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Top 10 Nicest McDonald’s Around the World

McDonald is the world’s most famous and widespread chain of restaurants. They have branched in 119 countries and responsible for making the meals for around 68 million people, what a great job! However, not all McDonald’s are made equal, and if you are a globetrotter you should picky where you will have your next meal.

10 In New York City

The New York McDonald store is distinguished with its black color. The restaurant completes the other stores in Canal Street. Still the dark color makes the building less visible that you may miss it.

9 In Tokyo

The restaurant in Tokyo is targeting just one thing, it is simplicity. McDonald’s were trying their surfaces in the Japanese capital. Will the Japanese like them? In order to make the native like their food, they made a menu of just two items; Quarter Pounder with Cheese and Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese. I think this is a good move especially in Japan.

8 Roswell

Roswell is the home for the Undefined Flying Objects, or UFO. The design of the restaurant itself from the outside looks a UFO with some effects added by lights during the night. There are also some rockets outside by the figure of McDonalds.

7 In Sydney

In George Street, the McDonald’s restaurant has a more serious look than the previous ones. With steel and glass from the outside, hungry people can see the inside of the restaurant from far away. Different colors adorn the wall beautifully; and unlike the different McDonald restaurants I visited the furniture is more comfortable.

6 South Korea

Would you like to buy while you are inside the car? Then go to Ulsan. The McDonald’s in South Korea based in Ulsan is one of the best drive-thru you might visit. The location of the building along with its style is what distinguishes it.

5 In Ireland

The Bray Town Hall in County Wicklow, the McDonald’s restaurant looks a bit historic. The above storey does not fit the whole location. The first looks a bit modern which is a bit weird. The best thing about this restaurant is that it is in the middle of the city, so it would be easy for you to reach.

4 In Texas

United States is in love of big sizes. They love their hamburger to be big, their coke to be a gulp…etc. In effect of this, the McDonald’s in Dallas built what is known as the Happy Meal Box. There, you can find the biggest burgers, fries and coke you will ever have in your life.

3 In Rome

The McDonald’s here could look a bit modern when contrasted with the surrounding location that looks European. Some innovative ideas were thus necessary so that the restaurant looks fitting. So it was all about the different types of food like the pastries and salad which are not standard for McDonald’s.

2 New York

In New York again the second nicest MacDonald’s is based in the New Hyde Park and there is a story behind the building. McDonald’s purchased one of the Georgian mansions, built in the 18thc, in order to rebuild it to look like its chain of restaurants. The punch line comes when people opposed this move. The result was one of the best McDonald’s restaurants because of this classical tinge.

1 New Zealand

If you happened to be in New Zealand and specifically in Taupo, you should not miss your meal at McDonald’s. They give you the best experience you would enjoy in restaurant with their DC3 plane inside which you have your meal!

Wherever you live, of course there is a McDonald in your country, where is it and what do you think about it?

Jack Thompson

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