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Top 10 Strangest Unexplained Deaths Ever

Everyday many deaths take place, as a result of a lot of reasons. Diseases, wars and crimes claim millions of lives. However, when some deaths are accepted, there are others that still a puzzle and need some explanation. In this article, you will get closer to have a look on the top ten strangest unexplained deaths.

10 Jill Dando

Jill Dando was one of the UK’s most famous journalists. She was murdered on the 26th April, 1999. Dando’s corpse was discovered 14 minutes following her murder, by her neighbor called Helen Doble in front of her house. Police brought to a close that Dando had been shot in head, subsequent to being gripped from behind by an anonymous attacker. Richard Hughes, another neighbor observed that he had heard Dando cry out. He also observed some marks of the killer, that is a white, middle-aged male about 6 feet tall.

9 The Circleville Writer

In 1976, some residents of Circleville were sent strange letters that showed detailed information about their personal lives. A bus driver called Mary Gillespie, was in charge of having an issue with a school official. Then, the Circleville writer took an aggressive turn. In 1977, Mary’s husband Ron Gillespie was killed. Police at the time stated that his death is a result of an accident, yet then his death was because of a murder by the strange writer. In 1983, Mary came crossways a lethal booby trap, and her brother-in-law, Paul Freshour, was in charge of the crime then he imprisoned.

8 Edgar Allan Poe

Edgar Allan Poe has become renowned throughout history for his achievements to literature, because of his far-fetched production of ghastly poems and stories. Correspondingly to the content of his creative works, Poe’s death was a bizarre mystery. In October 1849, Poe was seen in Baltimore in a condition of “great distress” and he needed instant help. Following being moved to the Washington College Hospital, Poe passed away on the 7th of October.

7 Daniel Morgan

The murder of Daniel Morgan, the private investigator is one of the most infamous cases in UK police history. Subsequent to drinking with his partner, Morgan was found dead in the Golden Lion pub car park with a knife wound in his head. While the murder at first may have seen as a robbery, a considerable sum of money still inside his jacket. The most important thing is that he had been noticed writing previous had been cleaved from his trousers. Morgan had been exploring police corruption concerning drug trafficking before his murder by short time.

6 JonBenét Patricia Ramsey

JonBenét Patricia Ramsey was a child beauty pageant queen who was discovered dead in her home basement in 1996. Ramsey’s death was attributed to strangulation. At first, members of Ramsey’s family were suspicious, mostly because the body’s site in the basement. Yet, they were not subsequent to DNA from the six-year-old’s clothing that referred that they were not in charge.

5 Dyatlov Pass Incident

The Dyatlov Pass Incident is an infamous case of deaths of nine hikers, it took place in 1959, in the Ural mountains of Russia. The evidence at the scene showed that the hikers a cut open inside tents, and escaped into the backwoods in bare feet. One of the hikers had main skull damage, while other two members had manifold chest cracks. In spite of this, none of the dead bodies had any symbols of a fight.

4 The Lead Masks

The Lead Masks Case points to the strange deaths of two electronics technicians. Both corpses were dressed in a suit and a lead eye mask. Although there were no symbols of struggle, a notebook having mysterious instructions was discovered nearby.

3 Tom Thomson

Canadian painter Tom Thomson was last observed on a fishing trip in a canoe in 1917. At what time his body was discovered floating in Canoe Lake, the situation behind the youthful artist’s end turned to be one of Canada’s most notorious mysteries. There were two strange features of the body that cause many to think he hadn’t just fallen overboard. The first is a piece of fishing line was draped 16 times around Thomson’s left ankle, and the second is a wound on his temple.

2 The Blazing Car Murder

In 1930, Alfred Rouse tries to forge his own death by beat a man over the head with a mallet and blazing the body in his car. He was seen fleeing and was finally hanged for the crime. Yet, the character of his victim was unidentified. It was believed that the victim can have been William Thomas Briggs, who had lost on his way to a doctor’s appointment at the same time the murder happened.

1 Laetitia Toureaux

When Laetitia Nourrissat Toureaux was on a metro, she was the lone person in the first-class carriage. In the next station, three people boarded the carriage. Toureaux was slumped forward with a blade overhanging from her neck.


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