Top 10 Sexy Christmas Makeup Ideas

Every lady wants to look glamorous and gorgeous at the Christmas party. Christmas is always one of the most special and happiest occasions to celebrate every year. When it comes to preparing for the Christmas party, you want to be the fairest of them all. When it comes to finding the perfect glamorous look for the Christmas evening, you need to create a perfect combination of your outfit and makeup.

Most of the ladies concentrate on the outfit but they are unable to complement it with a classic makeup match. Attention ladies, the makeup is as important as the outfit you choose for Christmas evening. If you are searching for some good ideas for perfect makeup, here are ten of the most creative Christmas makeup ideas.

10  Red lips and gold glitter eyes 

When you want to find the iconic and glamorous look for the Christmas celebration, there can’t be anything better than the perfect combination of gold glitter eyes and red lips. When you apply these two shades, you will see how hot and glamorous your overall look turns. To achieve this outstanding makeup look, start with a primer and be careful while applying to wear it perfectly. The red shade of MAC Diva is perfect for this look. This amazing warm deep burgundy lipstick from Mac suits different skin tones.

9  Dark green eyes 

The green shade is not made for everyone, but you would look bold if you used it properly. You should pick the right green shade for your skin tone and hair color. Your eyes and eyebrows are the basis of this makeup look. You also need to find the perfect outfit to match this makeup look on Christmas Eve.

8  The glamorous combination of green and gold 

If you do not want the bold green eyes, you may prefer this glamorous combination of green and gold for your eyes. These festive shades form a strong eye makeup trend this Christmas season. To apply it, you need a golden eyelid and green eyeliner shade. For a more sexy and hot look, light red lipsticks are there for you.

7  Dark lips and dark gold eyes 

To look the hottest this Christmas season, you can choose this dark look. This look is for a woman with a bold personality. The perfect combo of dark red lips and dark gold eyes will match a hot outfit perfectly. You need to provide shine and shimmer to your lips, and you can use a white or silver shimmer as an eyeliner.

6  Dark lips and glitter cut crease 

Every lady can’t make the perfect cut crease, especially when you are doing it for the first time. It will be good to practice it before the Christmas. You will definitely need to work on the cut crease to master doing it. The dark matte lipstick will add a glamorous touch to your look.

5  Brown smokey eyes with glitter eyeliner 

The black smokey eyes may be traditional and classic, but the brown shade looks glamorous and is trendy this season. You will find it much easier to apply compared to the dark black or grey tone. With the brown smokey eyelid, you need to add glitter eyeliner for a gorgeous touch. To make this look perfect, the matte shades of lipsticks will be a great option.

4  Black glittering smokey eye 

If you don’t want to go with the plane’s traditional black smokey eyes, the touch of glitter will add a real difference to your look. Everyone will instantly notice this addition to the traditional black smokey eyes. It is a good idea for ladies who do not want to experiment with new looks at Christmas. You can easily pick any color or shade of smokey eye and add glitter to it. Whether traditional colors like black or Brown, or trendy colors like green or blue, the touch of glitter will rock this look.

3  Matte plum lips and golden eyes 

When it comes to finding the rich and glamorous look this Christmas, the combination of golden eyes and matte plum lips is a perfect option to go for. You can also add a black eyeliner with golden eyelid to make it more attractive. If you do not want a dark shade of lipstick, the light pink would also match this look greatly.

2  Silver glitter liner and red lips 

For a bright look this Christmas season, this makeup idea will be perfect for you. You need to grab the Silver liner with the glitter for your eyes. Just add the outline of the silver liner after applying the traditional black eyeliner. Then you can apply a small amount of glitter sparkle to make it shiny. The red lips will be a gorgeous and hotter complement.

1  Gold eyes and purple lips 

If you are looking to experiment with your looks this festival season, you can switch to the dark purple shade for your lips. It will be elegant if you add a golden eyelid and black eyeliner with this look. You will look special and gorgeous.

These are some of the hottest and trendiest ideas of makeup for the ladies who want to look unique on Christmas. You need to consider your outfits while choosing any of these stylish makeup ideas for this special holiday.

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