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Top 10 Strangest Foods All Over The World

Each country has its own traditions that are reflected in culture, religion, lifestyle, food, etc. Concerning the food tradition, the globe is packed with many sorts foods that differ from a country to another. Even within the same country, food may differ from a place to another. Some of these foods are deemed to be strange. If you are interested in this topic, follow up this list of the top ten strange foods.

10 Hakarl
It is characteristically eaten in Iceland, it is said that this fermented basking shark is an attained taste. It is thought that the publicity considering that Chef Anthony Bourdain of the Travel Channel depicted it as the sole worst, most ghastly and appalling tasting food has been ever eaten.

9 Bird’s Nest Soup
The Chinese have made use of saliva nests for centuries in their cooking, for the most part in this soup. Whereas there are a lot of varieties, birds nest soup as is deemed one of the most costly foods as the red nest sort costs up to 10,000 USD per bowl.

8 Surstromming
It is a northern Swedish dish that has fermented baltic herring, it is frequently sold in cans. Whilst they are shipped, the cans occasionally lump as a result of the continuing fermentation. In recent times, a Japan study revealed that surstromming has the most rotten odor of any food in the globe. So, it is habitually eaten outdoors.

7 Lutefisk
It is frequently eaten in Scandinavia. Indeed, this meal is made from old stockfish as well as lye. The acidic alkaline matter also named caustic soda that is employed to immerse the fish for some days. Following being removed from the lye, the fish is so acidic that it needs about a week of long bath of cold water just to turn out to be edible once more.

6 Nakji
It is very much like sannakji, in this dish the octopus is eaten completely. Similar to some of the other foods, it does not come lacking its hazards. In fact, the suckers on the octopus are famous to glue to the tongue and mouth that may be a pungent risk. There are many deaths happened and they are reported each year as a result.

5 Snake wine
It is eaten in South-east Asia. This popular drink is thought to have significant restorative traits in countries such as China as well as Vietnam. Moreover, It can either be made by sheering a snake in rice wine, or by merging snake physical fluids, like blood, with the alcohol.

4 Fried spiders
Fried spiders is a Cambodian delicacy of fried spider that is considered to be something of an obtained taste. Indeed, these small chaps are tarantulas, offered with a lime and black pepper plunged in the Phnom Penh restaurant Romdeng. In keeping with Clive Graham-Ranger’s book with Luu Meng, Cambodia’s Top Tables, the restaurant serves more than 200 dishes of this food a week.

3 Witchetty grub

It is a popular meal in Australia, it is an Australian term for the big white larvae of any moths. They were usually hunted by Aboriginees. If you are visiting Australia, you will get acquainted to this dish closely.

2 Shiokara
Actually, Shiokara is a Japanese dish made from maritime animals like squid that are fermented in their own innards. Undoubtedly, it is frequently guzzled down as a whole and followed by a cup of whiskey.

1 Grasshoppers
It is a dish eaten worldwide. Grasshoppers are packed with protein, and are a well-liked delicacy in a lot of regions in the world. To illustrate, in Asia, they are found fried and sold in street markets, whilst in Mexico, a sort named chapulines are frequently offered with lime as well as garlic. The Mexican chain Wahaca commenced a grasshopper dish at one of its branches in London.


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