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10 Steps to Become a Celebrity Makeup Artist

Celebrity makeup artists are now recognized as hot shots in a couple of industries at the moment. As you would expect, millions are now aspiring and eager to become a well-respected celebrity makeup artist.  Unfortunately, things don’t just work like that. You will need to put in a lot of hard work if you ever want to get to the pinnacle of this field, where makeup skills are haunted for. With the entertainment industry growing at an incredible speed, you can only successfully become a celebrity makeup artist when you know your stuff. Here is how you can make this happen without investing your resources any longer than usual.

1 Get A Mentor

The celebrity makeup world is no different from every normal profession where you will experience ups and downs while executing projects. If you look at every makeup artist, their apparent lifestyle doesn’t give you the impression that they have their fair share of challenges. In hard times, they run to their mentors and draw some more inspiration that can help keep them going.

2 Have A Vision

Without a vision in life, you can hardly succeed in any career, and that is how it is in the field of makeup. You must create a target for yourself. You would discover that in times of difficulty, your guide would be your objectives. The successful makeup artists have been through this as well. They have had their challenging moments, and somehow, they were able to emerge as stars on top of the situation. Try and have a mental picture of where you would like to be and follow it accordingly.

3 Understand The Basics

You are almost lost without the basic knowledge of celebrity makeup. There are several ways to get yourself grounded in celebrity makeup. You can achieve this by either self-learning through videos or choosing to take the normal courses that are meant for intending makeup artists. Achieving overnight success in this field is almost a lost cause. You must learn from those who have been through the process. If your budget is big enough to allow you to take a course and obtain a certificate in the process, that would be much better. The more certificates you get, the higher your chances of getting employed by any agency.

4 Personal Practice

In the world of makeup artists, you have your whole world ahead of you. That is, it is up to you to decide how far you want to go. No matter the number of regular classes you are having or who your mentor is, if you do not explore the basics of celebrity makeup by engaging in some self-practice, you would be wasting your time. Make out time to practice on your own. By doing so, you stand a chance of discovering makeup techniques that will be exclusive to you.

5 Put Your Portfolio

You can either decide on a print or digital portfolio. However, due to the way information technology has advanced, you are mostly recommended to go with online portfolios. To make effective use of this strategy, you would need a domain name and website where you can put up all your pics. A web developer can help you do the necessary configurations, and you can reach out to as many people as possible.

6 Publicity

It is virtually impossible to meet everyone personally and tell them about your plans and what you are capable of. The best thing would be to have a business card. As you hit places and events and meet with people, all you have to do is giving them your card. Make sure you put your website on the card because that is your greatest selling point. As they collect your card, they will go through your work on your site. If they are impressed with what they see, your next project could very well be on the cards.

7 Different Makeup Styles

Sticking to a particular makeup style that is you are comfortable with is like a death sentence on your ambitions and chances. You must learn to move out of your comfort zone sometimes. It is your only chance of learning and adapting to new makeup techniques. When you have a project, and your client gives you an instruction to work with what you are not too familiar with, you would be dead stuck on your tracks if you had been sticking to a particular makeup style. Learning new styles and trending makeup is the way forward.

8 Get a Job

People are quite optimistic about their chances of getting famous overnight. Again, it does not work like that. You need to develop your skills and the best way to ensure that is by getting a job at some cosmetic parlor. In there, you are likely to meet with different skin tones and discover ways to deal with them. If you are good enough in your work, it could be your ticket to the outside world. The point is everyone has got to start from somewhere.

9 Be a Risk Taker

Are you the type that likes to be extra cautious when working? As for celebrity makeup artists, you will need to be a bit more daring. You don’t have to be scared of taking some risks. You never can tell what the outcome would be. Just be creative and know the basics. You are going to see that your risk-taking will be properly guided.

10  Use Quality Makeups For Clients

It is good to maximize profits in the course of business. That is a perfect business rule for anyone bent on scooping all the profits. No matter how expensive they may be, you need to get the best makeups when working with your clients. When you use quality makeups, you see the true beauty of your work. Also, you may not need to work too hard like someone who is using an inferior makeup kit.

10 Steps to Become a Celebrity Makeup Artist
This infographics explains the main Steps to Become a famous Celebrity Makeup Artist

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