Top 10 Most Popular Sports in All Times

Sports has a big part in our lives, it is not only a way for having fun time, but also makes our bodies and souls healthy and inspires us with meditation .
We are all interested in sports, but everyone is more different from the other in which sport he prefers. Here, we will show you the top ten most popular sports around the world that have a big of attention.

10 Volley ball:

Volley ball is one of the most popular sports in the whole world. It consists of two teams; between them a high trammel, and every team tries to achieve point in the other team by sending the ball above the trammel and touch the area of the opposite team.

 9 Rugby Football:

Rugby Football is very pervasive in the world especially; in France, England, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. Rugby football was arisen in 19th century in England and its first world championship has been set in France in 1954. Even though the weak presence of this sport in the Arab world, but the Arab rugby had made a lot of achievements in some of the Arabian countries like: the Moroccan league, league Tunisian and Lebanese League besides the national teams of these countries in international tournaments.

 8 Golf:

Golf is a very unique sport and has her own fans, it is played outdoors on very large area of nature grass punctuated heights and narrow digging. To achieve point you must enter the ball in the hole by a stick called Mejara. Scotland is considered the first country that discovered this game.

7 Hockey:

Hockey has a large popularity in India and Pakistan. In this sport, there are two teams that compete and try with the stick of hockey to put the ball in the opposing team. There are two types of this sport, the first is Field Hockey and it is played on nature grass or artificial grass with small solid ball, the other is Ice Hockey and is played on big place of ice with ball of rubber.

6 Basketball:

Basketball is the most popular sport in United States. This sport requires tall players with highly energetic. It has a big interest from American’s. it consists of two teams, every team from 5 players who trying to achieve points by put the ball in the basket which rises 3 meters from land.

 5 Table Tennis:

Table Tennis is very popular in china and japan. It has very high competition between two or four players. It is played by hitting the ball to the area of the opponent and the first player who achieves 11 point will win the game. Table Tennis requires a fast reaction as it is a fast sport.

4 Baseball:

Baseball is one of famous sports in the United States. It also has its special excited and it played with wooden racquet and a ball. The player runs to achieve the points and the competition appears when the other team tries to stop this player and get the ball back. It was played for the first time in 1791 in Pittsfield city, Massachusetts State.

3 Cricket:

Cricket is very famous and considered the first sport in England. It consists of two teams, every team from 11 player. The history of this sport is back to 16th century and it was played for the first time in southern of England. C.L.R James’s beyond is one of the popular books that you can read if you are interested in Cricket or want to know more about this sport.

2 Tennis:

Tennis is one of the most enjoyable sports in the world, as the fast moving and fast reactions of players helps to create a special spirit of excitement in the people whom prefer it. Also the racquet and the small ball are required very high concentration from the players as with any small mistake you will lose a point.

1 Football:

Football can’t compare with any other sport. It is the largest popular sport in the whole world. From very long time, football has the greatest attention in sports and this obviously clears in world cup and other champions. But this popular is not from nothing, it is because of the excitement and enjoying with the fantastic moves of players and the competition between the teams.

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