Top 10 Celebrities Who Died Mysteriously .. [Reasons Will Shock You]

The lives of celebrities are like an open book because of their transparency in everyday life. People want to know everything about them, from which tour they are going on, what favorite shows they will be part of, how long they married, and lots more.

It is even worse when a celebrity passes on as s/he becomes the trendy topic for some period. The fans are interested in what led to his/her death, and this will lead them to do lots of research. The earlier you understand that some celebrities’ deaths are unexplainable, the better; it will ensure that you know where your energy can be channeled.

The primary aim of this post is to expose you to some of the top celebrities that died mysteriously. It may shock you to know that even till this very day, the circumstances surrounding their deaths can’t be explained even by the most qualified detectives.

 1 Elvis Presley

He was one of the most famous singers in the 70s and was found dead in his house on the 16th of August 1977. According to an investigator, Elvis died as a result of his intestine getting clogged with fecal. This showed that he died of difficult bowel condition. It was unbelievable that someone of his status would die this way.

 2 Anna Nicole Smith

Anna wasn’t just a model but also a T.V personality and an actress. This should explain the extent to which she was very popular back then. Playboy was the platform through which she became popular in the year 1993. However, she even became more renowned due to how she died and the scenes that followed after. She lost her son in 2006 and was found dead a few months later. She was believed to be suffering from severe depression before she died. However, it is still not confirmed whether she committed suicide or got murdered by someone.

 3 Jack Nance

Nance became very popular due to how he worked together with David Lynch, a director in the movie known as Eraserhead. In 1996, he was found dead in California. The cause of his death remains mysterious that it hasn’t been solved to this day. 24 hours before his death, he called some of his friends, complaining of how someone physically assaulted. He was treated and given some medication but returned home that day complaining of headaches. The next day, he was found dead.

Jack Nance and Catherine Coulson, his first wife

 4 Jiah Khan 

This is more like suicide and is still being decided in court. The case took another touch and became interesting when Jiah Khan’s ex-boyfriend got involved. According to most people, she was pregnant from him and in the process of trying to expel the pregnancy, she died. Whether this is homicide or suicide has not yet been decided. Some claimed that she had severe depression before her death.

 5 Jayalalitha

Jayalalitha wasn’t only an actress but also a political figure that many in India looked up to. If there is one celebrity that people are hard to know what led to her death, Jayalalitha must be this person. Despite her death in 2016, there were rumors that hospitals had decided to hide what led to her death for unknown reasons. Some claimed that she was killed while others said she had been poisoned. The worst part is that it looks like a forgotten issue today.

 6 Princess Diana

Apparently, princess Diana’s shocking death will not be resolved any time soon. She was the wife of Prince Charles, and she died in 1997 in a car accident. There were many guesses about what led to her death. Most of the people blamed the vehicle’s driver who was driving her because of the careless driving. Theories and guesses haven’t solved her mysterious death.

 7 David Carradine

David Carradine died inside his hotel room in 2009 in Bangkok. His body was discovered hanging in the closet, and a rope was tied around the waist, genitals, and neck. According to experts, it was one of those clear acts of Erotic asphyxiation even though one of his ex-wives claimed he was murdered. Although, before the claim, she was one of those who said, when Carradine was alive, that he had perverse sex behaviors.

8 Jill Dando 

She was a famous television personality and an English journalist whose death in 1999 was a major shock to most of her fans around the world. Although the cause of her death was not yet found, it was one of the most important criminal investigations. It was a one-shot wound that took her life, which puzzled everyone.

 9 John F Kennedy

There are very few presidents who have felt the hardship and suffering of people as John F Kennedy did, and that’s why his death was so painful to most of the people in the United States and around the world. He was assassinated in Dallas in 1963 inside a presidential parade. He was shot in the throat, and that was it!

 10 Sylvia Plath

Sylvia Plath was a typical example of the fact that there are emotional problems that don’t recognize people. This means that no matter how high a person has been in life, something is likely t0 happen when s/he gets affected by these problems. Sylvia Plath suffered severe depression for a long time before deciding to take her own life in 1969. She was found dead inside her house and her head inside the oven. There were also signs that she got carbon monoxide poisoning. Investigations into the cause of her death never yielded any tangible result.

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