Top 10 Best Workout Trainers Trending This Year

The New Year brings new resolutions, and achieving good health and fitness is one of them – something that is easily possible with a good trainer by your side. Know about the top 10 workout trainers who are trending.

1 Caitlyn Bellamy

Caitlyn Bellamy is a yoga instructor registered with Yoga Alliance, a nutrition coach, and a certified personal trainer based in Canada. She is also an athlete and an online transformation specialist. Revolutionary Fitness and Nutrition, her company, provides people with online training, contest preparation packages, nutrition consulting, and personal training, on a one-on-one basis. Her company helps people achieve nutrition and fitness objectives. A published fitness model, she has won awards and also been featured in publications such as Physique Magazine May 2010, Vex Magazine May 2011, and Natural Muscle Magazine April 2013.

2 Venkat Fitness Trainer

A Professional Natural Bodybuilder, Venkat started as a personal fitness instructor/trainer. He is very passionate in offering assistance, inspiration, and motivation to people to help them attain their fitness objectives. He also offers an online program to assist many people to lose a lot of weight and achieve a 6-pack body. His expertise comes from online fitness courses, nutrition courses and certification courses that he took part in. With Empowered Fitness, he has helped hundreds of people lose many pounds and feel more satisfied with their body.

3 Sabina Dolezalova

A personal trainer, fitness expert and bikini model, Sabina Dolezalova helps people achieve the best figure with her online coaching. She offers custom training plans or menus to people, which are individualized to their specific health requirements and capacity. This Bikini fitness racer also sells fitness accessories, such as aids, clothes, and supplements at discounted rates. This Czech bikini model helps other women get a similarly amazing body.

4 Marco Stojanovic

Marko Stojanovic is the Co-Founder of Fitness Supreme, and this Graduated Nutritionist and Online Coach is a student of Nutrition-Dietetics. He is a Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor. He works with sports professional as well as recreational fitness enthusiasts. He offers one-on-one personal training sessions and online fitness coaching. He also develops a training and nutrition plan customized to the needs and requirements of customers. Anyone can increase his muscle mass with the plans laid down by Marko. He offers training and diet plans to ensure proper weight reduction.

5 Rohit Bisht

A Boxing coach and Fitness expert based in Delhi, Rohit Bisht has been for seven years in the fitness industry. He helps customers achieve a lean, mean and healthy body with his expertise and certified knowledge in athletic training, functional training, sports nutrition, personal training, cardio workout sessions, circuit training, kickboxing and weight training. He is also a Gym instructor and Personal trainer and can be contacted for personal as well as online training. He is an expert in developing individualized nutritional and workout plans to satisfy the requirements of customers. He offers the first session completely free of cost and helps customers get a better version of themselves with planned and stepwise training sessions.

6 Karolina Huvarova

Karolina Huvarova helps women get an active, healthy lifestyle and a wonderful figure. She got a Coach Fitness II Training Coach in 2004 and is knowledgeable enough to help people improving fitness, shaping their figure, boosting muscle mass and reducing flab through exercises and diet. She trains at FITPARK Ostrava and has been in the fitness industry for a long time. In 2015, she was a Czech Republic representative at the World Championship in Budapest in bikini fitness. At present, she is working as a fitness coach and trainer of the professional FHL ice hockey team.

7 Jeremy Mooney

A fitness coach, model, and personal trainer, Jeremy Mooney supports ketogenic physical transformation. At around 6 feet, 6 inches, this hulking man is known for his ability to help people achieve the best physique with simple techniques and individualized plans. He is an expert at developing custom plans to help people get the kind of body that they want. He offers one-on-one personal training to customers, and his expertise is backed by years of knowledge and experience as a fitness coach in the industry. He is a well-known fitness model and a public figure.

8 Asif Butt

Asif Butt offers personal training to customers at his gym, Sukhchan wellness club, to help them get the body of their dreams and improve their overall health and fitness. He develops and manages free workout and weight loss program that is personalized. He also offers sport-specific programs to help sporting professionals. He is an expert at creating fitness programs that are effective in helping people attain their fitness objectives. With his help, customers can improve their muscular power and become an expert at Resistance Training. At his elegant and sophisticated facility, which comprises of certified equipment and qualified fitness trainers, he offers the best training. Asif also has been featured in the media for being one of the top 10 trending workout trainers.

9 Kendall Lou Schmidt

An ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Kendall Lou Schmidt helps clients create custom fitness programs and meal plans that can match their busy lifestyles and improve their health. She offers a wide range of fitness assistance, including functional training, core conditioning, triathlon training, weight training, Yoga, Pilates, and more. She also helps prepare contestants for participation in many competitive events and trains clients of any age, background or fitness level. She is an active athlete and has taken part in various sports events, in a competitive, as well as recreational, way. She has also been a participant in many bikini competitions.

10 Kirk Miller

A well-known fitness model and personal trainer, Kirk Miller was the winner of the 2010 Men’s Health Cover Model Competition. He trains people in nutrition and fitness, and help them achieve a healthier lifestyle. He has worked with many big companies, such as Yolo Food Company and Myprotein, as a brand ambassador. With his help, customers can achieve the kind of fitness that they want. He also assists people in achieving a cover model body. Over the years, he has used his extensive experience and expert knowledge to change the lives and bodies of many clients.

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