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Top 10 Extreme Animals on Animal Planet

Nature around us is full of wonders that can be found in plants, animals and other creatures which are created by God and exist in our world to fascinate us by their beauty and other features which are unbelievable and really stunning. There are many people who care about getting more information about nature and what can be found in it and this is why there are numerous sources that provide you with all the information that you may need about these creatures to increase your knowledge and become more fascinated. You can get the information that you need via the internet or the television on which you can find documentary series such as The Most Extreme which was aired for the first time on Animal Planet in July 2002. There is a specific animal feature which is chosen by The Most Extreme to be focused on in each episode and there are ten animals that are ranked in each episode in terms of the specific animal feature which is chosen such as the speed, diet, strength or any other animal features that may come to be unknown for us. Here are top 10 extreme animals on Animal Planet to discover more about them.

10. Tiger Beetles


They are ranked as the fastest animals on earth whether it is in water, air or on land thanks to their slender and long legs. They can run at a high speed that reaches 5.6 mph (9 km/h). In addition to running fast, they are also known as aggressive predators.

9. Cuckoos


They are highly rated as the best cheaters for their ability to trick other birds. They lay their eggs in the nests of other birds which are about 100 species and this is why they are known as brood parasites.

8. Termites


They are also known as “white ants” and are ranked as the most creative construction engineers in the animal kingdom. They are also renowned for their ability to destroy plantation forests, crops and they can cause serious damages to buildings, visit Pestkilled for more information on termites.

7. Parasitic Worms

Parasitic Worms Para-worms

They are also referred to as Helminths and are ranked as the most terrifying animals for human beings since they live in the living bodies of human beings, disrupt nutrient absorption, receive nourishment from the living bodies in which they live, cause weakness and lead to different diseases.

6. Rhinoceros Beetles

Rhinoceros Beetles
Rhinoceros Beetles Allomyrina_dichotoma_11

They are also known as Dynastinae and although they are small in their sizes and are not huge like other massive animals, they are ranked as the strongest animals in the world for their ability to carry or lift anything which is 850 times their body weight. If you had the same strength of these creatures, you would be able to carry anything that weighs 65 tons.

5. Cookiecutter sharks

Cookiecutter sharks IsistiusBrasilMCZ

They are considered to be the deadliest biters as they are known for their strong and deep bites that leave scars on the body of the victim through using the narrow upper teeth that function as anchors and the lower teeth that slice into the prey.

4. Box Jellyfish


They are known for producing their venom which is extremely potent to the extent that it leads to death. Their stings are extremely painful which makes them very dangerous to humans. They are called “the world’s most venomous creatures” because of the strong and deadly effect of their venom.

3. Mimic Octopus

Mimic Octopus 03

They are the best at disguising themselves. They change their appearance trying to look what they are not. They have the ability to mimic a wide variety of objects and animals which helps them to escape from their predators.

2. Deep-sea Anglerfish


It is ranked as the first one in terms of having the strangest animal attachment. It has a luminescent fleshy growth from its head and it is used for luring its prey in dark and deep-sea in addition to attracting the attention of males to females for mating.

1. Keas & African Grey Parrots 


They are ranked as the smartest animals. Keas have the ability to learn new tasks, build on the knowledge that they have, learn how to use tools, how to solve problems and logical puzzles and they are also known to be curious. African Grey Parrots are perfect at learning numerous words and sounds, answering questions and they are also sociable which make them good companions. There are some researchers who say that the intelligence of African Grey Parrots is equal to that of a child who is six years old.

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