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Top 10 Smartest Ways to Protect Christmas Trees from Pets

Having a pet is a real responsibility; it is like having a baby, except not human one, but still, they are always needy and can never take care of themselves. It is true; they really can’t function without you, need you to always be there no matter what, and give them your full attention. There are times when you definitely feel too tired to take care of anyone, and sometimes you feel like you want your pet to take care of you, but unfortunately, it never seems to happen. But no matter what, you will always love them, as long as it is not Christmas time. We know that you are not trying to be cruel or mean, but it is very frustrating that when you are so excited to decorate your home with beautiful Christmas decorations and buy your new tree, everything gets ruined in a blink of an eye just because your pet is excited and is playing around, messing everything up. Of course, you will not abandon your pet for saving your tree, but there are several smart and funny ways has done by people to save their Christmas trees. Following are 10 of the smartest ways to keep your pet away from the Christmas tree.

10 A Christmas tree dropped from the ceiling
Imagine having your Christmas tree hanging from the ceiling? Yeah, it is fun and weird, but of course, you will not hesitate to do so if you happen to have a pet that never seems to stop climbing the tree or knocking it down. Some people have found a way by keeping the pet as well as the tree and that was by hanging the tree onto the ceiling, either upside down or regularly, and leave your pet down there staring at it all day long in total amazement and desperately looking for a way to get up there. Sorry pet, this time your plan is not going to work.

9 A Christmas Tree in a Cage

Having a cage is surely a good solution for keeping your pet away and protect your tree, but of course it is going to be cruel if you ever thought that we mean that you should cage your pet, of course not, but instead, put your tree in a decorated cage and save it from your pet. It is sad that no matter how much you love your pet, you still cannot trust it. This smart way has been widely used by many who posted photos for their caged trees on the social media and said that it worked perfectly.

8 Ditch the Tree Altogether

Well, it seems like some people were fed up with buying a new Christmas tree every year and having it ruined by their pets, so instead of buying a new tree and exert an effort in decorating it, they thought it would be enough to buy only some ornaments in lots of different colors and let it drop from the ceiling as a decoration for Christmas, but this time there is no tree. We are not saying that pets are not nice and adorable, but it is actually frustrating if they ever happen to make you give up on one of the most important themes of Christmas. Thank you, Mr. pet for ruining the Christmas and letting people settle for less.

7 Over a Solid Base

Thanks goodness, there are a lot of smart ways you could use for protecting your Christmas tree, especially if you are not up to cover your them and want to enjoy having it decorating; you can buy a solid base on which you can place your tree, but make sure that the base is firm enough and is going to stay in place, so it does not get knocked down whenever your pet try to climb to the tree; you definitely do not want to kill your pet in order to save your Christmas tree. Since you are going to get a firm solid base, it is surely going to be provided with a lot of safety fixes beneath it, so it will be nice if you get a nice cover to hide these fixes and enjoy the view of a beautifully decorated tree.

6 Partially Decorated

That is one weird looking Christmas tree, but it will definitely save you the trouble of having to deal with all the ornaments scattered all over the place. This smart idea was adopted by people who seemed like they had enough of their pet’s madness, so they decided to buy a relatively high tree; height that their pets will not be able to reach, and only decorate the upper part, leaving the lower one without any ornaments. This way, you will enjoy having a nice Christmas tree, though it is only partially decorated, as well as keeping your pet wandering freely.

5 Wrap it up

Well, this time we are not promising to provide you with an idea that will keep your Christmas tree looking beautifully decorated, but, at least, this idea will save the ornaments from being distributed haphazardly around your house; and it is getting your whole tree totally capped in a plastic wrap. Yes, it is not the best you can do to your newly purchased Christmas tree, but at least you are going to save your tree from that little, or big, bothersome pet buddy and you will also get to entirely decorate it, instead of decorating it partially.

4 A Christmas Outfit Punishment

This new idea was embraced by a seem-to-be funny family; they also seem to be experts in dealing with a pet because they found the best punishment for their annoying cat that did not seem to ever want to stop climbing their perfectly decorated Christmas tree. They posted a picture on the social media with a caption that says that their pet had to wear a Christmas outfit for fifteen minutes every time it thought of climbing up that tree or knocking it over. The cat was laying there on the free and seemed frustrating from that punishment it was getting, but we can’t deny that it is fun, though.

And covering the tree may serve as a good punishment. The weakness in the plan is that the poor tree did nothing to wear a punishment outfit.

3 A Cactus Tress for Christmas

Ok, that is the funniest, weirdest and cruelest idea ever for saving the Christmas tree from a pet. These people seemed to ditch the whole Christmas idea altogether, but still, they wanted to celebrate the Christmas as everyone else do, so instead of buying a new lovely Christmas tree, they got a giant cactus tree in a pot and decorated it with lightning strings and Christmas ornaments, so they seemingly had a tree, but not a regular one though, it was a bit kinky one and actually hurt climbers, but it was nicely decorated any way. Hard luck little pets.

2 Vacuum Machines as tree guards

For some reason, pets seem to hate the vacuum machine and fear it quite much as well. Some say that the reason is the fact that pets can hear voices a lot louder than we do and since it is already loud enough for us, it might sound like a hurricane bringing the house down or something for them, besides they do not even understand what exactly that thing is. For that, this family took advantage of that fact and placed two vacuums in front of the tree to act as bodyguards or, in this case, they are tree guards, so every time the pet thinks of going near that tree, it will immediately regret it and will just run away. Thank you vacuums for being there, we all appreciate it.

1 A Palm-Like Christmas Tree

People usually prefer the traditional look of the Christmas tree, but sometimes things just get out of hands and with a pet in the house, you will have to come with different ways that prevent it from ruining the Christmas and, at the same time, you get to enjoy its spirit that you have always come to know. Well, We all know that Christmas trees have never looked like palms, but some people seem to have succeeded make one look so. They made the tree full of leaves only on the very upper part while the lower part looked like a long stem, and fortunately the tree is high enough for the pet to ever reach. It might be a bit similar to the idea of partially decorated Christmas tree, except for the fact that it is not even an entire tree.

It seems that a lot of these ideas sound and look a bit ridiculous to ever try any of them, but at most of the times, when you have a pet, there are not actually a lot of choices out there, and certainly you will not get rid of them, for deep inside of you, no matter how much they can get annoying, you know that they genuinely love you as much as you love them.


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