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Top Unique and Fantastic Cake Decoration Ideas for Celebrations

A cake looks perfect if decorated with colorful and edible items for the particular ceremony. It is the essential desert to spread the happiness of a birthday, anniversary and other memorable occasions. A cake should be beautiful and delicious to commemorate the special days. Following are five innovative and simple cake decorating ideas that you can try for your memorable celebrations.

1 Cherries and Raspberries for the cake decoration

Some fruits are best for the topping of the delicious cakes. Fruits like Cherries and Raspberries are used for the decoration of mouth-watering cakes. You can use the raspberry with cream cheese frosting. Cherry toppings are also perfect to make the cake fantastic for the celebration. Use black and red cherries to decorate the cake. It is the best cake decoration idea for birthdays and anniversaries. You can even order cake online with other fresh fruit toppings to surprise your close ones on their memorable days.

2 Flower designs on Cakes

Flowers are used for ornamentation in celebrations. The beautiful flowers are a symbol of positivity and peace in life. There are different types of flowers in various shapes and colors. A variety of edible flowers is used for the decoration of cakes. The petals of flowers are employed in beautiful designs. Make sure to only use the fresh edible flowers. Organically grown flowers are the best for the preparation of a delicious cake. You can sprinkle the flower petals on the frosting of the cake and refrigerate the cake before serving.

3 Ice Cream cake designs

Ice cream is also used as frosting. You can use perfectly baked cakes for the ice cream toppings.  Take the scoops of your favorite flavored ice cream to place over the delicious cake. It adds the perfect flavors inside the cake and brings you to the next level of joy. You can also combine two or more flavored scoops on the chocolate sponge cake. Try some colorful jams to make the beautiful cake designs. You can surprise your better half with an ice cream cake on your wedding anniversary.

4 Candies and Sprinkles on the cake

Everyone likes to make a beautiful cake for a particular celebration. They also select the cake designs according to their occasions. If you want to make a birthday cake for your child, then go for the candies and sprinkles for the toppings. You can also use chocolates and colorful edible glitters to make an attractive cake for the celebration. Make the desired shapes like heat, star, smiley face, etc. using stencils on the cake. It looks beautiful for your child’s birthday celebration at home. It is the best way to decorate a delicious cake for your kids.

5 Dry fruit toppings

Fruits are the best for the decoration of yummy desserts and cakes. Everyone loves to eat the nutritious dry fruits over the cakes and shakes. Take your favorite dry nuts like almonds, cashews, walnuts, apricots, and pecans, etc. to decorate the birthday cake at home. It is the best idea to consume all the nutritious dry fruits with your favorite cake. You can also make such a delicious cake for the traditional festivals to enjoy with your family and friends at home.


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    Incredible recipe, I will prepare one of these cakes for my daughter’s birthday, I think she will be pleased. Thank you for such cool recipes. I often read your blog and will be happy to wait for new ones.

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