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Top 10 Science Fiction Movies You Can See

 Science fiction is a kind of fiction that deals with imagination. It tackles future events that has to do with scienceو politics and many other fields. It gives us a great opportunity to think and discover new ideas. Robert A. Heinlein defined it as “realistic speculation about possible future events, based solidly on adequate knowledge of the real world, past and present”. We can find many science fiction movies that are based on imaginative journeys to remote areas on either on earth or a distant place in the outer space or another planet. These films depicts a dangerous area of knowledge where man must experience difficult time. It can include small organisms that pose a threat to humankind. However, it is a journey that deserve adventure. We can always consider technology as the backbone of this lovely genre. Here are 10 examples of science fiction movies that attracted many people and allowed them a wonderful experience.

10 The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951 film)

It is a black and white film. However, it was able to tackle one of the most important themes which is peace. There is an alien who comes from a different people to warn people of the earth. These creatures drafted a mutual agreement to protect any one from evil and destroy any one who causes evil.

9 Forbidden Planet

It is the first film in which human beings travel to a remote place in a starship. This starship travels to a distant place in order to know what happened to an expedition that was sent before into space. This film managed to get Academy Award.

8 star wars

It tells the story that takes place in a remote place since a long time ago. It is a film that has some issues related to religion, science and politics. A black knight instigated the federal trade union to invade a planet.

7The planet of the apes

It tells the story of an astronaut who happened to land on a lake on a strange planet which is governed by apes. These apes are able to talk and think. Human beings are considered as subordinate creatures. They are wearing animal skin.

6 E.T.

It tells the story of a boy called Elliot who is trying to help an alien to go back to his home. The boy and his siblings do not want their mother or the government to know anything about this. They want to keep this secret.

5 The Terminator

This film was able to come on top of the Box Office for a period of two weeks. It tells the story about the fate of human beings in 2029. It thinks that the machine would be able to produce itself and thus pose a threat to human beings. Therefore, human beings decide to resist them and a war erupts between them.

4 Back to the Future

It tells the story of an ambitious teenager who was born to a lazy family that does not appreciate what he is doing. Marty meets his scientist friend “Doc” Brown who tells him about a time machine that he invented based on a sports car. He used a tool that was stolen from the terrorists to make this machine and they killed him. Marty was able to escape and use the machine.

3 Independence Day

There is a mother ship that enters the orbit of the earth then we find that it is divided into smaller ones. The US president knows about this invasions and orders the population of the attacked cities to leave. A nuclear weapon was able to destroy the ships and protect people.

2 War of the Worlds

Ray Ferrier is a man who divorced his wife. He works as a dockworker. The wife and her new husband come for a visit then a strange storm happens. A fierce fighting between aliens and humankind erupts. This suffering was epitomized through the suffering of this family amidst all of this chaos.

1 Avatar

This film tells the story of trip by human beings to explore one of the minerals that can be found in a distant planet. Peaceful creatures live in this planet. Jake’s avatar is attacked and run to a forest. A female from this plant called Neytiri helps him and take him to her clan.

These are 10 examples of this wonderful genre that will take you to this mysterious world of science fictions. You can find yourself in a remote imaginative world away from earth.

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