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Top 10 Most Expensive Celebrity Gift Ever

If you have money, you can purchase the most expensive gift to your beloved ones. Money can do a lot of things, but not everything. In the celebrity world, you will buy unusual things and also more expensive to make the others speak about this expensive and weird gifts. Here in this list, you will see 10 of the most expensive celebrity gifts.

1 David Beckham’s Gift To Victoria

What will a wife expect her gift from her husband? She can expect that he will give her an expensive ring or a luxurious fur coat. Beckham has gifted his wife a necklace that cost him $ 38.8 million. Also he purchased two expensive silk pajamas that cost $ 537. This price is so weird to two pajamas, but do not forget that you are speaking about Beckham’s gifts.

2 Angelina Jolie – Heart Island

Angelina Jolie knows the worth of her money. So, she has gifted a perfect present for her husband Brad Pitt, this gift is a heart shaped island. One thinks that the celebrities can give a present like an expensive car, a diamond ring or an extravagant party, but a heart shaped island… it is unbelievable! This island worth £ 12 million!

3 Kanye’s Gift To Kim – Ten Burger Kings

Kanye bought his wife Kim Kardashian 10 Burger Kings restaurants as a gift for their wedding. He purchased these restaurants in different countries such as: Italy, France and the United Kingdom to make her a great businesswoman and he chose these restaurants; as fast food industry is very lucrative. This gift is only for kings and queens. It is offered to the dramatic duo’s multi-million dollar wedding.


4 Katy Perry – Trip to Space

What will you do if your husband is a rich man and he has everything? What about surprising you with a trip to space? This is what Katy Perry did with her husband for his birthday; she decided to buy $ 200,000 ticket to a trip to space instead of buying him usual present like a watch or an expensive suit. This trip is about traveling 356,000 ft into the atmosphere. Surely, you are shocked.

5 Adam Sandler – Cars for Grown Ups

The comic actor David Spade has revealed that his friend Adam Sandler has given him £130,000 car. Sandler gave this car to his friend and also three from the cast of the Grown Ups film. This car is a luxury Maserati sport one. How wonderful to be a friend of Adam Sandler.

6 Jessica Simpson – Speed Boat for Tony Romo

Jessica Simpson presented her boyfriend Tony Romo a speed boat for his birthday. This speed boat cost $ 100,000, and the cause of buying him this boat is that she knows he wants to buy a boat. The boat is described as a 25-foot Malibu Wakesetter, with 450 horsepower motor and a stereo system. Jessica is hoping to have the ring of marriage as a gift from Tony Romo.

7 Jamie Foxx – 2 Horses for Robert Downey Jr

Downey purchased a house with empty stables as Foxx said, so, Foxx has gifted him and his wife two horses. In Foxx’s birthday Downey exchanged the gifts as Foxx said “He got me a 1967 vintage El Camino,”, “So shout out to Robert Downey Jr”.So, this shows the strong relationship between Foxx and Downey.

8 Courteney Cox -Bicycle for Jennifer Aniston

Courteney Cox gave a beautiful $12,000 bike to her best friend Jennifer Aniston. The reason for giving this bike is that Aniston wanted a way to overcome the traffic. The two friends share the gifts every year. The bike has an 8-speed cruiser equipped with a quilted leather Chanel seat and saddlebag.

9  Scarlett Johannson – Gold Encrusted Wisdom Tooth

Scarlett Johannson gifted her boyfriend Ryan Renolds an unusual gift which is a gold plated tooth. This present was given to Ryan for his 31th birthday. From a trusted source about Scarlett, the source explained: “Her wisdom teeth was removed, so she had one dipped in gold and strung on a necklace for him.”

10 Kim for Kanye – Jobs’s Mice

Kanye gave Kim Apple mice that were signed by the Apple’s co-founders themselves; as Kim is a big fan of Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. This gift is presented to him; as he become a daddy on June. So, happy Father’s Day, Kim.

So, all of these gifts cost those celebrities too much, but more money does not mean more love.

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