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Top 10 Best Cake Decorators in the World

Decorating a cake is one process that may prove to be more difficult and stressful than you can imagine. This is perhaps why you need to read this post to know ten of the best cake decorators in the world. Regardless of whether you plan to hire a cake decorator or want to improve your skills, there is no doubt that you will be inspired by how far these professionals have gone when it comes to making outstanding cakes.

1 Duff Goldman

Duff Goldman is the brain behind Charm City Cakes which has managed to impress clients over the years with cake decoration skills that aren’t only audacious but very creative. One of his major achievements has been making a fondant cake with stylized as well as modern look. There is no doubt that you will love the high level of art creativity that Duff Goldman usually puts into cakes while decorating them. His Instagram followers are 395k.

2 Anne Heap

AnnHeap is also another popular cake decorator, which most people don’t know. She has demonstrated a high level of skills when it comes to decorating different types of cakes over the years, which have earned some positive reviews from clients. She is the founder of Pink Cake Box, which is located in New Jersey. Also, she handles a course known as Cake Topper Techniques on TV shows. This is only to show that she is one of the best when it comes to cake decoration. With a follower base of 26.6k on Twitter, you are learning from the right professional.

3 Jennifer Riley

Jennifer Riley is a cake decorator from Canada who has managed to impress her fans all over the world with some creative designs. She once claimed that her primary job is to ensure that her clients experience true professionalism when it comes to cake decoration. One aspect where she has proven to be outstanding is helping to bring out the inner thoughts as well as ideas of customers, which will ensure that perfect cakes are designed. Jennifer Riley can make cakes take the shape of any item. Her Facebook community consists of 17,972 subscribers.

4 Laurie Shannon

Laurie Shannon’s knowledge when it comes to decorating cakes can hardly be disputed. She is very passionate not just about cakes but also foods in general. Perhaps this is why she can create a YouTube channel that has about 3,524,368 subscribers. There is a lot you can learn from her as she understands how to decorate cakes in an exciting way using this best tools and ingredients even while you’re on a budget. This is why she is widely referred to as ‘The Icing Artist.’

5 Geetika

Geetika deserves to be on this list as one of the best cake decorators in the world. She is from India and has been into baking for the past five years. This is why she has proven to be very experienced in decorating different types of cakes for clients. Geetika has a channel on YouTube (55,401 subscribers) which is solely dedicated to cake baking and decoration. She has been able to show thousands of people over the years the simplest ways of baking cakes that will make clients even pay more than charged.

6 Yolanda Gampp

Yolanda Gampp is a real authority when it comes to cake baking and decorations. She is from Toronto, Canada, and has proven to understand a lot about decorating different types of cakes over the years. Very few bakers out there can bake a cake out of anything the way she does. In case you aren’t convinced that she is the real deal, check out her website and YouTube channel to know her level of experience as a cake decorator. You will be shocked by her subscribers on YouTube (4,069,562).

7 Renee Conner

Renee Conner is from New Hemisphere, UK and has proven to be passionate about cake decoration over the past years. She understands what is required to make highly sophisticated custom cakes, which clients will fall in love with.  Renee Conner has got an impressive follower base of 149,982 people on Facebook, which only underline her high level of expertise in the field of cake baking and decoration. Also, her YouTube channel is about 141,931 subscribers.

8 Natalie Sideserf

Natalie Sideserf’s cake sculpting techniques are very advanced, which is why she has a growing list of clients. She has been popular for hosting the popular TV show Texas Cake House. One of her most impressive cake decoration work is the man who looked like she had been injured in battle. It looked so real that you wouldn’t even want to believe it was baked cake. There is also the cake on the table in the form of beheaded men. She has about 68.9k followers on Instagram.

9 Florian Bellanger

Do you want to know what French cake is taste? If that is the case, don’t look any further than what Florian Bellanger has got to offer. The cakes baked by this professional are top-notch and meant for those special occasions. Apart from cake decoration, Florian Bellanger seems to be very diverse in various types of foods. His Instagram account contains about 26.4k followers.

10 G.G.cakraft

G.G.cakraft is based in Seoul, Korea. Trying to learn how to decorate cakes from different regions around the world can help you stay ahead of your competitors. There is no other better way to acquire such knowledge and skills than subscribing to the YouTube channel of G.G.cakraft, which has about 35,120 subscribers.

Criteria for choosing the best cake decorators

Based on the ratings above, the following factors have been considered:

  • Skills

The skills shown by cake decorators have been looked at. This involves looking at their past work and trying to find out what makes them stand out.

  • Experience

The level of the cake decorators experience has also played a vital role. This is examined by trying to see the extent to which they can meet the needs of clients.

  • Popularity

The popularity of decorators was also looked at. For instance, some decorators seem to be very popular on websites such as YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook.

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