Top Ten Places To Visit in England

England is considered only one part of the United Kingdom. The name of this country is derived from the name of one of the tribes called Angles, which inhabited this area in the fifth and sixth centuries. The number of population there reaches 53 million. At first, the capital was Winchester then it was replaced and London became its capital in the 12th century. This new capital is the largest area in the European Union as a whole. The industrial revolution that took place in the 18th century made great contributions and was able to transform England to one of the industrial nations. The legal system in England represents the main law that is used by a large number of Commonwealth countries. One of the special things about this region is the temperate maritime climate. The weather is cold in January and February. There are a lot of fantastic places there and here are only 10 of them.

10   Cambridge

         It is abeutiful English city located on the River Cam in northern London. There is a famous university known as Cambridge which is a global centre for culture and knowledge. It is not only a college, but also a palace for entertainment and culture where you can get a lot of experience.


9   Snowdonia

It is one of the most famous national parks. There is a lot of mountains, valleys and castles. It is the place where you can find Snowdon; the highest mountain in England and the largest lakes in Wales.


8   Chester

It is a city located on the River Dee in Cheshire, England. The city is too old so you can experience a wide variety of cultures dating back to different eras. One of the tourist attractions there is the Roman and Medieval walls.


7 Big Ben

It is one of the tallest clock towers all over the world. It is an inspiration for film directors and a symbol for England in many works of art. It is also known for the great bell established by Sir Benjamin.


6   Warwick Castle

It is a castle built at first from wood then was built again from stone. It provides an example of the marvelous architecture so it is considered one of the most famous tourist attractions in England. Later, it became a county house.

5 Hadrian’s Wall

It is a wall that was built to defend England. It was built during the rein of King Hadrian. A big part of the wall still exists now and attracts many tourists every day. It is declared by UNESCO as a world heritage site.


4 Lake District

It is a national lake located in the county of Cumbria. It led to the movement of many people from the north and it became a famous tourist attraction. It also provided water for agriculture in this area and also made it a place for recreation.


3 Tower of London

It is a place that was used in the past for many purposes. It was used as a prison, a palace and arsenal. It played a great role in forming the history of England. Many invaders tried to take control of this strategic place in order for them to take control of the county as a whole.


2 The Cotswolds

It is a group of hills in south-central England. It was once used for sheep to run and the selling of its wool enhanced the economy there.

1 Durham Cathedral

It is a cathedral located in the city of Durham. It is a fantastic example of the Roman style. It is also one of the world heritage sites. Its library includes a group of the early written books.

This great area has a culture and lifestyle that shaped not only the lives of the British people but the world as a whole. The nation can be described as a lighthouse that can guide all nations.


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