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Top 10 Extraordinary Body Builders You Will Ever See

Irrespective of which part of the world you come from, there are many wonders you will meet every other day. Some nice to look at while others will surprise. When it comes to bodybuilding, we expect the enthusiasts to be standard people who can easily lift weights, do extreme workouts and work on their diets well. Any other extraordinary arrangement apart from this is a wonder. According to steroids supplier Steroids Fax, they have supplied the bodybuilding boosters for many people, including the extraordinary ones who have fought against all the odds to achieve their dreams. Below is a list of top ten such bodybuilders you will ever meet.

1 Barbie Steinsholt

Considered as an inspirational woman, She lost both her arms in a tragic electric shock accident. Sources indicate that she touched live wires while she was a kid and her arms were burned to bones. This did not deter her vision to be happy. At 37 years old , she is one of the most inspirational woman bodybuilders in the world. It is common to see her parading alongside other normal women bodybuilders in various competitions. If you wonder how she does this, you had better visit her training sessions.


2 Sasha Shpak

Being a bodybuilder and at the same time, a lover of body modification can be a scary combination. Additionally, Sasha is a trained combat expert who can easily whisk your life away in a fraction of a second. The Russian-born bodybuilder has had many body modifications, some of which people cannot explain. He fits to act in a horror movie where a giant vampire smashes people with a giant hand before lifting them and sucking the blood off their tiny bodies. Oh! And his eyes just had modifications you might be interested in checking out.

3 Amanda Loy

Amanda Loy is probably one of the shortest bodybuilders in the categories of women. When you see her at first, you will hardly notice anything extraordinary until she stands against other bodybuilders. She stands 4 feet tall but her muscles are amazingly well built, well toned and her enthusiasm makes her a total wonder. Notably, she has won in many categories which give her country the joy of being represented by her.

4 Mark Smith

He has a legacy of being a soldier with spirits that never give up. He lost his leg during a war in Afghanistan. A bullet hit his leg, damaging an artery that led to amputation a few days later. Unfortunately, he could not go back to the battlefield with a single leg. As an attempt to rebuild his life, he started workouts for almost 7 days a week and competed in the physically challenged division which he won. As of today, his muscles are still better than many bodybuilders in the world above age 40. Most people have congratulated this former British soldier with a salute.

5 Nick Scott

Nick Scott was involved in a tragic accident at the age of 16, which almost took his life. This led to him being confined to a wheelchair, and this stressed him a lot. To make matters worse, this dude gained weight tenfold, which devastated him even more. As a matter of fact, the decision to lift weights and use body building supplements saved his life. Today, Scott is actually a giant in a wheelchair, and his physique will send a cold chill all through your nervous system.

6 Vinny Poppleton (Mini Mr. Olympia)

The mini  Mr. Olympia will look just like any other ordinary 12-year-old kid when fully dressed at the shopping malls. If you think this boy is normal, then think twice! His passion is to flex his muscles for judges to see and award his points. The boy confirms that the level of adrenaline that climbs through his blood at that moment is enough to punch a baby elephant down. Really? This boy is not mini Olympia for nothing.

7 Edith Wilmor Connor

You will rarely meet an 80-year-old lady jogging along the beach let alone a near a weight lifting section of a gym. What is more surprising with Edith is that she started bodybuilding career as a hobby at her sixties. Yes, you heard me right. 20 years later, she still looks 50 and is growing stronger. Her muscles are better toned than most ladies in their forties. One of her greatest achievements is that she won in her very first competition at the age of 65 years.

8 Ray Moon

According to Ray Moon, nothing should hold anyone back from achieving their dreams as long as they are alive. He is yet another oldie in this game of strength and muscles. At the age of 83 years, Ray can outshine most men 2 to 3 times younger than him. His secret recipe to success is doing what he loves with a passion. Despite all this fame, not many people know that he had to overcome cancer and heart surgery. Most people at his age and such a past would be confined in a hospital or gone.

9 Matt Kroczalestic (Janae Marie Kroc)

The two names belong to one person and if you wonder why then allow me to explain. Matt has two genders that change depending on whether it is day or night. During the day he will be Matt, but the night changes him to lady Janae. However, both genders are not shy to show the muscles and powerlifting prowess. This person is a power lifting champion in many competitions. Matt’s dream to become a woman is almost becoming true as he has almost completed his surgery procedures and hormone treatment to become a total woman; Janae Marie Kroc!

10 Hassan Banks

Hassan is a living true inspiration from Florida. At age 35 he has competed in many men’s bodybuilding competitions despite being diagnosed with Spinocerebellar Ataxia Type 7. This is a rare disease which is described by doctors as a condition where one does not have control of muscles during any movement. It is a neurodegenerative disorder which does not stop Hassan from hitting the gym on a daily basis to achieve his dreams.

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