Top 10 Catchiest Designs of Cat Tattoos

Since a very long time, tattoos have become quite popular among a lot of people of different ages. In the past, tattoos were usually linked to those folks who were known to be a bunch of either punk rockers or bikers and, for several reasons, they were regarded as people who have loose morals and therefore should be avoided. A lot of parents also refused the idea of their kids getting any tattoos because they were afraid that these tattoos might indicate their sons or daughters involvement in one of those cults that worship the devil or any weird enough similar things. To a lot of people, such judgments may sound odd and mean, but the truth is, tattoos actually have nothing to do with immoral stuff, and they do not necessarily mean that their owners are involved in some kind of wicked activity as a lot of people might assume or think. Tattoos are only there to reveal your deep passion for something, and now, it is no longer strange to see some people getting a lot of religious symbols tatted on their skin.

The designs of tattoos are endless, and they are certainly getting more and more creative every day, not to mention the fact that they vary from being very simple to being realistic and, in both cases, they look genuinely wonderful. Getting animals tattoos might be the most popular among a lot of people, especially those who are getting their very first tattoos. Lately a lot of internet users, who also happen to be cat lovers, have posted pictures of their cat tattoos and they got popular really quick. If you happen to be a cat lover as well and are thinking about getting a cat shape tatted on your skin, check out this list of the top 10 most amazing designs of cat tattoos.

10 A Mixture of Geometric Shapes and Realism

This tattoo design of a cat that is realistically designed can give you chills for simple two reasons; the first is the fact that it looks too real that, for a second, you might think it is a real cat staring right into your eyes; and the second reason is that, although it is beautiful, it can be a bit scary, especially for those beholders who are not that much into cats; they might feel uncomfortable with a cat staring at them for a mysterious reason. Besides, the geometric shapes that are included actually evoke enigmatic feels.

And another application for the same mixture.

9 A Stretching Cat

This tattoo looks incredibly simple; it looks as if drawn by a regular pencil, except for being on skin instead of a blank paper. This cat’s mood looks good and it appears to have a good time; it looks as if just woke up from a long nice sleep, and stretching to start resuming its activity which, pretty much, includes sitting all day long doing nothing. Well, here is what is funny and adorable about that tattoo besides being simple, it lets your brain create a whole story for what the cat was doing or about to do after that stretch.

Another stretching cat with geometric shapes.

And a colorful cat tattoo with the same theme.

8 Adorable White Cat with Black Spots

Well, this cat tattoo might be considered perfectly suitable for a kid, except that kids do not get tattoos, but still, it looks like an adorable cat from a Japanese cartoon or something. The red collar around its neck is another reason that makes it look more delightful, and, oh, look at those little cute whiskers and tiny paws; they are incredibly lovable. This cutie kitten tattoo makes any beholder feel the desire to wave back to it; yes it sounds a bit ridiculous, but it is true.

7 The Golden Cat

The owner of this cat tattoo has posted a picture of it on the social media, stating that her golden cat is what has inspired her to get this tattoo. The tattoo can’t actually get any more realistic, which makes it exceptionally marvelous, for it looks like a real cat with a feather behind its right ear, looking in total control. This spectacular tattoo has gotten the real cat, that was the inspiration behind getting it, to be one of the most popular cats on the social media.

6 The Little Chubby Pusheen

If you are a Facebook messenger user, and familiar with the new stickers, you will definitely be aware of the chubby rounded cat, Pusheen. It became popular in no time; for it is one smart fat cat that can do all the activities that you usually do in your daily life, including using the internet, yes it is funny. For that, it gained a great popularity among all the cat lovers and seems like it was promoted from being  a sticker on Facebook, to be a tattoo permanently inked on skin. Way to go Pusheen!

5 The Facial Features Only

This tattoo design features only the facial details of a cat looks genuinely realistic. It focuses only on the beastly features of a cat and leaving the body totally out of the picture. Such a detailed tattoo can symbolize that the cat is more than just a cute little creature and that it also has a soul that feels everything. This tattoo is amazingly designed and surely will swiftly take a warm spot in all the cat lovers’ hearts, especially those who have a great passion for cats and already own ones that work as inspirations for them.

4 A Silhouette of a Cat over the Moon with Roses

Well, this one looks like you have spilled a jar of ink over your skin, but miraculously it took the shape of a cat. In other words, those black painted-like tattoos look effortlessly drawn, especially because they are only solid shaped that have no features, only the edges, which perfectly match the outline of a cat, but in fact, no matter how easily designed they look, they are still amazing. But that only applies to the shade of the cat, but actually the patterned moon, on which the cat is sitting, looks like it took more effort, especially with those roses that seem to have grown out of it. Such tattoos will certainly capture the hearts of those who are obsessed with cats and would love to get them tatted on their skin.

3 A Doodling on the Finger

It is not an actual doodle, it is a real tattoo, but it actually looks like you have doodled on your finger with a pen while you were sitting there, in the middle of something, feeling bored. The reason it looks like a doodle is that it is very simple, shows a couple of small triangles, which are supposedly there to form those two little ears, along with three dots that work as two little eyes and a tiny nose, several lines on both sides of the finger that form the whiskers of the cat, and the little curve that makes it delightfully smiling.

2 The Cat Couples

This tattoo can’t get any more romantic; it is a couple of cats who show affection to each other by standing by one another, drawing a shape of a heart over their heads with their tails linked together, each cat’s tail is one-half of the heart. The thing about such tattoo is that you can get half of it tatted on your hand, and the other half on your lover’s hand, and every time you hold hands, the cats link their tails together, or else, you can get both of them for yourself, each cat tatted on a finger, and each time you bring your fingers close, the heart is formed.

1 A Trail of Paws Prints

Well, since it is known that the cat is a bit of a territorial creature, it certainly loves leaving some pieces of evidence in every place it has ever been to. This tattoo is a great representation of this characteristic of a cat, but it is also patent that it definitely looks incredibly cute; it is a tattoo of a lovely cat that seems affectionately sending hearts out, as a sign of love, and leaving a trail of its paws print behind it, all the way along your skin. It seriously looks adorable, and definitely irresistible to all the cat lovers out there.

Another tattoo bears the same motif .

It does not matter whether you are a cat person or not, you definitely can’t deny that all of these tattoos look incredibly lovely. If you have ever, at any point in your life, thought about getting a tattoo, you should consider getting one that is featuring a cat, or any kind of animal that you prefer, for they are marvelous!


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