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Top 10 Horror Movies You Can See in The World

No one can underestimate the important role that cinema plays in our societies. It opens the way in front of us to know more facts about our own lives. It helps us also to discover new things and know  what really exists. It has different branches that make great contributions to our personalities. The new technology has helped in developing the role of cinema and has made it easy for us to get more information and cultures from all over the world. TV and internet were the prominent discoveries that led to the emergence of cinema in our lives. This led to great changes in our opinions and thoughts. Horror films are a kind of cinema that shapes our emotions and feelings. This kind of movies deal with some matters like loneliness, crime and nightmares. These things make us live in world of imagination that would help us realize every thing around us and get rid of the negative feelings that haunt us and threaten our lives every day. Despite the diversity that cinema enjoys, horror movies are of a special kind. They deal with one of the most important emotions of human beings; fear. Fear is an element that affects our lives so much. It is a symbol for the unknown which is always a cause of fear. Here are 10 examples of horror movies that shaped our lives over time. These movies demonstrate the effect of fear on children and even adults.

10   A Tale of Two Sisters

It is a famous Korean film. It tells the story of two sisters who have some problems with their stepmother. Su-Mi is a mentally ill girl and she went to the hospital to get treatment. The stepmother was the main cause of fear and nightmares.

9   REC (2007 Rosa Parks SPAIN)

It is a Spanish film and the abbreviation REC refers to the word record. It tells the  story of an aggressive woman that attacked the firemen who went to help and save her. There is also a girl who is infected with a disease called tonsillitis.


8   The Birds

It is a film that tells the story of an attack by a group of birds for many days. Mitch wanted to buy birds for his young sister. Melanie decided to go to the town of Bodega Bay. She was attacked by a gull. Then there was a great number of birds that attacked the place.

7   The Exorcist

It is one of the classical movies that attracted many viewers. It was based on a novel by William Peter Blatt. It tells the story of an innocent girl who was haunted by demons. It was able to achieve a great success that it received many Academy Awards.

6 Poltergeist

It is a classic movie released in 1982. the story of this film revolves about a family whose house was full of ghosts. These ghosted managed to kidnap the younger daughter. This film was a great success and it got 3 Academy Awards.

5   The Blair Witch Project

This film was released in 1999. The horror in this film results from the terrifying events that the characters themselves experience. It tells the story of a three filmmakers who disappeared while filming a documentary a bout a legend called the Blair Witch.

4   A Nightmare on Elm Street

It is an American film that was released in 1984. It tells the story of several teenagers who have terrifying dreams. They are dreaming of being killed by a serial killer. Their parents have a secret about all the mess and chaos that is happening.

3  The Sixth Sense

It is am American film that was released in 1999. it tells the story of a boy who Suffers from isolation. He has the ability to see them dead people and deal with them. He goes to a psychiatrist who himself suffers from troubles.

2   Hellraiser

It a British film that was released in 1987. It is a film whose incidents revolves around a man who come back after his death. While he was alive he was in love with a woman who will now help him and kill people to bring blood for him.

1   The Grudge

It is an American film released in 2004. it is about a nurse who was attacked by ghosts while she was taking care of one patient. These ghosts suffer from envy and they decide to bring misery to human beings.

So let us explore this mysterious world and refresh our souls with these renewable emotions that would help us live a special life.

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