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Top 10 Most Expensive TV Commercials Till Now

Advertising is an important factor in the supply and demand process. It does not only show consumers the best options of the goods they need, but they create their needs on first place. Successful producers know that people realize their needs when they see it and not necessarily the other way around. Advertising, thus, existed since ancient Egyptians and it continued to modernize itself making use of every technological invention from TV sets to internet and all the devices that built upon it. The term commercial ad, however, is related to TV more than any other means. Some of them are extremely successful that they linger in minds for years and the others are very expensive because they are made for famous companies. So skim the list to know which is which!

10 Super Bowl

Super Bowl is the championship NFL game held annually. The game is aired on different networks like ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC. In order for the game’s ads to be aired on any of these channels, the network receives the highest amount of money for air time; $2.7 million.

9 Carlton Beer

The Australian beer Carlton had a very strange advertising deal that could have made it the most expensive commercial ad if the details were accurately shared. For every bottle the company sells a specific amount of money would be paid for the network airing the ad. Estimates suggest a number of $36 million.

8 Go Daddy

As a website over the internet, Go Daddy followed the steps of other websites that used the TV for their own favor., and the Go Daddy chose the unfamiliar route of airing their ads on popular networks. As for the later, they paid around $2.4 million to air during the Super Bowl Season.

7 Ferrari

As one of the biggest car manufacturers and exporters all around the world, Ferrari always reserves its place in the most expensive ads and ones with high quality. In the company’s anniversary paid over $3 million for an ad the combined a group of the company’s old and modern cars.

6 Honda

Though the price of Honda cars suit many vendors and consumers, the company do not hesitate making the expensive ads. The idea of their most expensive ad was to show the cars components all coming together like domino pieces. The add cost them around $6.5 million!

5 Pepsi

As you might expect Pepsi is not only reserving a spot in the list but also is one of the ads aired during the Super Bowl championship. Their ads featuring singer and performer Britney Spears cost around $7.3 million.

4 Chrysler Comeback

Chrysler are following the steps of Pepsi in featuring a singer star in the ad. Eminem cost the company $9 million! The goal behind the ad was to usher Chrysler’s come back to the world of powerful cars. Did they?

3 Aviva Insurance

Avira’s most expensive ad included Alice Cooper, Elle Macpherson, Ringo Starr and Bruce Willis in an ad together. (is it still an ad?) It cost the company a price tag of $13 millon.

2 Bush Ad

Many Americans criticized Obama for spending too much on advertising in his electoral campaigns. He did, but spoiler still is that he is not the most spendthrift. George Bush was and still is the number one president spent money during elections ever. The reason behind this is that he kept the ad running for many days in a row on major American networks which cost more than $14 million.

1 Guinness Domino

The number one ad in the list is the unjustifiable $20 million Guinness Domino. The ad was made so that laymen gather around a big Guinness can that was made of domino pieces and all without their knowledge. So no stars, or wow effect for the ad, and this is how it cost!

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