Top 10 Dangerous Social Networking Apps

Texting on the phone while walking on the road, listening to the calls while driving and gazing the screen of a mobile phone while sleeping on the bed has become the daily routine of our lives. What makes a mobile phone user think that without these activities: is it impossible to live a healthy and full of fun life? The modern technology in the shape of social networking apps are one of the popular activities in our lives, youngsters are at the top of using social messaging apps no time ever before. There is the huge difference between using something and having an addiction to it. I would say today we do need the instant messengers for plenty of purposes, but at the same time, we don’t need these social apps all the time. These apps are no doubt has gathered the world’s brotherhood, but it is manipulating and exploiting the future of the young generation. Young users are bullied online on these apps, victimized by the stalkers and hunted by the online predators. Today we will discuss the top 10 dangerous social networking apps.

1 Facebook

It is one of the most popular social networking apps and has millions of active users. It is sure that a cell phone user may be using plenty of messengers at the same time, but a Facebook social app would present on the device. The social messaging app enables a user to communicate with people of the world from different cultures, ethnicity, colors, and language. On the other hand, it has become the epicenter of online predators. Therefore, a vulnerability of the social app is imminent for users.

2 Tinder

It is also known as the virtual flirting app known as Tinder. The application has been developed for the purpose of hookups and sexual encounters. But on the other hand Young teens are using the messenger frequently along with the complete interest. This thing is alarming for their lives, before getting into the adultery; they are keen to use the dating apps. So, it is also of the most eye-opening app for parents to keep eyes on the kids and teens.

3 Line

The messenger is very popular among the youngsters and on other hand line is oiling the wheels of pedophilias. Young users often trapped by the stalkers and bullied online as well. Parents may have said to kids and teens that don’t interact with strangers on any messenger, but I think they don’t get the real definition of the stranger. They may have the view that they seem ugly, demons or bad looking peoples. Youngsters do messages, chat conversation and share photos and videos on the messenger. So, there are chances to encounter bad people online through social apps.

4 Whatsapp

It is one of the popular social networking apps and almost has more than 100 million users. Everyone uses the particular instant messenger more than anyone else, young kids and teens, adults and older ones. Employers of business organization and employees use it for sharing work files. The social app enables a user to send text messages, conversations, group chats and the user can share photos and videos. It is very harmful for young users, they often got bullied on the messenger, and spouses mostly have insecurities of cyber infidelity and cyber criminals also can breach data which you have shared on the messenger.

5 Yahoo

Yahoo messenger is one of the classical messengers of all time. The social app was introduced a couple of decades ago. It provides the user totally free service and users can download it and use it with the help of generic Yahoo ID and it also provides the yahoo mail service. The fascinating features are text messages, chats and conversations, voice mail and file sharing and chat rooms. Young users do chat in Yahoo chat rooms and encounter with the online predators such as online bullies, stalkers and it is also famous for sexual encounters.

6 Skype

Skype is one of the most frequently used instant messengers in business organizations. The user can send text messages, do chat and conversations, conference calls, audio and video calls and last but not least sharing files. Employers allow employees to communicate with each other on skype because it is very fast and hazel free instant messaging application. But on another hand the social app can be breached by the cyber criminals, young kids use it for dating purposes and cyber predators use it for the sake of trapping young kids and teens. So, having all the benefits, it is dangerous too.

7 Viber

The social networking app is very famous especially in young kids and teen over the years. It provides free facility to its users having stable internet connection to communicate worldwide. Therefore, a user can send messages; can do chats online with Viber friends. Anyhow, the online predators have made it a safe haven to accomplish their evils deeds. They stalk kids and teens, trapped kids and teens for sexual activities.

8 Instagram

Many young adults were asked in a recent study to rank how each of the major social media platforms impacted their mental health and wellbeing issues. Instagram was ranked in the top. And the study revealed some of those young adults faced negative mental health issues like loneliness, depression, and anxiety while using this social app.

9 Snapchat

Snapchat is widely popular social networking app among teens. The rise and rise in the fame of this particular app continuously attracting young users towards itself. Because they can do chat online, conversations shared media files such as videos and photos. They can make friends even to whom they don’t know in real life which makes it vulnerable for teens and kids and a place for bullies, stalkers, pedophiles and sexual predators to trap kids and teens.

10 Kik

Kik messenger is one of the fastest innate as an alternative for texting that only require user name only. Its chats interface enable users to interact with the help of the text messages, chat conversations and through audio and video calls worldwide. According to stats 40% of the teens are using the social messaging app, so there are high chances that online predators want to get their hands on innocent kids. Kids and teens are often cyber bullied on the instant messaging app and also get trapped by the stalkers and with sexual predators.


All mentioned social networking apps are dangerous for young generation. These apps are quite vulnerable at work places, so parents and employers can monitor these social apps messengers monitoring app.

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