to conceal their age and so the facial surgeries are the most usually conducted. Facial surgeries focused on the surgeries done to get rid of the wrinkles. These surgeries in Taiwan are done by Botox action. It is revealed that Taiwan had 221,000 cosmetic surgeries annually. Taiwan is more enhanced than other Asian countries in the field of the plastic surgeries due to that many surgeons there are skilled and efficient. Moreover, the facilities in Taiwan are analogous to the most excellent countries.


3 Dominican Republic:

Dominican Republic is the home for many skilled plastic surgeons and they suggest their services in rational prices. A surgery that costs $6000 in America will diminish to $2500 in the Dominican. This is so due to that the doctors never refute negotiating rates with their clients.


2 India:

India embraces many qualified experts of plastic surgery. The services are precisely as good as what is provided by other leading countries. The only dissimilarity is the price. India gives services at a rational price. Foreign clients more compared to the country’s people. Moreover, the foreigners are cured with special concern and a range of facilities are obtainable to them.


1 Colombia:

Colombia is well-known for the most common cosmetic surgery which is liposuction. This Latin country is one of the most ideal medical tourist places and is famous to have beauty tourism as they pull towards it many foreigners. Colombia is not a totally risk-free country. The methods used in the surgeries are certainly safe, yet it is not applicable in all the parts of the country.



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