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Top 10 World’s Most Luxurious Prisons

All of us do not want to be in prison. The jail is a punishment for committing crimes. Every country has many prisons. But, the great shock is that there are “A five Star” prisons. These prisons have comfortable living conditions, and there is also a good treatment for the inmates. These jails are very luxurious. Hence, here are these perfect jails.

1 Bastoy Prison, Norway

This prison is located in Bastoy Island in the middle of the Oslofjord .More than 100 prisoners live in cottages and they also use the farm of the prison as a place of work .The prisoners spend their spare time in playing Tennis, Horse riding, Fishing and Sunbathing.

2 HMP Addiewell, Scotland

It is located in Southern Scotland .Sodexo Justice Services manage this jail .The prisoners spend 40 hours per a week learning work activities in order to catch up with the outer society. So, this prison gives every inmate the chance to come back to a new life and a different look about life.

3 Otago Corrections Facility, NewZealand

This prison ,you can say,”a factory”,because it teaches the prisoners a lot of skills such as Cooking, Dairy Farming, and Electrical Engineering. Perhabs the cell phone in your hand is from Otago Correction Facility, as it shows how to produce cell phones ,microwaves and jammers.

4 Justice Center Leoben, Austria

In Justice Center Leoben, the prisoner has a private room, a private bathroom; television and a kitchenette.There are also a gymnastic room and a basketball court. The prisoner can move from one cell to another freely, also every cell has a balcony, so it is like a luxurious apartment.

5 Aranjuez Prison, Spain

This prison is called the premier prison for the families. This prison solves a big problem. This question is about the child who is left by one parent or by both of them. In this prison the child can stay with his parents and spend the day with them but when the roll calls it is over.

6 Champ-Dollon Prison, Switzerland

This prison is regarded as the most overcrowded one in Europe; also there are the problems of riots and diseases. There was a hard criticism about this jail, but, Switzerland seeks for the changing step of this jail. The reconstruction of this prison cost $40 million by the support of Geneva Prison.

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7 Pondok Bambu Prison, Indonesia

This jail is a big shock for everyone sees it .It is the most luxurious prison from the other Indonesian prisons. This shows the corruption of some prisons in the world. For instance, the woman in the picture was convicted of bribing aprosecutor.But; the photo tells you that she is spending her weekend having her own air conditioner, refrigerator, and the karaoke machine.

8 JVA Fuhlsbuettel Prison, Germany

JVA Fuhlsbuttel Prison is also one of the most luxurious prisons. The prisoner has his own room, bed, and an awful bathroom. There is also a conference room for them. Everything you will need in your holiday will be in JVA Prison such as couches, desks and your good meals.

9 Sollentuna Prison, Sweden

This jail includes a security camera that shows weight room, the kitchen, and there is also a private bathroom for everyone in jail. In addition, there is a television for the inmate.So, you can live in a luxury apartment for free, but with a small condition which is to “commit a crime”.

10 Cebu Prison, Philippines

In Cebu Prison the prisoners spend their time singing and dancing by choosing musical numbers. This prison is known for the rehabilitation program. This program is called CPDRC Dancing inmates. It stands for Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center. The program is about recording the routines of the prisoners in jail. This program is under the supervision of Byron F.Garcia, who is the leader of the prison.

In a nutshell, prison sometimes is not that bad one, but also the jail is a jail even if it is a palace.

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