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Top 10 Most Creative Cupcake Artists in the World in 2022

A cupcake is one of the most highly sought-after desserts. These are handy cakes that are made in stylish miniature cups. A cupcake is usually served to one person. Cupcakes are generally baked in aluminum or styrofoam or thin paper cups. They are highly desirable desserts like flavored ice creams. Cupcakes are highly delicious and can be nutritious. However, we often do not pay attention to the artists behind these gastric delights.

Many chefs specialize in making cupcakes but none other than these top ten best chefs. Many people are now drawn to cupcakes because of a recent surge in variety, taste, and style. Cupcake artists are highly esteemed chefs with years of experience dedicated to mastering their crafts. Many started from the bottom and worked hard until they arrived at the top. Before they had their platforms, they could start from local cooking kitchens. They slowly rose the ranks, from an apprentice to an assistant chef to the master chef. Before becoming who they are now, these ten best chefs have perfected their crafts to become highly recommended around the globe. Our top ten best cupcake artists are:

1 Jessica Prealpato

It is not coincidental that you would enjoy a cupcake from Jessica. She was the winner of the World’s best pastry maker in 2019. She is the master chef at the Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athenee. As the first female best pastry chef winner, Jessica’s flair for delicious and irresistible cupcakes has been rewarded. She makes her cupcakes with seasonal and natural produce, ensuring that you indulge in her desserts while watching your health. Rather than bake her cupcakes with sugar, Jessica would instead use fruits with natural sweeteners. Preferring naturally sweetened fruits over sugar for her cupcakes has steadily catapulted Jessica to the top of the global pastry industry.

Samples of Jessica Prealpato’s Art

2 Gale Gand

If you are not familiar with Gale Gand until now, you must be living under a rock. Gale is an award-winning cupcake artist based in Chicago. As a pastry chef, it is difficult not to spot inspiration from Gale’s signature cupcakes among many Chicago-based pastry makers. Gale has appeared on a gazillion TV shows and programs. She has written many books on desserts and won many awards from her hustle. Like many cupcake artists on this list, Gale started from the bottom. Her career began in 1976 as a line cook. She later became the main chef of pastries in New York. As a significant cupcake artist, Gale has partnered with many investors and colleagues to co-open many restaurants. In addition, she handled major hosting roles for the popular show, Sweet Dreams Cooking between 2000 and 2008.

Samples of Jessica Prealpato’s Art

3 Hironobu Fukano

Hironobu Fukano is a cupcake artist that comes from Japan. He may be from Japan, but Hironobu is one of the best chefs on this list that have gained some cooking experience from around the globe. He is such a significant influence when it comes to cupcakes. He recently started SOLA, a gourmet restaurant in Paris. The restaurant was recently awarded the coveted 1 Michelin star a year after its opening. Hironobu is a star at making cupcakes, and he has his line of signature cupcakes. His specialized cake offering, Angel Cake, is a regular favorite for many connoisseurs of elegant desserts. Angel Cake is a sponge cake garnished with excellent spices for enhanced fragrance.

Samples of Hironobu Fukano’s Art

4 Lorraine Pascale

Lorraine Pascale is a model-turned-cupcake artist with a fine eye for exquisite desserts. She began her cooking career on the catwalk as a model. Lorraine had then moved on to grace the screens of Great Britain. Lorraine uses her appearance on TV in the UK to show how easy baking is. She displayed her pastry skills on national TV to inspire young girls to take up careers making cupcakes as soon as she dumped the catwalk for a life in the kitchen. While in the kitchen, she had started her career in culinary working as a specialist cake artist. While there, Lorraine learned to make the best signature cupcakes which still resonate with her audience until this day. However, she had won a highly lucrative business deal with Selfridges. While working with Selfridges as a specialist cake and pastry artist, she also appeared in many shows on TV. Lorraine had been in shows like Lorraine’s Christmas Last minute show; the Baking made an easy show, Home Cooking made an easy show, and many other TV baking shows and programs.

Samples of Lorraine Pascale’s Art

5 Elizabeth Falkner

When discussing the best cupcake artists in the world, you must mention Elizabeth Falkner. Elizabeth wears many hats as a cupcake artist with a healthy line of signature cupcakes. Apart from being a cupcake artist, she is also a culinary instigator, an artist, a TV personality, an author, a chef, and a pastry maker. Elizabeth has an epic collection of world-class achievements. Apart from serving up the appetite of her fans in world-class restaurants and hotels, Elizabeth had also managed to find time to appear on various shows on TV. She had been on Top Chef Masters, All-Star Academy, and Iron Chef America. Elizabeth is also an author as she had managed to pen successful bestsellers like the title – Demolition Desserts. Besides writing books about her sweet treats, she is also an original cake connoisseur. She made original cake designs for many famous people and celebrities. Elizabeth Falkner is indeed one of the best cupcake artists we have in the world.

Samples of Elizabeth Falkner’s Art

6 Duff Goldman

Duff Goldman is the chef with the Midas touch regarding cupcakes and desserts. He also has his line of signature cupcakes that show why he is among the best. Duff has appeared on many shows on TV where he delights his audience with his pastry and gastric skills. His main TV show is the reality TV show called the Ace of Cakes. This show proudly features the Charm City Cakes store, his signature cake, and his dessert brand. Duff is such a cupcake connoisseur that he has made several appearances on major TV shows worldwide. Most notable are his appearances on Jay Leno (The Tonight Show), Oprah, Man V. Food, and many others. Duff may have been known on TV as the guy that bakes a cake, but if you tasted his cupcakes, you would feel inspired for life. His unique line of cupcakes is unusual, not to say the least. He has managed to employ many cupcake artists who previously had no experience in baking. As a cupcake artist, Duff does not just create signature cake tastes; he sculpts and designs his cupcakes to look like a fine work of art. Talk about enjoying a reasonable artwork price with your eyes and eating it to realize it melts in your mouth and tastes like a cake. This is the best feeling in the world!

Samples of Duff Goldman’s Art

7 Francois Payard

Francois Payard is another popular cupcake artist from France. He is the creator of well-sculpted and designed signature cakes with tastes to die for. Francois owns many pastry shops and bakeries around the world. Francois is highly skilled in creating cupcakes that he can make a product to be readily consumed by anyone, while he can travel to any part of the world to build a successful cupcake franchise. Francois is famously behind many luxury and signature desserts, including cupcakes, and sells wedding cakes and cupcakes on his website. While he has a line of healthy and sumptuous cupcakes, they cost a small fortune. However, once you taste his line of signature cupcakes, you will never deny that they are amazing.

Samples of Francois Payard’s Cupcake Art

8 Pierre Herme

Introducing “the Picasso of cupcakes.” Pierre might be a cupcake artist, but that could be a misnomer. His incredible talent earned him the nickname that sees him as “Picasso” in the kitchen. This means that Pierre Herme does it just to make his cupcakes taste good. He makes them look good as well. He is the Picasso for pastries, cupcakes, and desserts. He is famous for his flavored collection of macaroons with an unusual and rich taste.

He has a talent for baking that has helped him open many doors. He has also written more than a dozen bestsellers detailing his kitchen exploits. As a one-time “Pastry Chef of the year from France,” Pierre is the youngest individual to win this coveted award. Pierre can be found doing what he does best—managing two world-class restaurants that have both been awarded two Michelin stars each.

Samples of Pierre Herme’s Art

9 Katherine Sabbath

When it comes to the best cupcake artists in the world, this Katherine Sabbath is on there. She is the cake master from down under. This Australian cupcake artist knows how to inspire you with her pastries. She is best at designing brightly colored cupcakes with elaborate designs. Katherine says she designs her cupcakes and how she likes to design her dresses. In their words, her cupcake designs are inspired by her fashion sense. Simply charming‼!

Samples of Katherine Sabbath’s Art

10 Jenna Rae

No doubt, Jenna Rae makes quite some exquisite cupcakes. When it comes to her cupcakes, they are irresistible. Jenna is a twin and makes the best cupcakes with her twin sister, Ashley Nicole. She runs Jenna Rae cakes which include a fantastic lineup of exotic cupcakes. Her cakes are a collection of sweet esoteric combinations like macarons, Oreos, mini meringues, and many more. The result is a perfect dessert whipped up with the magic hands of Jenna Rae and her twin sister, Ashley Nicole.

Samples of Jenna Rae’s Art

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