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All What You Should Know about Rebound Relationship

The subject of the rebound relationship is one that most people consider to be very complicated. For instance, some people can’t tell whether they are into such kinds of relationships or even understand what they are in the first place. The worst part is that you could be a victim of a rebound relationship without knowing which can be very frustrating. The primary aim of this post will be to explain everything you need to know about rebound relationships.

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  • What is the rebound relationship?

According to experts, rebound relationships are undefined periods which follow the breaking up of romantic relationships. They usually occur when people who were once in serious relationships experience break up but decide to get into other relationships for the sake of moving on. There is something familiar about every rebound relationship. This is the fact that they are always known to have a fleeting nature. In other words, they don’t last for long before coming to an end. The reason for such a relationship being short-lived is the fact that people involved aren’t capable of reaching reasonable decisions about their lives. In other words, they failed to identify the kind of relationship or partner they would like to get before making any commitment. There is also the problem still nurturing feelings for their partners, which can bring about jealousy from their new partners. You must know that a rebound relationship has some devastating effects/implications. For instance, it can bring about the individual being vulnerable towards manipulation by the other party, exposed to sexual exploitation, the problem of increasing emotional codependency or dependency, growing fear of abandonment, trust, and rejection. These are pointing to the fact that rebound relationships shouldn’t be encouraged in any way.

  • Signs of rebound relationships

Rebound relationships indeed have some negative implications. However, most people are involved in them without even being aware. In case you are into any relationship, it will be an excellent idea to check whether such falls into the category of rebound relationship or not. The signs below will help you find out more.

1  Entering a relationship with an unserious prospect

This is probably the first sign that you are in a rebound relationship. Are you into a relationship with someone who isn’t serious? The problem is that most people have refused to face the truth when it comes to dating the right individuals. Sometimes, you hate to admit the fact that your partner is only into such a relationship for what he or she can get at the moment. This is a sign of a relationship without any prospect of leading to marriage. There are lots of people who enjoy the “one-stand” scenarios instead of something for the long term. The best thing to do is to avoid such individuals.

2 Your partner still thinks about his ex

This is another sign that most people usually overlook. The implication is that it will bring about unhealthy comparisons over and over again. Your partner is still missing his ex and just can’t seem to get over his past relationships. One way to find out about this is to observe what your partner is doing at the moment closely. Read in-between the lines to know whether he is still nursing some feelings about his ex. For instance, if he constantly talks about his ex is very good at something, there is every chance that you are only filling in the gaps temporarily.

3 Your partner refuses to open up

Exploration is an integral part of every new relationship. In other words, the parties involved are curious about everything under the sun. Do you have a partner that has refused to open up on some aspects of his or her past? If that is the case, it is fair enough to conclude that you are into a rebound relationship. Whatever your new partner seems to be hiding is a sign that he or she isn’t sure if you are the one. Some may decide to spend lots of time with you but refuse to let out some details about their private life. Relationships with too many secrets don’t last long. Your partner is supposed to see you as someone who can be trusted.

4 Too eager about having sex

Any relationship that has been built on sex doesn’t stand the test of time. According to experts, successful relationships are based on companionship. This gives parties involved the chance to know and understand each other much better. Don’t ever make the mistake of trying to please your partner through sex, as you may only be postponing the evil day. This is because once he or she gets it, you may be left licking your wounds. Try to find out whether your partner is only around because of sex. This is probably one of the most notable signs of rebound relationships.

5 You are the only person sacrificing

There is always a balance in true relationships. This is because parties involved are ready to sacrifice for one another. This isn’t the same with rebound relationships as one party is likely to sacrifice than the other. Are you the one calling your partner regularly for attention? Are you the person visiting regularly? In such a case, there is every chance that your partner never had any feelings for you. It is only a matter of time before such a relationship will come to an end.

6 Showing off your partner

Have you ever being in a situation whereby you are eager to show your ex that there is someone in your life? Most people enter into relationships just to prove others wrong. They don’t care about whether their partners are people they want or not. Instead, the major aim is to show off such persons to their ex. It could be that you are trying to prove that you’ve gotten someone better than your ex. This is a sign of a rebounding relationship.


Based on the above facts, there is no doubt that you have understood what rebound relationships are all about, including their implications. To experience a relationship that grows from strength to strength with your partner, it is recommended to check the signs above. This will give you some ideas on how to identify rebound relationships and eventually avoid them.

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