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Top 10 Most Famous Animation Movies

The word animation is derived from the Latin word “animo,” which means “to give life to.” Animation is one of those wonderful arts that inspire people. It is an art that is based on shape and motion. Cinema was able to make use of this art and produce an important genre called animation movies. The characters look as if they are real ones who can see, talk and feel. Cartoons is one of the famous animated works that attracted both children and adults. Tom and Jerry is a good example that can illustrate this. Computers are one of the main causes behind the development of this kind of movies. It has different techniques. It can be traditional, stop-motion, 3-D and mechanical. Directors were able to produce many animated movies that represented an inspiration for a long time. Here are ten examples of animation movies that shaped our consciousness and awareness for a long time.

10 Finding Nemo

It is a film that tackles one of the social problems that face us nowadays which is over protection. Parents sometimes try to protect their children but find counter intuitive results at the end. This is clear in this film which tells the story of the father of a fish who tries to protect her after the death of her mother. The little fish was caught and the father is trying to find her.


9 paprika

It tells the story of a therapist who treats people using their dreams and the possible relation between them and the reality. A machine called “DC Mini” was invented. This device makes it easy to know the dreams of other people. This tool is illegally used by this psychiatrist.

9                    paprika4

8 Treasure Planet

Jim Hawkins is a teenager who felt lost after his family was dismantled. A pirate gives him a map that will lead him to treasure planet that is buried in a distant island by him. Jim found a new friend that would help him. However, this friend was a threat to him.


7 Waltz with Bashir

This film focuses on one of the deadly nights that took place at the hands of Israeli soldiers. They killed more than 3000 Palestinian refugees in Beirut. There is an Israeli soldier who tries to remember events that took place so he visits other soldiers and seeks a psychiatrist to help him do so.


6 The Thief and The Cobbler

It tells the story of a poor and shy cobbler who loves a beautiful princess. He helps her get rid of the army that threatens her kingdom and the Golden City. Moreover, he also helped her find three golden balls that were stolen.



It revolves around the story of a robot which was sent on a mission. It was sent to clean up the earth. It loves a nother robot and go with her to the outer space. This journey will determine the future of humankind.



This film draws a picture about Tokyo in the future. It depicts what will happen to it after the Third World War in 2019. Kanedy was surprised to find his brother caught by government agents. Tetsuo wanted to release a boy called Akira and Kaneda wants to stop him then a battle erupts.


3 “Up”

It is one of the most wonderful films. The characters of this film look like real ones. They are floating above in the air and explore the rain forests in Venezuela. It is full of romance between Carl and Ellie. They have one goal in common. They aspire for being explorers.

3                              up


It is an American film. It is a film that can compete with realistic films. It is considered as a blend between animation and classical music. It has many sequences. Paul Dukas’s “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” is a famous one of them.

2      fantasia-image2

1 The Lion King

An American animated film that tells the story pf deception and tyranny. It tells the story of a struggle over the throne. King Mufasa ruled a kingdom of lions. He has a brother called Scar who plotted against the king and his son to get the throne for himself.


These are the top ten animation movies. Motion and image combine together to produce works of art that inspire generations. let us go and live the spirit of adventure and imagination.

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