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+80 Unusual Kitchen Gadgets That Are Cool and Useful

Choosing the right kitchen gadgets can sometimes prove to be very complicated and challenging. This is because there are lots of fanciful items which have little or no use in your kitchen. Purchasing them is a waste of your hard-earned money. In case you have been searching for where to find some of the best unusual kitchen gadgets, there is no need again for such because you have come to the right place. Topteny magazine reveals the most unique gadgets to use in your kitchen in this post. These are not just cool but also very useful in various ways.

1 8-in-1 Kitchen Tool

This is probably one of those flexible must-have tools you need in any modern kitchen. It is fair enough to say this item is worth its price tag of $15. For instance, it is a measuring cup, lemon squeezer, and cheese grater. Just as the name sounds, it comes with eight useful tools.

2 Electric Sandwich Maker

Of course, the sandwich is perfect for breakfast. The problem is that it may require time to be prepared when you are using a traditional cooker. This gadget can prove helpful in such regards. It is quite different from the regular sandwich makers you know of.

3 Dude Potato rush

Scrubbing dirt from potatoes is a time-consuming task. This brush can help you handle such tasks without hassles. It is effective in scrubbing dirt, debris, and pesticides from potatoes. You will no longer have to fear what you are eating. The best part is that it can remove contaminants without the nutritious and delicious skin being peeled off.

4 Microwave cleaner

Cleaning a microwave is one of the most boring and difficult tasks you can do. The worst part is that your foods risk being contaminated when there is dirt in such appliances. With this microwave cleaning gadget, you don’t have to bother about manual cleaning. Stubborn stains can be removed within few minutes. You can present this item as a gift to neighbors, friends, or family members.

5 Dusting Wand

If you are passionate about baking, this is one tool to have at your disposal. With its usage, you can sprinkle flour in baking pans evenly. It is better than a normal sifter. Baking is fun and easy with this tool.

6 Corn Stripper

Are you finding it hard to remove corn from their cobs? This is one boring process that you don’t want to do manually. With this corn stripper, such a process will become a complete walk in the park. Now you can easily add corn to your favorite meals without bothering about how it can be removed from their cobs.

7 Pancake Batter Mixer

Something is annoying about making pancakes. This is the fact that before such a process is completed, everywhere will be messed up. This mixer ensures such doesn’t happen. For instance, you will only need to add the ingredients into the bottle and shake properly. After that, begin to squeeze gently onto your griddle.

8 Salad Chopper Bowl/Strainer

Making salad is part of chores due to the time required for it to be done properly. This salad chopper bowl makes all of such very easy. Just have everything placed in the bowl and start slicing through the grates. It is a twist and repeat process until you are satisfied with the end product.

9 Frywall Splatter Guard

This is one tool that can help to reduce any problem related to condensation splatter experienced during frying. Also, stovetop spills issues are properly taken care of.

10 Kitchen Gizmo

With this gadget, straining pasta is very easy. The best part is that it can fit into any round pot. This innovative product will help you also to strain heavy foods. From the below pictures, you can tell it has been produced to make your life easier.

11 Boska Holland Partyclette

If delicious cheese happens to be one of your favorites, this is a gadget to make use of in 2021 and beyond. It makes it easy for you to melt cheese within minutes. It is effortless to use.

12 Silicone Avocado Hugger

Avocadoes are a natural butter, but the problem is how to store them. This gadget carries out such function by helping to preserve their (avocadoes) freshness. One of the advantages of this tool is that it is reusable.

13 7-in-1 instant pot duo

This is one of those unusual kitchen gadgets you don’t come across too often. There are lots of things you can do with it. These can be cooking rice, steaming, slow cooking, making yogurt, and many others.

14 Taco Holders

There is no doubt that Tacos are the favorites for many people. The problem is that they can easily fall over, thereby making everywhere a complete mess. These taco holders will help in such aspects.

15 Hot dog toaster

Do you love eating hot dogs but don’t know how to prepare them? There is no need to bother because, with this gadget, you will be having unrestricted access to tasty hot dogs. It is also perfect for turkey dogs, chicken dogs, sausages, and veggie dogs.

16 Divided Meal Skillet

This is another amazing gadget to have. Imagine cooking all your meals on one burner. You can see it comes with different slots to make such possible. Don’t worry about how the heat will be distributed as this is done evenly.

17 Ice Cream Maker Ball

With this gadget, you will understand that making ice cream isn’t rocket science. Just fill one side with your ingredients, and put ice (with salt) on the other side. After that, shake it properly, and your ice cream is ready for consumption.

18 Banana Slicer

In case you are wondering what makes this gadget very special, it is much better than using your knife. With one motion, your banana will be sliced. It will do a great job in slicing your bananas uniformly.

19 Vacuum Sealer

Throwing away spoilt meat can be very annoying. It is even worse when you attempt eating such since your health is at risk. A vacuum sealer can help in preserving such meat and other foods. It can help to keep such items fresh for months.

20 Electric Rotato Peeler

There are many unusual kitchen gadgets, but this one stands out. Imagine peeling a potato for 10seconds. It can also be used for other items like lemon, cucumber, pear, peaches, onions, limes, zucchinis, and eggplant. Start peeling these items today with ease.

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