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Top 10 Most Famous Series In America

Some people may see cinema and drama as two faces of the same coin. However, the reality is very different. Cinema provides a brief overview of a certain issue or matter while series provide a detailed analysis of a certain issue whether political, social or economic one. Drama creates a prolonged sense of suspense that lasts for days or even years. Details are the backbone of drama. Audience cannot underestimate that drama plays a role in affecting our thoughts and life styles. The actors are the trendsetters who can direct a great number of people. They are the backbone and the role model that everyone try to imitate. Here are some examples of the American series that were able to shape the personalities of the American people and the world as a whole. It managed to do so given the dominance that America enjoys nowadays. These are the top 10 American series.

10 Grey’s Anatomy

It is one of the medical series in America. It lasted for ten reasons. It is a gradual and progressive narration about the life of physicians and how they struggling with this mysterious world. It is a kind of drama that is full of suspense.

9 FashForward

It is a series of one season. It tells the story of some people who lost consciousness for two minutes and 17 seconds. This enabled them to see things about themselves in the next year. A team of agents is trying to find out the causes.

8 2 Broke Girls

It is an American comedy about two girls who are working with each other in a restaurant. They want to start business but they have a material problem that obstructs. At the end, they can make living by making cupcakes.

7 Sons of Anarchy

It tells the lives of a motorcycle club. This club is trying to be protected from those who threat him. There are many drug dealers and law officers who threaten them. This is drama about the seduction of money and power.

6 pretty little liars

It is a drama about four girls who became wretched after their leader vanished. After the passage of one year they united again. However, there is someone who threatens their existence. Some one is threatening to expose their secrets and they do not know him.

5Teen Wolf

Scott McCall is a student whose life has been changed a lot after he was bitten by a werewolf. He is trying to protect people whom he love from himself. Therefore he is trying to strike a balance between his life as werewolf and his life as a natural human being.

4Hell on Wheels

It is about encampment called Hell on Wheels. It tells the story of those people who worked and lived in this place. There are many people there like laborers, mercenaries and even prostitutes. One of the special character is Cullen Bohannon who is trying to find Union soldiers who killed his wife.

3Falling Skies

It is a kind of drama about science fiction.  It revolves around a history professor Tom Mason who is trying to escape from Boston after a strange invasion that inflicted the area. They were attacked by drones and green six-legged creatures.

2Witches of East End

It is an American supernatural drama that is full of suspense.  It is about a mother and her two girls. The mother is trying to do her best to protect her daughters.  One of the daughters was engaged to a man and finds herself obliged to tell him the truth about her family.

1Boardwalk Empire

It is an American kind of drama that is related to crime. The federal government is involved in bootlegging and the different kinds of illegal activities. Enoch “Nucky” Thompson is one one of the leading characters who was able to  get large control and prominence.

Of course those ten examples are not the only ones. In fact there are many successful series but these ten series can epitomizes this great culture.

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